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Bagseed Reveg - 28watts of LED

Discussion in 'LED and other Lighting' started by HiloReign, Jan 30, 2013.


    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    Hello. This is where my story began:

    CAM00032 - Copy.jpg CAM00049.jpg
    CAM00034 - Copy.jpg
    She started under the 8watts just fine, but it wasn't long before I turned the above panel loose on her. 24x 1w China made LEDs, 20ish watts of warm white, neutral white and cool white. It vegetates well, but I feel there is too much blue to flower. And although my flowering panel has much less blue, it still has more than I think is necessary.
    CAM00070.jpg CAM00069.jpg

    This is about 28watts of Cree XTE warm white(x10) and neutral white(x3) (supposedly highest bins). Here you will find the datasheet for said LEDs. I have not yet placed her under this light.
    And this was the early life of my last remaining genetics in any form:
    CAM00052.jpg CAM00056.jpg CAM00066.jpg

    She has since been pruned of old buds/leaves and this was taken before I sat down to make this post:
    CAM00076.jpg CAM00074.jpg

    She has been trained a small bit and just fed a slurry of my own worm compost/my backyards compost/a few leaves I found with string like fungi running all across them/molasses/insect frass. Whether or not some of the ingredients were necessary (or useful), it's the thought that counts ;)!

    She is in a 2 gallon smart pot which is filled with a hand-mixture of Roots Organic Original, my own ewc/compost/perlite/verm/coir and some insect frass. Nothing but water up til said slurry.

    I like to think of this thread as an open discussion/place to chill, I hope you'd do the same.

    I'll try to update at least weekly, but this is just a fun little hobby as I wait to relocate and start the real growing.

    Later, for now.
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    puffenuff Well-Known Member

    Yup, i'm subbed for this. good luck!

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    Good to have ya, puff.

    Woke up this morning to a dead Chinese driver. I could only laugh... I don't know how long the lights were off.

    Under the new Cree module... She almost looked fake in the pics under the other panel... Light vaguely resembles HPS, slightly more "natural" looking though...

    NugHunter Active Member

    lets hope she is actually a "she" ...good luck brah !

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    I'm in ...........You know i'm a Cree whore:P........Oh shit here comes Franjan!!he has no white leds in his panel either, loser....lol

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    If you're referring to her going hermie on me, I hope she doesn't either, brah.

    Yea buddy!

    Lmao! You got something against whities, Fran? :mrgreen:

    BIGBLOW Member

    anyone use general organics go box?

    guod Well-Known Member

    with a little red poonton

    PSUAGRO. Well-Known Member

    I see what you did ^^^^HA...........maybe you can come over and solder some heatsinks to it:P

    FranJan Well-Known Member

    Moi? Some of my best plants grew up in all white neighborhoods. 2x10 watt 5500K SMD Avenue and 1x20 watt 12,000K Spotlight Street for example ;).

    I believe PSU is talking about my 2012 Vipar that doesn't do whites, 2013s do. I do have some whites in my flowering room, the BS240s have some 10,000Ks that are probably more for looking at your plants, and the 5x10,000Ks and 5x4300Ks in my 5x60. You know what it is Hilo, I'm a bit at odds with the way people look at and use white LEDs at the moment and I'm just gonna leave it at that. Just think of me as the mathematical balancing equation to PetFora :).
    F*ck White Power!!! :cuss:Light is a Peak and a Wave!!!!!!!!! LOL

    HiloReign Well-Known Member


    I'm just messin'...

    mamakush Active Member

    Nice save from the compost pile, what a funny thing to find. Nature is amazing, that's for sure.

    Have you plugged your light into a Kill a Watt? I haven't seen any laid out like that and I'm curious how much power each diode is really pumping out. It's smaller than your average unit, it seems, so maybe that leaves room for more efficiency?

    guod Well-Known Member

    mamakush, you have never heard about the
    White merkaba from hawaii

    stardustsailor Well-Known Member

    Well ,best wishes there,Hilo ... ...
    ...In Stardusty World ,it seems today 3 kinds of leds are just what's needed ...

    High CRI (R/G phosphor ) Warm Whites -Red 640-660 nm -High CRI Neutral Whites(~5000 °K ) ( Yellow phosphor ) ...
    You can't overdo it with WW ..The more ,the better ...
    As for RED & NW ,use them kinda sparingly (1+1 every 4-8 WW leds ) ...in ~ 1:1 ratio RED:NW ....
    Nothing else needed .....
    Happy growing ....

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    I'd have to agree with you and thank you for your advice, research and contributions... I am currently working on a light setup for my tent, for the time being I am limited to barely-operational conditions til I relocate. I would like to also use a "bar" style with multiple modules along its length. Merkaba patterns with alternating centers (NW/RED) or something of the sort. I have a new program to play with...

    Thanks to Guod and yourself, I now have free 3d imaging software!!!

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    Nature is amazing indeed!

    I do not own a Kill-a-Watt, but each diode draws around 2.17w if I'm not mistaken. The heatsink/pcb (after 5 hours running...) run at room temperature, if that. Note there is a 120mm PC fan flowing through the LEDs/heatsink fins.

    Room for more efficiency? PLENTY.

    Lmao. I feel like my bagseed earned its' name: Hawaiian White Merkaba haha... (I am of Caucasian/Hawaiian ancestry, I thought it was fitting)

    greenghost420 Well-Known Member

    did you built your cree light?

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    I merely assembled the light. The LEDs came attached to the star PCB, I used double-sided thermal cut-outs to attach them to the heat sink, and I proceeded to solder the wiring. LEDs came from australia (cutter.au) and the rest came from Rapidled.com.

    But if I were anything like most companies based in the U.S, I'd tell you I did indeed manufacture it ;).
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    guod Well-Known Member

    I merely assembled the light.

    Think as a company and say..

    proudly made by a stoner in Hawaii

    and the next time use some Reds. think about the poonton.

    HiloReign Well-Known Member

    That still remains true.

    Reds? Yes, I need red...

    Coffee is too strong this morning/too stoned... Enough toying around with experimental stuff for me, I'm ready to start the process of developing my own light/set of lights. When I am able to, I will be ready to put it all together... Or something...
    Bullied the girl this morning/removed a lot of weak growth... After she bounces back I'm going to initiate flowering. Well, that's the plan at least...
    Have a good one.

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