1. GorillaSeedBank

    Gorilla Seeds Support Thread

    As you might have noticed, Gorilla Seeds is a RollitUp sponsor - you can find our site at We're a seedbank based in the UK. Just to be clear, because we get a lot of confused people, we don't breed seeds, we resell branded genetics from The Netherlands...
  2. Barry's Natural Farms

    Barry's Natural Farms - Rare Premium Seeds

    We are excited to share our passion for elite Cannabis genetics with you! We have collected cultivars from the worlds best breeders to help share and preserve these masterpieces. Our mission is to offer these genetics at the lowest possible prices, because everyone deserves the best! Free...
  3. Armyofsprout

    Anyone order from Attitude to the US lately?

    What’s the shipping times like these days? I haven’t ordered from attitude in years and I know it used to take 3-4 weeks. They just shipped out my order two days ago
  4. Armillaria caligata

    The Seed Fair

    Selection: Very good (of course I bought Purple Kush). 10 stars. Price: $11 per seed for 3 to 5 seeds. 9 stars. Service: Approximately 2 weeks. Usually faster but the holidays. 10 stars. Stealth Rating: 10 stars. Would I order from the same bank again. DEFINITELY. ASAP.
  5. S

    Your favorite seedbank!?

    Hey guys, I’ve only purchased seeds from I was happy with the process, however unhappy with a low germination rate, and the two that did germinate don’t look like they’re going to make it. Where do you guys recommend I go for good quality?
  6. G

    MSNL Guaranteed shipping

    Please use this template for posting a seedbank review. Selection: (Plenty of choice? Describe + marks out of 10) 10 sativa seeds Price: (Good value for money? Describe + marks out of 10) about 50 dollars, 5 out of 10 Service: (Consider time taken to receive seeds, any prolems with packaging...
  7. G

    Sensi Seeds Northern Lights!

    Wondering if anyone knows a seedbank that carries the original Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds and also ships to the US??
  8. Team Vault

    Brexit Notice from The Ceo at The Vault

    Hi All, Just dropping in with a notice from our CEO, George, about the impact of Brexit. To read it, just go here > Thanks, Gary Eff #TeamVault
  9. C trustworthy?

    Does anybody know anything about this company? They only accept crypto and say they will ship out the product within 3-5 days after receiving payment. Well I ordered some Tropic Truffle from them and paid in LiteCoin. They accepted the payment on 01/04/2021 and it is now 1/12/2021 and still no...
  10. Ali Bongo

    What makes you shop at a specific Seedbank / Seedshop?

    Yo Rollitup, What gives you the confidence to buy from a certain seedbank or seed shop? Could it be:- Prices (Lowest prices, Discount codes) Shipping (Free shipping, Speed) Discreteness (Bank statements, Packaging) Loyalty (You've only ever used a specific seedbank / have a good raport with...
  11. ddeck96

    Help finding Seedbank/breeder/strain

    I’m about to start my first hydroponic grow (RDWC/indoor/4x4 tent) so I’m looking for an easy to grow, high yielding strain. I’m located in the USA so I need to find a high yield strain, that is suitable for beginner growers, with good genetics from a reputable Seedbank that ships to the USA...
  12. sensizond

    Autoflower seeds with low THC (under 0.2 percent)

    Hello guys, This is my first post, but I am regular visitor of the forum. I am a great fan of Autoflowering strains and I am willing to start growing exclusively CBD strains to help my insomnia and other health problems. I am looking for Autoflowering strains with high level of CBD and low THC...
  13. Team Vault

    Calling All Vault Customers & Past Prize Winners - Win More Prizes for a Google Review

    High All, Gary Eff back again so quickly after posting a promo on Friday! This time we need your help, please? We're looking to drive up the volume of our Google Reviews so if you've bought from us before or won a prize we'd love it if you could pop onto Google and drop us an honest review...
  14. organicgordon or Seedsman for Autoflower?

    First time grower still setting up first grow for autoflower. I am between ILGM (which has great reviews from users, but none of the autoflower strains state that they have any ruderalis in the genes even though this is the autoflowering species of cannabis) and Seedsman (not as good of reviews...

    Growers Choice Seeds

    Hey guys, just wanna share my partial experience with GrowersChoiceSeeds I got a 5 pack of Cinderella 99 and to my surprise they actually shipped out from Sacramento Ca. I’m in Illinois and ups tracking states it will be here Monday. 7 days from when I ordered. They guy Alex from customer...
  16. Armyofsprout

    West coast connoisseurs

    Anyone ever order from west coast connoisseurs? I ordered from them today via bitcoin and my order was canceled saying that it wasn't paid. but they successfully took my money And I'm feeling like I got scammed. I don't see any reviews for them and I shouldn't have trusted it. They have no phone...
  17. Yesyes3000

    Feminized Indicas on seedherenow

    Hello I’m looking for some suggestions on some feminized Indica strains on to grow. I appreciate all the help thank you ! I would like them to be Indica or mostly Indica dominant. Also I am planning on scrog’n these plants
  18. Armyofsprout

    Anyone ever order seeds from They look solid. But I haven't seen reviews
  19. Yesyes3000

    Best seed bank to order from when living in Massachusetts

    Hello I’m trying to figure out the best seedbank to order from when living in Massachusetts. I’ve been thinking about true north seedbank but I’m not sure yet. Any help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you for your time How do you know if the seedbank is within the United States ?
  20. LazyOptimisticAmateur

    Making seeds

    I'd like to produce my own my own low tech lackadaisical manner....I was thinking of growing a feminised seed in the same area as a 'regular' seed...(both strains that I like) and doing this a few times over or in very different far apart outdoor areas....I'm figuring if a pair both...