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  • Hi there buckets was hoping you could pm me dr's info as i Cannot message anyone yet I see thats a common thing here lol.
    Thanks for your time.
    Can you pm me the 30gpd clinic in Victoria. I live here also and have no fam Dr to discuss with, and have had no success with walk-in clinics.

    Thank you in advance, I can't PM yet.
    Hi buckets can you give me the name of the Victoria clinic my Dr. Started to prescribe only for the LP's. I'm willing to pay the fee it seems like the only way to get a script theses days
    Can you help me find a new dr? Im under the mmar and moved. Now my Dr is retired.uhggg. Anywhere in Canada, but would be nice to find one in BC. Any help is greatly appreciated as i have MS but most doctors prescribe 1gpd even though my original was over 20gpd. i require this amount to juice and eat.

    Hey buckets I'm new here so I can't pm. Any way to get in contact with you just have a question .thanks
    Hi Buckets - are you going to do a thread on your grow this year? I'm interested in how the Timewarp does for you. Thx Jetson
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