Would these be close? (Northern Lights)

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    You should chop now.
    Ideally you want mostly cloudy trichs with less amber and even less clear.

    Clear is precursor acids and are not yet psychoactive.
    Milky/cloudy is ripe THC.
    Amber is degraded THC, CBN. CBN is much less potent than THC.
    If you have very few clears left with mostly cloudy and some amber this is peak potency.

    50/50 is a bit late IMO.
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    Mass Medicinals

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    Thanks for the input. We won't be able to check the status of this plant until tomorrow. Excited to think that we could be harvesting our first plant tomorrow.

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    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    This girl is getting the chops tomorrow!!!
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    i'm glad you started this thread. I have 3 northern lights feminized that I just put in rapid rooter plugs this morning. I am revising a scaled down version of a bubble cloner I created to get their veg on when they have sprouted good. Fixing to harvest a bagseed some kind of sativa Saturday morning.
    Mass Medicinals

    Mass Medicinals Well-Known Member

    No problem! Best of luck.

    We fudged the cloning process up and have flower clones that we are trying to reveg. Which is going slow AF. So we're probably going to toss them and go for seeds.

    Hope the photos help when you get ready for harvest time!

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