Why is sulfur never a consideration?

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    I understand that is the best way. For mag and calcium too. But I have never sprayed and don’t want to indoors. I take every measure I can just to not have to spray for bugs in there. Too messy for me.

    Oh and like you said already if the new growth isn’t fading because of iron it is likely sulfer.
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    Cut back K late as it's a THC protagonist. It reduces final THC counts when available in high amounts.

    That's been a long time thought of mine - The flush to reduce thc protagonists..... Still not really the best way to finish a grow properly.
    Up this and lower that at the right times....Healthier plants. Better "potentials" that way. Or at least in my experience....

    I really get Tweetlers point on soil amending over mineral supplementation for THC boosting by mineral. I just gotta try it to "see" what happens that way...

    Don't really use TM-7 on the farm......FUL HUMIX is delivered in a tea mix at spring field prep. I was checking on a bulk order pricing.

    I wouldn't doubt it on the PB Pro being a hydro tomato mix. Most of the EU's tomato's come from Dutch hydro farms....N seems a tic low for tomato's, but that's not my area of experience either - Hydro tomato growing....

    I always wondered how salty the reclaimed land in Holland was vs. none reclaimed land. Might be a reason to go hydro there?

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    I got a cpl of strains that are Mg hogs. Ghost is one.. I do a Mg sulfate based supplement (home made) so I really don't "see" the problem any more.
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