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Can you get high by touching weed??? I feel it!!! :-/

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by brewing up, Jan 7, 2012.

    brewing up

    brewing up Well-Known Member

    i went to visit my crop today, touched and smelled all buds and now i feel high :-/
  2. i am, no chemist but i say no.:?:

    lowrider2000 Well-Known Member

    No you cant its in your head......

    mentalman Member

    not sure m8, is probs endorphins in yer brain being released cause yer happy yer growing

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I use to get crazy stoned from trimming... No idea behind the science of it but I definitely get high from handling the stuff enough.

    sweetswisher Active Member

    I walked into a field of fully blown males one time and there was so much fuckin pollen in the air you could see it, and let me tell you that shit will give you a headache for hours.

    KushDog Active Member

    when we trim for hours on end, we dont smoke, we dont even feel the urge to smoke, because the resin soaks into your skin, and get you stoned. your skin is like a sponge it aborsbs WATER and Oils. and there is both in cannabis. When i am triming I dont need to smoke, one day 12 hours went by with out me smoking. but i was timimming that day
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    cowell Well-Known Member

    Marijuana produces THCA, an acid with the carboxylic group (COOH) attached. In its acid form, THC is not very active. It is only when the carboxyl group is removed that THC becomes psychoactive. When marijuana is smoked, the THC behind the hot spot is vaporized as the hot air from the burn is drawn through the joint or pipe bowl to the unburned material. The liquid THC and other cannabinoids have a boiling point of between 180-200° C (355-392° F). Before they turn gaseous, at around 106° C (220° F), the carboxyl group is released from the molecule as carbon dioxide and water vapor.

    In other words, you cannot get high from eating raw weed, or rubbing it on your skin... it's all in your mind.. a placebo effect.
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    Mr420man Well-Known Member

    actually when harvesting if you dont wear gloves the thc can go through your fingers and stuff and maybe smelling it got you high or just lack of oxygen but no you cant get igh maybe a small buzz its like what i do at work when i cant smoke i put a little bud under my tongue it makes your tongue tingle and it gets you buzzed , dont believe me? try it

    bryon209 Active Member

    yes and yes smelling it can also activate chemical reactions in your brain directly associated with mj use or high

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I thought THC decarbed during flower maturation and the dry/cure as well... How do the LGC labs detect different levels of THC and well as THCA? Do they perform a partial decarb before the test?

    From what I have read this process takes places throughout the entire grow/dry/cure and not just when you light it...that's part of the difference between trichome maturation remember? Aside from that THCA, CBDA, CBCA do have an effect on a person albeit different than their more mature siblings.


    I personally have never been higher than after a 10 hour day trimming without smoking once - it is a different high though than smoking it, more similar to consuming it. Great fucking placebo effect! And if you eat enough raw bud you'll trip - lost a bet on that one.
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    brewing up

    brewing up Well-Known Member

    i did feel it and it did take some of the urges away from wanting a joint, i think it might soak into your skin coz my fingers were sticky from the buds or maybe the aroma from a growing bud did it i dont know but i felt it,, scientists know nothing about this stuff

    Ganjasseur Member

    When I trim I get super mellow, maybe its the chair and the mind numbing task...

    I think the oils and resins do have an effect on me, I wouldn't call it stoned or high though..
    brewing up

    brewing up Well-Known Member

    its like a light high, defo different than smoking it

    KushDog Active Member

    Thats some good placibo.
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    donutpunched Active Member

    Man... I have trimmed a ton of shit and my hands get almost black... And I cannot say I have ever gotten stoned touching it.....
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    cowell Well-Known Member

    sugar pills have cured cancer bud... http://www.cancer.org/Treatment/TreatmentsandSideEffects/TreatmentTypes/placebo-effect
    You're telling me in one breath that decarb happens during the dry/cure..(which - yes it does to an extent). and that chopping fresh weed (which isn't decarbed at all) is getting you more ripped than anything. Why do people smoke it then? Why shouldn't I just stick a pinch between gums and cheek like chewing tobacco?
    Show me what you have read that states it's decarbing while growing please - be interested in seeing that.. goes against everything I know, so you know, if I'm wrong, I'd like to stop being.

    EDIT; Not to take anything away from the placebo effect... it happens -and some people swear certain things do certain things, I'm just saying what the mind believes is a powerful thing.

    Gastanker Well-Known Member

    I'm generally put to work trimming pre dried/cured material for hours and hours on end. Are you seriously comparing hours and hours of exposure to pounds of bud the same as "sticking a pinch between gums"? Why don't people rub dip on their elbows?

    There is quite a bit of evidence suggesting they decarb while growing. Look into project CDB - the amount of CBD (the decarbed form of CBDA) in the vegging harlequin plant is near 5%... Are you saying that other strains can't possibly contain decarbed material precure? Look into bhang - an indian drink primarily made from uncured bud and water/milk - rarely heated. Silly Indians and there placebo effects.

    Are all topical salves completely bunk?

    I'm in no way refuting the placebo effect and its powers but cannabinoids can surely be absorbed through the skin - it's just another tissue.

    Here some info on harlequin - http://www.projectcbd.org/StrainNotes/Harlequin/Harlequin.html


    cowell Well-Known Member

    Nothing do with how absorption works either. I'm sure if raw weed got you fucked some stupid kids out there would start sticking bud up their ass and get whacked, then all their friends would be doing it. It doens't happen that way.

    As for the "test" you linked..THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) gets a user high, a larger THC content will produce a stronger high. Without THC you don't get high.

    CBD (Cannabidiol) increases some of the effects of THC and decreases other effects of THC. High levels of THC and low levels of CBD contribute to a strong, clear headed, more energetic high.

    Weren't we talking THC before? ..." thought THC decarbed during flower maturation and the dry/cure as well... "... yup.. we were. It's up there. Why don't we talk about something else to try and twist my original comment? Forget it.. I'll move on. You're right. You can get high by rubbing pot on your skin. Sure. Have a great evening.

    yesum Well-Known Member

    If it is a placebo effect it is pretty strong. I think all the aromas of the fresh bud can tripper receptors in the brain to fire off and create a buzz that is real to the person smelling the harvest.

    I wear gloves now when trimming because the high I get is not controlled like the smoking I like to do. Just smelling really strong mature flowers also creates a buzz reaction of sorts for me. Not intense like smoking but there none the less.

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