northern lights

  1. rymander

    Tips on Dehydrated Plant - help saving!!

    hey ya'll - hoping for some advice - due to circumstance, I was away from my house for 3 days and my fam wasn't able to get into my place to water my girls - of course they're in f****** coco also lol - needless to say - they re super super wilted and 2 of three of them have papery leaves - i...
  2. rymander

    Overall Dos si dos and 2 NL autos - recovering from bad parents

    Hey ya'll, So i was sick as hell the past 2 days and I wasn't able to et out of bed to feed my girls - yeah yeah i know, i get the shame bell lol. The left is a photo Dos si dos 33, which I haven't flipped yet bc 'im trying to root a few clones of before i throw her into flower - waiting on...
  3. K

    HELP | Northern Lights (6 months) Ready or Not?

    Hey, first-timer here. Plant is about 6 months old, flowering since late September. About 10-11 weeks into flowering. I let it veg outside during the summer and now it's been under 12/12 lights since the beginning of flowering. Should I harvest her now or wait another week? Or should I cut the...
  4. kolect

    First DWC grow with top feed lines!

    Equipment: 2' x 4' tent ViparSpectra P2000 200W Full Spectrum LED AC Infinity Cloudline T4 Inline Fan 17 GAL reservoir with six 3" net pots (only using 5 net pots and 10 gal of water) 12 GAL top off reservoir connected to main res via float valve (not using until plants mature) Air pump...
  5. T

    Northern lights

    I’m looking for a good way of drying and curing.
  6. G

    Sensi Seeds Northern Lights!

    Wondering if anyone knows a seedbank that carries the original Northern Lights by Sensi Seeds and also ships to the US??
  7. J

    First grow going really strong !!!

    Northern lights 5 x Wilson x Willie nelson by Masonic smoker, day 29 of flower, day 82 from sprout. Under a Vipar spectra p2500, getting fed power Si, cal mag, veg plus bloom, shine, humic acid and molasses. In 70% coco and 30 % perlite. She’s about 4 and a half feet off the ground.
  8. A

    Drooping leaves, Dark Green

    So as title says, the leaves are drooping and are dark green. I read this could be a N excess. Curious what other people think. I have two other plants that are not doing this. It has gotten a bit worse in the last day or two. The bottom leaves are now just laying on the soil... . The issue...
  9. A

    NL, J47, GG Indoor. Late Start Journal. My First Grow

    So this is my first grow, I was nervous to start a journal because I was afraid of broadcasting my failure, but I'm a month in with a few problems, but nothing catastrophic... yet. I did a fair amount of research before starting up. But I have always been more of a hands-on learner. This grow...
  10. A

    Possible nutrient excess?? Or watering issues?

    This seems like a tough one. I have 3 plants that I'm treating all mostly the same. My Northern Lights, which so far has been the most sturdy of the bunch, thriving through all of my mistakes, is currently struggling a bit. 11 days ago I fimmed both the Northern lights and the Jack 47 (back left...
  11. F

    WPM Defense

    Hey guys I have about 2 weeks of flowering left over on my auto. I was about to start flushing today, and saw WPM forming on the bottom leaves, and pro actively started defoliating some of the larger fan leaves for more air flow. Will this turn out to have been a bad idea? I know Auto's are...
  12. A

    What could this be?

    I have 3 plants. Possible overcrowding. So if this plant is donezo I can accept that and pursue the other two more vigilantly. I'm not really sure what this could be, I have treated this plant the exact same as the other two. I realize its small plant in big pot but its too late for that so I...
  13. growbrotha

    Full BioBizz grow 400w HPS (Northern Lights Auto + Royal Critical)

    Whatsup growers. This is my third-time growing with BioBizz... :D but this time I'm using their whole line of nutrition and soil. This thread will be updated regularly with more information and pictures of the progress. Support and Feedback are more than welcome! :weed: Planted 20th - 30th...
  14. J

    Northern Lights leaf issues, need help

    All, Northern Lights Auto Planted Jan 13 in 2x2 indoor grow tent, expected to finish around April 6th Nutes - Advanced Nutrients and Big Bud (see pic) Watering approx half litre per day, moisture meter showing that roots are moist Don't recall the medium on this planting but it's a potting mix...
  15. THG proto

    NL89 (The Seed Bank NL#5 circa 1989 F2)

    This will be an outdoor grow so there wont be a lot of activity for several weeks still but I thought I would start off with a photo and an introduction. Hello, I am Tom. AKA Proto from Treehouse Genetics. AKA just some guy. A handful of years ago my brother in laws brother in law who had been...
  16. icedrgn027

    Icedrgn027's First Grow, DWC stone-less, multi-strain, mainline

    Wow, it's been a ride... And I am loving the world of growing. I started my grow on Feb 14. Instead of buying flowers for the Mrs, we planted some. Medical users in Illinois are allowed to grow up to 5 and dispensaries are charging $160-200 for 14g. So after being raped on the price of flower...
  17. Jelimafish

    Leaf Spotting/Burnt Tips

    This is my first grow ever so I am sorry if I am not including something I should or adding stuff that is completely not important. First a little back story. Originally these were planted with the intent of doing a stealth grow outside, just placing them somewhere and checking on them once or...
  18. George Seeds

    Sensi Seeds On Purchase Promo @ The Vault

    Get bonus Sensi Seeds on all Sensi Seeds purchases @ The Vault. This is on top of our usual freebies! Read more at Sensi Seeds On Purchase Promo
  19. V

    First Indoor NL grow! Too big?.

    Hi all I'm currently 8 weeks into my first northern lights indoor grow. I work a roster that keeps me absent for 2 weeks at a time and my automation is well sorted. Problem is I have topped at the 2 node mark when it was about 8 nodes and now has 4 very nice colas coming, the problem is its...
  20. doogledore

    First Time Grower - Feedback on setup and plan welcome

    Hi there, thanks to everyone (almost everyone) for contributing on these forums. There's a wealth of information here and I'm blown away by those who take the time and effort to contribute, much appreciated! I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of Northern Lights and Blue Dream from Nirvana...