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Best Nutrients For Soil Grows

Discussion in 'Nutrients' started by purplecream, May 26, 2010.


    purplecream Active Member

    Hey guys go ahead and post what you think is the best nutrients for soil grows and any good or bad experiences you've had with different nutrients.

    Polecat Active Member

    Soil implies that thier are some kind nutrients already in it. With out knowing which soil you are using how would anyone be able to answer.
    Which nute is the best? Have seen great results with many different types on this forum including Marijuana's arch nemisis Miracle Grow.

    purplecream Active Member

    It doesn't matter what soil you use i just want to know what nutrients have gave people the best results.

    Polecat Active Member

    some soils require little or no nutes at all micarle grow, foxfarm ocean forest,even organic.
    I use General hydroponics Flora nova line in a soiless mix and dwc. They work great when used properly.
    i have seen the same nutes do wonders and kill. It depends on the growers experience not the nutes in general.
    General hydroponics, advanced nutes, foxfarm, dutch masters the list goes on and on. If one was the best thier would be only one to choose from.

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    I use botanicare in the dirt.
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    purplecream Active Member

    Thanks for the reply. Any others?

    hillbilly345 Active Member

    I cant beleive nobody said Fox Farms all the way around. Cant go wrong.

    purplecream Active Member

    I know fox farm is good, just trying to step outside the box and see if there's any other good nutes. Thanks for the response though!

    ganjaluvr Well-Known Member

    I use 'Green Light - Super Bloom' 12-55-6

    works pretty good.

    I too am trying to find someone who could suggest a good nutrient I could use.. that will fatten up the buds on my two 'ice' plants I have going. Today is day #1, of week #6 of flowering and they're both doing wonderfully. Way better than I would have imagined. First time growing this strain AND I'm actually blown away at how stable, healthy, and robust the strain is. But, with today being the first day of week #6 of flowering, I only have about 2 to 3 more weeks before they're ready for harvest. Maybe 4 weeks (MAX).

    So I'm trying to find something I could feed the two sisters, to help fatten up the buds.. in the last 2 or 3 weeks of flowering before harvest comes.

    anyone have any suggestions?

    homebrewer Well-Known Member

    I've been pretty impressed with hydroplex from botanicare. I use it at a rate of 2-3 mls per gallon. I'm still dialing it in with my 'standard' nute blend but at that rate, it's not burning at all and really seems to help.

    I also REALLY like koolBloom dry from GH. For hydro, that has to be the best stuff on the market. I use it in dirt sometimes too but feel it works better for hydro.
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    BOOM WHOMP Active Member

    i use bio boost
    lil austin

    lil austin Member

    my plants are going on there second week right now. im growing outdoors an i need to know what would be the best nutes to use on week 3? i have no special gardening stores around only wal mart an lowes. so could somebody suggest what would be the best nutes i could buy from either of these stores. it would be much appreciated.

    pickitlickit Active Member

    I use fox farms all the way and love it. It's all ive ever used though so what do I know.

    sk8disgruntled Well-Known Member

    everyone is just going to tell you what they use. i dont think it matters much what you use. experence is what makes all the difference in my opinion, and study, study, study. every grow you do will be better than the last. its al about learning to read your plants, knowing what they need and when. you cant realy go wrong with any of the nutes you pick they all do the job its just how you use them that makes the diference

    purplecream Active Member

    I agree with the fact that you learn from experience, and you also have to read up and learn about growing pot. But you know for a fact that jack's classic's is not as good as advanced nutrients right? That's why i'm asking for nutrients that other people use because there might be some that we've never heard of that are really good.

    rucca Active Member

    Unless anyone has results from clones grown identically except for different nutrients, its all guessing. Using BioBizz right now and happy with results, can't say it is the best though because I don't have any studies to back it. knowhaimean?

    Marlo Active Member

    I use the organics BioBizz FishMix and BioBloom with BioBizz AllMix soil.I never had problems and the plants are doing great...!
    lil austin

    lil austin Member

    i have did my research on em for ah while now prolly like 2 two years or so an this year i have decided to grow an see what all this studying has done for me. since its my first grow i dont expect much cause im inexpierenced but im jus gonna wait it out an see how things go. prolly gonna get some fox farm grow big for veg an big bloom for flowering.

    blower Active Member

    What about jacks classics not organic? But grows well right. I want to try instead of wasting bucks on all this hydrostore big bucks shot

    purplecream Active Member

    I use Jacks classics right now and i like my results.

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