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California Plant limit UPDATE

Discussion in 'California Patients' started by mak, Jan 29, 2011.


    mak Active Member

    ive been reading through the forum and the "plant limit" threads seem to be a bit old.

    there seems to be people saying one thing and others saying another about plant limits in california.

    where im at it is 6 mature or 12 immature.

    i called the evaluation center where i got my recc from and the lady who is also a card holder informed me that it is 6 mature or 12 immature..

    she said it isnt 4 flower,4 vegging,4 clonning...(12)
    it isnt 6 flowering + 12 vegging..(18)
    it isnt 6 flowering + 6 vegging...(12)

    just 6 flowering and nothing else vegging (6 total)


    12 immature,depending on what u call immature and mature,im guessing that means vegging even though u can have immature plants starting to flower.(people who dont veg too long before they flower etc.

    12 immature just makes no sense to me at all unless its used for people who use seeds everytime.. (some turn out male so u need a bigger limit to make sure u get more females)

    any updated info on this?

    D.Gotti Active Member

    The state just doesnt look at it from your view. They dont care if you grow from seed or clone. Im sure its base on regular seeds, and they gave it a 50/50 male to female ratio as standard. They dont care if you only get 4 females out of the 12. If you can veg 12 clones and keep 6 to flower, I would keep the 6 best and grow 6 huge trees.

    mak Active Member

    well we need new limits with mother limits!! lmao

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    SCCA Active Member

    SB 420 has been repealed, the state courts determined it was unconstitutional. however most areas still use it's guidelines to determine a "reasonable" amount. it all depends on your local law enforcement, some wont tolerate cultivation period. i have even heard stories of off-duty LEO's raiding and chopping outdoor gardens under cover of night. it comes down to what the local authorities consider a reasonable amount. the less you rub it in their faces the less likely you are to be harassed. for example, a friend of mine grows a large outdoor crop every year, he knows several of the local LEO's who are fully aware of what he does, he has never been bothered. in contrast, a mutual acquaintance of ours was raided 3 times in the 3 years for her 8 medium sized outdoor plants. the difference is he grows on his own land that is about a half hour away from any town or tourist location, while she was growing in a residential neighborhood less than half a mile from a popular picnic and boating area. her yard was secluded and secure (the cops couldn't bust in the garden gate, so they used a truck to rip the security screen off the front door and rammed that in) but the smell would dominate the area in fall. she has since moved away from town and hasn't had any more run ins.
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    MomaPug Active Member

    It depends on how many your doc writes you up for. There is a doc in Upper Lake (Clearlake, norcal) that will write you up for 99 plants. It depends on your "need"

    mak Active Member

    i heard that the 99 limit that u can pay to be written for you wont really help you if you get busted..dont think i would even go near that much even if i had that limit,though i have been at those numbers before.

    all i really want is a limit to have a mother and enough for a perpatual under a 1000w hps flower ..400w for vegging...
    i dont really want to wait 2 months veg/2months flower to harvest 6 plants
    san diego seems to be my best bet atm..not too far from my current location and double the limit (24-25 count)

    $Mike$ Active Member

    It shouldn't matter how many you have if you keep your business to yourself, point blank.

    Shangeet Active Member

    I think what you are saying is that you want to be able to increase the about of plants you can grow so you will be able to supply your mother and father with MMJ.

    If I'm right, about what you are asking, in Calif you can do this if your mother and father name you as their "Caregiver".

    So the first thing you need to do is find out just what it takes for you to become a caregiver for your mother and father. :D

    palebock Active Member

    This is related to the plant limit question, but perhaps should be it's own thread--sorry if I'm asking in the wrong place. My wife and I both have MMJ prescriptions in California (Riverside County). Are the laws written where it's per household or per prescription? I'm hoping that with both of us having prescriptions, that SHE can grow 12 immature plants and I can grow 6 mature plants in the same house. Does anyone know if it works that way? Of course, we're so backwards with our laws that it probably doesn't, but I hope that it does.

    $Mike$ Active Member

    ^per person.....if u and wife have illness they(Dr) are not gonna combine medication right.

    palebock Active Member

    Good point. I've been in the habit of keeping both licenses posted in both rooms (1 flower area and 1 veg area). Maybe I'll post her prescription in the flower area and mine in the veg area. Being a teacher, even one with cancer, I like to keep as clearly within the law as possible. I just wish the California laws were more clear and were filled with less bullshit and gray areas. It frustrates me that these laws went into effect in 1996 and we're still figuring them out. I won't even start in on that mess...
    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    im my county in C.A. its 30 flowering. and 3lbs to have on u. but i couldnt find anything on vegging plants.

    palebock Active Member

    I want to live in your county.

    Shangeet Active Member

    you both may grow 6+6 mature plants or 12+12 immature in the same house because you have MMJ prescriptions.
    Dont think about the law because the law is just beside you that you owned your prescriptions.
    So go for it.

    JayTrinity Active Member

    None of these things matter anymore.
    Many county's are now going against plant numbers and are allowing square feet.
    Humboldt is thinking 25sf and trinity 100sf or even 50 sf, as not going plant number anymore.

    Once this move gets going its going to be the new standard.
    And its contrary to 215 because it may require 100 foot from your neighbors fence!
    If you have a 1/4 acre home with small yard then you may not grow at all, not inside or out!

    For inside growing its suggested a single 1000watt grow light and a 250 watt for clones PER HOME.

    zzyx Member


    JayTrinity Active Member

    Yeah you really should check current news,

    Their theory is that marijuana is still illegal just not in-forced so 215 is invalid.
    Also 215 gives local government the right to restrict it any way they see fit.

    I really with it was true, just dont click the link below and it wont happen and 215 rules the state,
    Or does it??

    Cal NORML to Appeal Court Decision Upholding Tehama Anti-Medical Marijuana Ordinance
    February 6, 2011 - California NORML will appeal a court decision upholding Tehama county's ordinance restricting patients' right to grow medical marijuana. The ordinance effectively makes it impossible for many patients to obtain their medicine in accordance with Prop. 215. legal options.

    http://www.trinitycounty.org/1st_Moratorium on Marijuana Cultivation.pdf

    What their lawyer is saying is safe access is only a recommendation and not a law and therefore they don't have to follow it.

    adamhew77 Member

    I agree, here in Santa Barbara they allow 90 plants up to pounds of dry bud and only a 10'x 10' growing area. which works out if you keep about 40-45 flowering and 40-45 clones vegging and a mother....I am using a 6x6 tent for flowering and a 4x4 for vegging and if you do the math I still have 48 sq/ft left... I have 36 in each It really is county ran. I have met people from LA and from Frisco ..they are both very different from mine...but the point is...we CAN DO IT !!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!:clap:
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    AdamBlack760 Well-Known Member


    JayTrinity Active Member

    Adam, I just got back from the board of sups "Planning dept"
    They said I may not grow my 12 plants any longer as its considered to many by county standards.

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