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    MammothGrow Well-Known Member

    Is anybody on here having good results taking clones from their flowering plants 2-3 weeks into flower, and getting equal to or higher yields, and same quality bud? I'm thinking of taking cuts from my Indica dominant Blueberry x Cookies from Midnight Farms Nursery that i just switched to flower 3 days ago. Trying to research this Monster Cropping and see if I should bother or just get fresh cuts from Midnight when i need to(so far all 3 strains i've got from them are slaying it!)

    dangledo Well-Known Member

    Only way I clone
    Lord Kanti

    Lord Kanti Well-Known Member

    My MC plants are falling over under the weight. I have more buds but they are smaller compared to the non MC plants. I'll post cured weight comparison in about a month.

    ThaProdiG Well-Known Member

    i dont know how people think they'll get any grow experiences from buying clones... doesnt make u a grower... nor give u any worthy experience... the nursery grows it... you just take it home... so annoying listening to people who swag off of nurseries come on here spewing advice knowing they dont grow shit... they house sit some plants for a month,

    youraveragehorticulturist Well-Known Member

    When I "Monster Crop" I get a lot of skinny branches, all growing out of what used to be a bud site. Too many, too skinny. Growth is unsymmetrical, and unpredictable. I end up cutting most of the "monster" growth away.

    When I "fim" I end up with the same situation. Lots of skinny, ugly branches all originating from one "tip." And usually I cut most of those shitty branches away, anyway.

    When I just top, I get strong, even growth. Next week I can just top the new growth. This seems faster, easier and less gimicky.

    Am I doing it wrong? Are you guys really getting superior results from the Monster Crop?

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    They work well outdoor if you have a strain that branches out well when cut during flowering, particularly if you're doing guerilla grows where you can't get to the plants regularly for training. I also use them if for whatever reason the clones I cut during veg didn't turn out. That said, indoor I'm on a pretty tight schedule to keep things perpetual and will rarely use MC clones as they take longer to root and re-veg. As per @youraveragehorticulturist comments above, some strains I've tried it on suck and end up with a bunch of skinny-ass branches that are more or less useless. Only way to know is try it on a few strains/phenos, some take to it well, like the one's below...

    BobBitchen Well-Known Member

    iv had no problem with taking clones from a flowering plant.
    some "bush" up a bit on reveg, & they take a little longer to root but work fine IMO
    I just took some cuts yesterday from a couple 3 wks in

    youraveragehorticulturist Well-Known Member

    Looking good guys! Thanks for the info!
    Darth Vapour

    Darth Vapour Well-Known Member

    lol what does monster cropping and taking cuts couple weeks in flower have in common ??? NOTHING

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    sunny747 Well-Known Member

    Funny and true!
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    MammothGrow Well-Known Member

    My first instinct is to tell you what a deuche you are, but I'll move past that. Assuming things about people off such little information you have is quite stupid. I've grown from seed, I've kept mother plants and got my clones from them, blah blah blah. If you get clones from a nursery you still have to take good care of them and provide them feedings etc to reach a good result. Just because you don't germinate the seed, or root the clone yourself until its like 4-6" tall, but you grow the plant the rest of its life, hardly makes you not a grower. GO TROLL SOMEWHERE ELSE DEUCHEBAG, YOUR WORDS ARE IRRELEVANT HERE :)

    MammothGrow Well-Known Member

    Not sure what you think Monster Cropping is, but it is when clones are taken from flowering plants that are 2-3 weeks into flower. The flowering cut having to go back to veg usually makes the clone grow extra bushy with lots of branching and nodes, unlike most clones from mother plants which you have to top and/or train to achieve multiple tops from. Do some research before adding your 2 cents please.

    MammothGrow Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the reply! Thats pretty much what i assumed, just gotta try since every strain will do differently. Probably helps to start off with bad ass genetics, glad the cuts I got from MFN look to be pretty badass! lol We'll see what happens
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    MammothGrow Well-Known Member

    can't wait to hear the results of the weigh in!

    MammothGrow Well-Known Member

    Are your plants proven heavy yielders with good quality? Or have you not had much success with them to begin with?
    Darth Vapour

    Darth Vapour Well-Known Member

    No my first instinct is to think your a noob Although who ever the nit wit that came up with the idea this happening from clones taken from flowering plant lol seriously is idiotic ..
    i am very curious could you be so kind to show us your monster cropped plants or plant ??? Now don't be shy ..
    Cause monster cropping in real world growing times can be completely opposite of using a flowered cut to get the results cause quite frankly,, monster cropping can be just that cropping the hell out of any plant and have exactly same results if not better cause of the stalled progress from flowering cut plain and simple here is my seedling i call monster cropping :) looking forward to seeing yours gallery_11738_4908_756369.jpg gallery_11738_4908_581600.jpg gallery_11738_4908_93975.jpg gallery_11738_4816_63681.jpg

    MammothGrow Well-Known Member

    Obviously you're not much of a reader. Or you have some weird reason to reject terminology being used to define certain growing techniques because of what your idea of what Monster Cropping means(a plant that has been topped and/or trained to create many tops). Nonetheless, Monster Cropping refers to taking clones from a flowering plant to get all that bushiness and multiple tops without having to top, fim, supercrop, LST, etc. Its funny when people call someone a noob when they don't actually know what the fuck they're talking about ;)

    Torch1 Well-Known Member

    Monster crop... this plant got pulled back into veg. After a couple weeks in flower-- forgot to clone her before hand....
    Anyway, re-veg'd for another month, cloned up & hit the flip 7days ago... again...

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    DirtyMcCurdy Well-Known Member

    Both of you should probably learn what the term actually means before you post something that makes you look ignorant. Just sayin

    DirtyMcCurdy Well-Known Member

    He's obviously one of the many tools on here that don't actually grow.

    So now it only takes a month to veg a plant then flower it out? 2 months for flower alone. You're comment just proves that you don't even know what you're talking about. We have enough "know it all" trolls on here already.

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