Why is sulfur never a consideration?

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    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    This is incorrect. It's very easy to feed at toxic levels of S in the same way that it's easy to feed at toxic levels of P. In fact, there are no elements, including N, that can't be fed at toxic levels.

    Too much of any one ingredient is toxic.

    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    MKP is monopotassium phosphate. It's KH2PO4 and is generic PK booster. (or a main ingredient to a complete hydro formula)
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    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    I generally recommend against using potassium sulfate as I find it's a lot better to get your potassium from potassium nitrate and MKP. Potassium sulfate is a salt I don't even use to make my mixes.
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    RM3 Well-Known Member

    I know you don't like me and that is ok but I do my research and I don't just say things,,,,

    Then there is this,,,,

    http://www.zielen.ogr.ar.krakow.pl/...RiNRO_Rok_2005_Nr _04_Kowalska_Fola Hort..pdf

    I can go get more, it is pretty much accepted that Sulfates are not toxic to plants
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    churchhaze Well-Known Member

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    churchhaze Well-Known Member

    This statement contradicts the quote you made from that pdf about how it antagonizes nitrogen.

    Also, if you grew in DWC, you'd understand the risk of water clouding with high P and/or S. You never mention this or warn DWC growers.
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    RM3 Well-Known Member

    the quote did not come from the pdf
    antagonizing N at the end of flower is not a bad thing nor does it indicate a toxic issue
    and to be honest I can't advise or warn DWC growers as I know nothing about it and most likely never will. I do often say may not work in hydro or may require a different method ?
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Seems like your both right and both have contributed some great info on this thread. Like Rm3 i predominately grow in soil and love my t5's and churchaze youve always given me great hydro advice.

    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    neem meal mixed with vermicastings is a good one.
    also depending on the guano, certain bat guanos from certain caves have sulfur in their guano
    limestone caves?
    can't remember
    manure has sulfur, but obviously is potent and should be composted prior
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    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    gypsum is a great source for sulfur, calcium too. and doesn't effect ph much, in fact it increases it a bit, and counters aluminum's bioavailability (for those that like azomite)
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    greasemonkeymann Well-Known Member

    goo shit to add!
    most people forget about the ratios of everything being crucial.
    especially in regards to calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, too much of those can reaaaaaally fuck shit up

    Dogenzengi Well-Known Member

    I got my hands on some Potasium Sulphate and I am waiting for the Mono-Potasium phosphate.

    My question, how do I use these products in an Flood and Drain SOG.

    I assume small quantities, but if plants are always 2 weeks old and 8 weeks old how much should I be using.
    My Res is 40 gal, table 4x4, 32 plants in Rock Wool, no other medium.
    3- 15 minute feedings during lights on.

    I only started using this specific setup on the 3rd of last month so it is unfarmilar territory.

    I am starting to see some Magnesium Deficiencies but not Terrible and not in every plant.
    Three strains are Double Berry, The Widow and White Siberian.

    My res change is tomorrow and I will up my Cal-Mag to 8ml per gallon.

    My Nutes are FoX Farm trio, I have the 3 supplements but that's what the MKP and the PS are replacing.

    Thanks for reading!

    hondagrower420 Well-Known Member

    I drop my base nutes to half strength when I add mkp. So if I am shooting for 1.4ec and my base nutes get me to 1.0ec. I make up that .4ec with mkp.

    As far as the potassium sulfate, same as mag sulfate. I think its a tsp per gallon.

    I would use one or the other. Not both at the same time. I would think it would be to much potassium if you use both.

    I'm still learning and I'm sure somebody will drop more knowledge.

    Hope I could help.

    HydroLynx Active Member

    I read a paper that says boosting sulfur likely improves carvone and other terpenoid levels in Mint, in soil and DFT hydro.

    In recirculating hydro, sulfur (and magnesium and esp calcium) build up as they are taken up by plants much slower.

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    I should be fine if im running cal nit and mag sulphate right?

    Cold$moke Well-Known Member

    Found mine at hydro gardens 13.95 for 5lbs :)
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Differing sulfur sources can influence differing terps.

    Mg is more berry like and K is more citrusy.

    It should be noted that it's a recurring argument among plant science's. That S should be classified as a MARCO nutrient.

    Pulpit_ Well-Known Member

    I Just switched to Jack's with 5% sulfur and also adding cal/mag. Resin production is through the roof vs A/B formulas. S and Mg are key for resin and that dank smell. I have also increased my yields making rosin by approx 50% so it sure does work.
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    I dont use anything special now, complicated days are over, soil and one general fert provides everything.

    I urge you all to just treat the plant as not a fussy grower and forget any additives.

    These threads are a progression and nice to put a recent post up for those that read.

    Soil is far too easy, environment is all that matters to me now. Good luck all :-)

    VibesTek New Member

    I myself am just recovering from a sulfur deficiency in my Dwc set up. Somehow the amount of sulfur in my florabloom wasn't enough. I add Epsom salt now and all is well. It took me a while to notice what the deficiency was and took about a week to recover.
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