Will I be able to ever smoke weed again without getting withdrawal symptoms?

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    Medeiros Member

    I started smoking weed almost 5 years ago and I've loved it ever since but lately it seems it has backfired on me...

    In previous years I could go months without a single joint, I never had anything more than simple cravings that went away and didn't affect my life whatsoever. This year I started smoking more heavily, to the point that in these past few months it was almost every single day, and it started going from 'because I can' to 'because I of need to'. I noticed I had difficulty falling asleep on the few days I didn't smoke, and instead of just quitting for quite some time, my dumb self decided to ignore that. Now lately I've been tight on money and just can't afford to get weed with the same frequency and I've been having symptoms which initially I blamed on anything but marijuana, including too much free time (dropped out of college) and other shitty situations. Turns out, I was in denial.

    A few days ago, I looked up 'marijuana withdrawals' and found a bunch of sites with all sorts of bias: from government anti-drugs pages to sites solely dedicated to weed. They all pretty much said the same thing: while marijuana is not as addictive as other substances like tobacco and hard drugs, a percentage of users can develop a dependence which will result in withdrawal with symptoms such as irritability, vivid nightmares, irritability, depression, low sex drive and difficulty sleeping - I've had all of those in the past week. Well fml, right?

    I haven't smoked anything in 3 days and decided to exercise everyday, take long walks to distract myelf and eat better, but I'm already looking forward to get rid of these crappy withdrawal symptoms and just get all cosy and stoned.
    Most sites says it takes up to two weeks of not smoking weed to completely get rid of the withdrawal and I'm willing to go through this, however, I certainly don't want to quit for good or for a long time.

    So my question to you guys is: will I ever be able to smoke weed again without getting withdrawal symptoms the following days? Or is it too late for that?

    All I want is to go back to how it was before: I could smoke whenever I wanted because I felt like it and not because I needed it to sleep or to feel myself at my best.

    P.S.: I know I could've written a lot less to ask this but I've met many people in denial that marijuana can't cause withdrawals on others, so I felt a need to explain where I'm coming from. Trust me, I will defend the legalisation of it in my country and every other till death, and try to educate non-smokers on it, but even I recognise that it isn't perfect. Specially if used excessively and in a dumb way like I did.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    yeah, your pot smoking days are in your past. your cells have had enough.
    marijuana is not for you.
    your feelings are rooted in manic behavior, anxiety, not marijuana addiction
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    ANC Well-Known Member

    Withdrawal is going to last about two weeks, it is nothing like withdrawal from hard drugs, but it feels super crap while it is happening.
    Not wanting to eat or sleep as you used pot to set your body clock and now it has to learn how to do its own thing again.
    Stack up on snacks and treats with the money you saved and give it a break for a while.
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    Medeiros Member

    Well that sure is reassuring. :?
    What do you mean with manic behaviour though?

    Thanks for the reply, I'm on it. I'm motivated to go through whatever time is needed to stop feeling like shit and plus actually have money to spend on other things.
    Let's say I kick the withdrawal off of me and feel at myself 100%, completely detoxed. If I smoke again, will the day after that I don't smoke kick me back into withdrawal or will I need to go through yet another period of heavy usage? I simply can't find any information on this online, or maybe I'm not using the correct search terms. :neutral:

    ANC Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it is like most things, eat an apple every day for years and you will feel shit the day you stop eating apples.
    It is just that your body adapted to the rhythm of your cannabinoid intake, but it can do a pretty good job of that itself when it needs to.
    So if you make it used t it again by repeated use, yes you will go through it again.

    I just want to stress again that it is nothing like real addiction from say crack or something like that, where you are addicted in one hit.
    It takes over your brain with only one purpose and that is to get more crack shunning all other pleasures.
    Cannabis makes you enjoy all other pleasures more. I don't see the bad side to that. But, if you want to try something, maybe make it like some functional alcoholics operate, one smoke after work kinda thing. That way your body gets what is good for it, and it doesn't amplify your manic nature as it is now ritualized, not just random.

    Many smokers report never getting any withdrawal.
    I actually get it quite badly, I get the hot sweats and everything.
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    Medeiros Member

    Thank you so much for the insightful response. :)
    Almost every single post I've read on marijuana withdrawal has people in denial and it really annoys me to see people seeking for information on withdrawals and dependence and there's always that one guy that's like "just get more weed". :???: It's not that simple and it's just bringing a bad rep that anti-marijuana advocates can use in their favour. Yeah, it's not nearly as bad as other drugs, but it's still a drug, no matter how awesome it is.
    When I get better from this phase (and actually have money :lol:) I'll try the 'functional stoner' approach.

    chemphlegm Well-Known Member

    while you're high your shitty situations temporarily escape you, only to return when you're not high.
    Those shitty situations are then magnified and come rushing the forefront.
    For example-people that show paranoid symptoms daily will likely show more when using marijuana,
    happy people make better drunks than angry drinkers. Tighten your life habits up, rid yourself of shitty situations,
    get back into school, and consider using again after your mental/physical self is balanced.
    shitty situations makes for shitty feelings, especially during times of sobriety.

    best wishes
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    Medeiros Member

    I see now, that does make perfect sense. Thanks for the reply!

    Also, a bit off-topic but I'm new here and I wanted to 'like' posts but I can't seen to find the button for that (although I see people liking other people's posts). Is it hidden or something I need to unlock?

    puffdatchronic Well-Known Member

    i have been on the same boat man. what you need is a ,,, strong mind.
    mj use is fine as frequently as you like, in my oppinion it only becomes "addiction" when you are using it to hide from your problems.
    you need to learn how to accept the shittyness of life that modern society has constructed ie you need money , you need a job, you need a wife, you need a nice car, you need facebook, you need to have a beard and tatts etc etc
    what you need to realise is you dont need any of this shit. all you need to do is aprecciate the beauty of nature, appreciate the gift of being alive appreciate the beauty of women but do not bow to them. do not stress about money or modern bs. This isnt easy because you have been brainwashed since birth.
    once you have all this in check you can use mj guilt free,as not something you use to hide from problems but to appreciate your life even more.
    I use to get mj withdrawl insomnia all the time, but now i never get it because i know deep down i dont "Need" it to get to sleep. becuase thoughts of inadequacy dont fill my head.
    you cant fall asleep now because your mind is awake with conflict. ... forget all the bs. the media is poison
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    charface Well-Known Member

    Didn't read the whole thing but read enough,
    The symptoms you describe will diminish in time if you fully stop using and Get back to doing the things you need to live a healthy life.

    If they don't I would suspect depression. Give it 6 months maybe more. If no improvement I would investigate the depression theory.

    It's hard to diagnose while someone is using. Trying to decide which is which.

    To the question will you ever be able to use recreationally without consequence?

    Possibly if you were able to get high on the weekend then let it go.
    Without obsessing on it.

    I think if you choose to use constantly than you will have issues. Especially when you can't score.

    No hard fast rules but I feel what I'm saying is sound based on much experience. Mine and others.

    Best if luck to you and I hope you find what you need.
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    Medeiros Member

    Once again, thank you guys so much for your insight and words. It really helps a lot to read on other people's views and experiences on the subject.
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    Indacouch Well-Known Member

    When I use to withdrawal back in the day....I'd wana fuck constantly....wait, I still do....o_O

    I use weed to sleep occasionally....I use to smoke an ounce a day.....I had a giant Afro with a hot pink comb stuck in it.

    Then I had to grow up, It was hard to sleep for a lil bit .....but the heroin evened things out .....GL
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