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Chem 4 Dinachem Boss Hogg

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by smellzlikeskunkyum, Jan 14, 2013.


    smellzlikeskunkyum Well-Known Member

    How many times have i warned of this? <-- ( im not trying to say i "told u so", but instead warn people who read thru this in the future) i tell people ALL the time to stay away from TCC gear MAINLY because of that. sry to hear that bro.
    also looks like a very stretchy small budded strain. sigh... i knew that if Swerve REALLY had such a great Chem 4 in his stable, we should have seen this strain quite a while ago.

    that pollen may/may not be of any value. lots of variables on that issue.

    smellzlikeskunkyum Well-Known Member

    Same exact story for the Dinachem... Very heavy feeder, very stinky in veg so far.
    my buddy, who i let have the mother from seed, is about to flower his dinachem soon. it will be quite big, so hopefully it will give us some idea for comparison. ill try and remember my camera next time i make the trip to see him. there is a pic of this plant earlier in the thread before i gave it to him, when it was quite small still.

    my two clones are still quite small, not much of any reason for pics yet. am i the only one in here trying the Dinachem?? geez. hype sells.
    Light House

    Light House Active Member

    Did anything come of this thread? I read the first two pages and was noticed it to be a rant.

    Receiving 2 reg. seeds in the male w/ Attitude purchase.

    How is growth? Are there a lot of variations in the strain itself under the possibility one will be female I would like to know the phenos out there.


    colocowboy Well-Known Member

    The Cali Connection has "The chem 4" not "a chem 4" and since it it is a product of a herm it would be improbable to assume that it will be completely stable. Trash talking in regard to such only highlights lack of knowledge or understanding.
    Obviously hype sells or you wouldn't be all stoked on a chem from Spain! I'm sure it's fine, but c'mon don't assume no one has good experiences and you and the unfortunate others are all that comes out of TCC.
    FYI one of the worst plants I have ever seen was a dynafem white widow, but I am not going to say they suck because of "NATURE". That is naive.....

    RockyMtnMan Well-Known Member


    blindbaby Active Member

    i want some seeds. even if its just for keep sakes.

    RockyMtnMan Well-Known Member

    I got lucky with my two freebies...both girls and both identical

    blindbaby Active Member

    when a day goes by, that i dont learn something about this interesting hobby, well, i wont like it. its what keeps me interested.

    stonertech Member

    Hoping for at least one male.. I have 4 BossHogg beans Im gonna run soon. If I get that male, thats to dust the Dinachem with.

    RockyMtnMan Well-Known Member

    Well... here they are at exactly 21 days of flower. One of them shocked a bit in its 3rd week of veg during its final transplant, but within a week in flower, it caught up to the other and looks the same.
    I would say I either got lucky, or I've only got one phenotype.
    Most hermies I've caught between week 3-4 of flowering. So far I have not seen any nanners, or signs anywhere of pollen balls. Ive seen them before and I inspect daily with a 30x magnifier. So far, so good! Here are the pics. These are bud making machines!

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    haulinbass Well-Known Member

    well she showed this morning in about six spots all at once, since i doubt ill clone it ill just flower it out see how she goes

    Upstate2626 Well-Known Member

    That herm flower I didnt notice on my Boss Hogg ended up pollinating my Goji's and I now see the formation of the seed pods. I noticed that I had some brown hairs on my Goji's and thought wtf? For 3 weeks in? Yeah, they got pollinated. So is my Goji x Boss Hogg accidental cross gonna show intersex traits also like its daddy Boss Hogg? Goji's never threw any males flowers but the Chem4Og Bx did. What will happen to the offspring? Am I officially a pollen chucker now?

    colocowboy Well-Known Member

    It's funny how many "elite clones" are from a bean just like the ones you just made

    smellzlikeskunkyum Well-Known Member

    High Times Top strains of the year centerfold goes to Dinachem. F you swerve. and all the other haters...

    stak Well-Known Member

    Such a dumbass

    smellzlikeskunkyum Well-Known Member

    u have no idea... look at the gap in the dates... swerves mouth kept running at me... u sir r the dumbass. im enjoying my dinachem outta my volcano, u keep checkin here on RIU to make sure u find any anti swerve posts and dog on them.

    he bashed the strain, the breeder, and me(some of which was already deleted)... i bashed him. i could have been much more "rude and rediculous" bit of a difference in being that way and defending yourself or stating facts that happen to make swerve look bad.

    my post didnt say OMG im so sry swerve, im gonna defend everything u do and produce now, and bark at anyone who says something against you...

    glad u came in here just to quote me and argue... u must be a master! RIU rocks!

    EDIT: i just looked at your recent posts... funny how many of them are derogatory. u got issues in real life?

    do u even grow dinachem or boss hogg?

    ReEDIT: by the way... when TCC first came out... i tried to buy a pack of the larry but they had sold out too quick. I really liked his descriptions, strains and everything. As soon as i started doing some searching i quickly found out swerves bad rep. before i could even decide whether i cared what others thought of him and his company, he jumped on a thread i had made about OGK. he was such an ass, and was so pushy with his brand. even thru all of that i was going to give him a chance a try that buddha tahoe when it first came out. then i find out that the pic he used isnt even his... and the strain description was wrong. then he tried to lie about it... and he even screwed up/lied again and said that he was working with big buddha and couldnt seem to properly explain himself about that.
    plus he bashed Spain and its breeders... especailly dinafem. then he goes to Spannabis and acts like he just loves spain and the event... two faced ass.
    that dude ruined it with me. i had to say something to people about the being rude and rediculous because i couldnt even get any sort of factual conversation going amongst the hardcore bickering(which alot has been edited and deleted now of course)

    blah... im tired of explaning myself to people who just dont seem to want to understand.

    swerve bashed the strain and breeder specifically, and then it ends up being the centerfold in the list of top strains for high times. thats why i have the post at the end like that.

    its folks like YOU "stak" that screw up the conversation with your ignorant posts. what have u provided to this thread? nothing but ignorance, and insults.

    so dont let me hold u up searching for anti-swerve posts to bash... "dumbass"

    Thecouchlock Well-Known Member

    Someone has been drinking too much haterade, the boss hog is hermie prone but it does have some frosty buds. I didn't even get a hint of chem in it though so who knows hahahahaha.

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