What strains work outdoors in Victoria?

Discussion in 'Aussie Patients' started by buckets, Sep 5, 2014.


    buckets Well-Known Member

    I was curious if anyone with any outdoor growing experience could chime in. My research in seeds is leading me to collect feminized panama, taskenti, golden tiger, and malawi if I were to grow outdoors in Australia.

    Has anyone got any experience with these strains outdoors? I'm looking for yield and end product presentation as well as how it treats a person. What's your opinion?

    Has anyone tried growing outdoors with fabric pots like Geo Pots? I was going to try. Would a 25 gallon fabric pot be enough size to get me a pound per plant?

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

    eastcoastmo Well-Known Member

    All depends if you get frosts where you are mate. If you dont you can grow pretty much any strain. I've grown full sativas before but had to pick a bit early due to frosts. Most Indicas and indica/sativa hybrids work well too. The strains you mention can be longer flowering but like I said, if you don't get frosts, a 10-14 weeker will still work :)

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