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Can I Grow A Pound of Dope in 9 Weeks?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by RandyRocket, Jan 18, 2009.


    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

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    Doalude Well-Known Member

    If your talking about total time start to finish 9 weeks I would have to say no, but if your flowering only time is 9 weeks then I would say its possible if you don't run into any problems and you have alot of females.
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    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    From seed to harvest 8 weeks and in my pipe in one more week. This is a 12/12 grow from start to finish so only 8 weeks of flower time with no veg time.

    JonnyBtreed Well-Known Member

    you think your gonna get 20 g a plant running straight from 12/12? have you done it before?

    JonnyBtreed Well-Known Member

    Or should I say 30 grams a plant

    Hydrotech364 Gen Mod

    First of all if you grew the mother in the pic then you should know that if you grow 24 in plants in 16oz dixie cups they will be weak,skinny and rootbound if they live!If you transplant and 12/12 you may make it ,like doalude said with all fem's and a whole lot of luck!!I'm not trying to be a dick or a pessomist but without clones and a whole lot of growing experience there's little chance.Good luck:weed:

    Doalude Well-Known Member

    I would have to say no, I grew an ak47 from seed 12/12 all the way and at 8 weeks it was no where near being ready. I would let the plant tell you how much time it needs not the other way around. If you set the time table instead of the plant you won't get the quantity or the quality that you could have not to mention the time and effort you put into........but thats just my opinion..............its your painting.......paint it the way you want it.
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    SmokeMedprop215 Well-Known Member

    hey I have that same little fan got it from big lots for 5$

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    Yep one strain (Strawberry Jam) will grow to about 20" and produce just under 1 oz.

    and the other strain (Donkey Dick) grows fast to up to 30" but most stop at 26". With a yeld of upto 35g but most hit at 29-30g.

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    On the surface most of this seems true but, They will have about 3/8" dia base. No root bound they will be small so I'll water about 3 time a day and at peek 4 times.

    Yell I grew the mothers ther sister clones. about 1/2 way thru flower.

    In 18 to 22 day's I'll know the sex. At this point I will dump the boys and transplant to 1 gal pots. (if I have room)

    Most likely half will be boys. I all ways get 60% boys and 40% girls. I'd like to see that stat change. In the past I've had zero problem transplanting at this time (hell I've transplanted 3 weeks to harvest. 45" monster in 1 gal pot to 12" pot) just be carefull.

    I've done this with clones and I get a little less product about 5 grams less and it takes two extra weeks for the clones to root. Yes it does start bigger but Your two weeks behind with less dry bud weight. Oh the clone are alot less work and every damn one is a girl So yes clone are better. But I'm moving in april and the grow needs to finish first. I don't have the extre time for clones so seed with 50% males it is.


    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    my strains will be ready in 8 week they just all ways grows the same. but as i'm only growing 15 plants and half will be boys that leaves 7 girls at 1 oz each this grow will net just under half a pound.

    But if my boy girl stats go high to the girl side I may get 3/4 lb.

    atombomb Well-Known Member

    Nope, not possible, but good luck though!!

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    It is posible but I dougt I'll have all gills. 15 x 1.1 oz = 1 pound and 1/2 ounce.

    the357ink Well-Known Member

    minus 75% when it dries = (not enough bud)

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    No my stats are dry I have 2 good strain for this type of grow.

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    Here is a pic of day 2

    potheadsmoker Well-Known Member

    gotta see this 16 oz cup trick, you could be onto something man... but im thinking those cups are going to stop your plant short at the 12-20 inch mark and yield alot less than your talking, idk i guess well see....
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    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    I've got them to about 30" (my record) with a 35g dry harvest.

    Most stop at 26"

    Yes they are very top heavy and double at water time when the soil drys.

    MACCLAD Active Member

    Ayup RR likin wot u iz doin. Read all ICs 12/12 from seed sum read 84 pages phew.Lotz o gud info on there but u will az always find yr critics.
    I 12/12 from rooted clone an bin satisfied wiv qual n yeild.Yield cud b higher but i arvest at 60 days az da strain i grow iz NLxEarlyBud n i like da high it givz uz,personal choice i no but i grw jus 4 personal use medicinal ya no fkd back n all.
    Keep postin n dont let da negz put u off,i'll keep watchin
    Gud luk m8y.

    RandyRocket Well-Known Member

    Thanks, as I know or am know by any one here I won't get as you say (da negz put u off). I getting really good smoke even if all I net is 8oz.

    I post a day 9 pic later.

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