Your latest seed purchase?

Discussion in 'Seed and Strain Reviews' started by OGEvilgenius, Jun 10, 2014.


    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    What's your latest? What was your reasoning?

    Just sent 650 bucks to Sannie to pick up some 2 more packs of Sugar Punch, a bunch of Jack Herer seeds (4 packs reg and 2 packs fem), 2 packs of Caramel Cough, 2 packs of Shackzilla and a pack of Columbian Gold x Lambsbread.

    Why? I love sativas. And Sannie has fantastic sativas. I wanted to do Caramel Cough one run but fucked up and let them all die because I left a fan near them while they were still in rockwool which dried them out quick.

    Also picked up from the tude:

    2 packs of Peyote Purple from Cannabiogen - because it's supposed to be fucking amazing and I see nothing but incredibly beautiful flower pictures. I'm hoping for a male as they come out of this line in low numbers, but if I don't get one I won't cry about it.

    1 pack of Zamaldelica non fem from CBG. I know the fem is rated more highly but I want to fuck around and do some breeding with it to bring out some more pure phenotypes in F2's. This is a longer term project though.

    1 single C99 seed from female seeds because everyone loves it and I like C99 and I had to max out the 250 dollar prepaid. It'll probably get run eventually.
    Behind Dark Clouds

    Behind Dark Clouds Well-Known Member

    Most recent purchases

    Sannies Jack F8- Love love love Sannies Jack!!! just don't have room to mother one too tall for my room have to 12/12 from seed.
    Sannies Jackberry F4- flavor

    THC Bomb
    - Supposed to be very potent
    Bubble Bomb- Limited Stretch
    Pineapple Express - Flavor

    [Added] I think this thread is going to be a lot more productive than just what are you buying, I like how you started it!
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    smoke and coke

    smoke and coke Well-Known Member

    650 is a nice order to open up when it comes. i am jealous because i love getting beans.

    i have only ordered twice this year due to cash flow but i usually go thru the tude.

    the bday promo and got a pack of DNA holy grail kush and a single fem of RP skywalker kush. why because i love me some kush and a promo.

    the 2nd was the 420 promo. picked up a pack of BODHI jabba's stash regs and a free 5 pack of synergy regs. always wanted to try some bodhi gear and the promo was a plus.
    also i really want to know what jabba the hut packs in his giant hookah.

    gabechihua Well-Known Member

    1 pack of Corn Bread from Rare Dankness because it looks like super frosty goodness, and lemons and incense sounds like a nice combination.

    1 pack of Chem 91 from Cali Connection because I'm gonna do a Corn Dawg cross with the Corn Bread, also got 6 fem Buddha Tahoe with promo.

    1 pack of 3D from TGA because I love the high and the Space Candy promo made the decision even easier.

    Probably gonna hit the Space Candy with some Corn Bread pollen at the same time I hit Chem 91 for a Candy Corn cross.
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    racerboy71 bud bootlegger

    not purchased, but i got a pack of indiana bubble gums, some biker kush coming on the way, 100 day super sliver haze, some gigga moon, giga bud x full moon, and a few other things i'm forgetting atm..
    super stoked to finally get some indiana bubble gum though.. :D

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    I only had 2 Pineapple Express plants but neither even kind of tasted like Pineapples. Both tasted and smelled awful. Not a good awful either. Just awful awful like Think Different.

    I'm gonna buy 4 or 5 packs of that Pineapple Diesel and find the pure pineapple phenotype I think to get my fix. Or I'll just run the C99 beans I have - they're gonna get run again anyway. I'm gonna buy that diesel regardless as he says every plant is a winner and it might be his magnum opus as far as varieties go. And the pics look amazing too :D
    Behind Dark Clouds

    Behind Dark Clouds Well-Known Member

    Who is slangin the PD? I love the fruit so I want some real pineapple buds to complement my love for it. Because I can smoke a ton but I can only eat so much pineapple before my tongue gets all weird.
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    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    It's on Sannies Shop. Dynasty seeds. However it is currently out of stock. It sells out super fast. Imagine he'll drop another batch in the not distant future. There are Pineapple Fields packs available on Cannazon. I believe the PF was used to create the Diesel and there are some great phenotypes to be found as well including pure Pineapple. C99 is another line with pure Pineapple. I wouldn't even pop those PE beans based on my own experience, but I won't say there aren't some possibly good plants in there. Decent frost, structure and yield. But the high was meh and the smell was unbearable. It will be turned into cookies when I get around to it.

    It comes from Dynasty Genetics/Seeds (I forget which I think it's Genetics now he changed the name).

    Cuts were given to a buddy (before I finished running them - he was excited for a Pineapple flavored smoke too) and he said they were super bug prone as well compared to what he has. I don't currently have any issues with bugs but I guess they ended with mights, thrips and PM... while plants in the same garden had nothing.
    Behind Dark Clouds

    Behind Dark Clouds Well-Known Member

    Thank god I only got 1 ;)

    I got a 5 pack of the bubblebomb and 1 of the thc bomb

    I didn't order many seeds this time as I dont really need seeds I am just addicted to bringing new strains into the mix. I do this for myself and my mother mainly she can't afford to purchase her own medicine. I try to do my best ;)

    bigworm6969 Well-Known Member

    just grabbed some holy grail kush from dna
    qrazytrain from tga
    heavy duty fruity by th seeds
    space candy freebes
    mk ultra freebes
    and some more freebes i think bubblegum from th and i cant remember the rest im hopeing to clone all these plants and somewhere out of the bunch find a hugh yielder and run a whole room of clones of the heavy yielder, im tired of haveing a whole bunch of different strains all wanting something different and haveing different yields
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    I ran 3 separate Pineapple Express a couple years back.....bought into the hype. No growing issues, but very lackluster pineapple scent or taste.

    As someone else noted, FS c-99 has pineapple nailed. No one fails to request it after they've had some. I'm grabbing a couple more singles to get a free Tangilope.
    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    I hear ya, amigo, and I did the same thing about a year and a half ago. Found a Chernobyl and Ripped Bubba and kept 'em going 4 runs. But I regretted only having the two choices, as good as they are. So, I'm back to different strains every grow. You're right - much more difficult, but I'm a variety junkie.

    bigworm6969 Well-Known Member

    im a yield guy dont get me wrong i love the dank shit for myself but i need to get the most out of my room

    Traxx187 Well-Known Member

    Gage Green Seeds Grape Stomper X OG (underdawg) F1 x10
    G13 Labs Seeds White Critical x1
    T H Seeds AUTO Original BubbleGum x1
    Cali Connection Seeds 22 x1
    Barneys Farm Seeds Chronic Thunder x1
    Barneys Farm Seeds Blue Cheese x1
    Barneys Farm Seeds Critical Kush x1
    Farm Seeds Pineapple Chunk x1
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    Amos Otis

    Amos Otis Well-Known Member

    I'm waiting till the promo goes off and hope the UFO is still the Tangilope. That's how much I don't want Barney's Farm. :finger:

    Traxx187 Well-Known Member

    All i wanted was the grape stomper og lol
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    Letstrip Well-Known Member

    Ace - Panama
    Cannbiogen - Taskenti
    Cannbiogen - Panama DC
    Barneys farm - LSD

    Traxx187 Well-Known Member

    That lsd is good :eyesmoke:
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    gabechihua Well-Known Member

    You could just have a little fun with it and when the seeds arrive just drop 'em in the toilet and shit on 'em.
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    Letstrip Well-Known Member

    Awesome man I cant wait to grow it :) Sounds like good smoke

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