What is your favorite strain?

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    ANC Well-Known Member

    exodus cheese
    and rooibaard (special durban poison)
    Anything diesel or gassy

    No particular order.
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    Nutty sKunK

    Nutty sKunK Well-Known Member

    Kali Mist for me :) Sends me into space but with a 24hr connection back to Earth :)
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    tyke1973 Well-Known Member


    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    The strain or the tabs?

    tyke1973 Well-Known Member

    Tabs ,all ways made me chuckle lol
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    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    Lol, yeah me too, at least for the first few hours until I could feel all the bones in my body..

    I used to grow a strain called Acid. One of my all time favs, you could chew a clone off the plant, shit it down the loo and it would still root. :bigjoint:
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    charface Well-Known Member

    For me there are two.
    The first is the legendary skunk I got from humboldt in the 80`s
    The smell is hands down the favorite. But Im not going to delude myself that it was the best
    ever or that it is more potent than what we have access to now.
    For me its about nostalgia.

    Next is sour D
    I love the look, the smell, the taste and the effect...
    Being a sativa dom most would think it would be bad for people who get paranoid
    but for me it don`t trigger that unless I go crazy.

    As far as the high the notable thing is that it wears off rapidly.
    I like that in case I have to get something done I can cope then just smoke again.
    If you are a heavy smoker on a budget this may not be for you.
    Unless you grow it

    Sour d is a little rough on the grower because although you can pull it at 8 weeks
    it is absolutely great if it goes more like 11 weeks.
    Monetarily that`s not great but if you are like me the nice comments from people who smoke
    it make it well worth it.

    So for me it is Sour D.

    However there is a type of Diesel out there that smells amazing/horrible
    One guy around here has it and wont get off a cut or even identify it.

    I tried new york d but it clearly wasn't it. (maybe I got a bad pheno)
    If you have any ideas of what it might be hit me up please so I can order it.
    As it could become my new favorite

    charface Well-Known Member

    Have you scrogged it? Always worth a shot for yield.

    The_Dude Well-Known Member

    Where is the best place to find the Northern Lights Blue beans?

    Stealthstyle Well-Known Member

    attitude sells them under delicious seeds, reasonably priced too
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    The_Dude Well-Known Member

    You've had me thinking about this strain for months. Thanks!
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    The_Dude Well-Known Member

    Was not able to find them on attitude, but after some google searches, I found it through https://www.deliciousseeds.com/del_en/northern-light-blue.html I am glad that I asked because there is blue lights, and NLB auto as well.

    The_Dude Well-Known Member

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    Stealthstyle Well-Known Member

    Thats the one easy to scrog easy to grow and perfect high

    BIANCAADA6 Active Member

    I second sugar black rose from delicious. Not for the faint of heart lol. My people cant get enough.
    But i did back in 86 or so, smoke some piney shit from some guys in Arkansas, that made me realize how shitty brick weed is lol. Made me giggle like a girl for two hours.
    We called it Christmas Tree dope. Every christmas it came in, smelled like a fresh cut Christmas tree.
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    The_Dude Well-Known Member

    How was the Blue Orca Haze?

    tstick Well-Known Member

    The old landrace Thai strains were the best I've ever smoked....loooonnngggg gone. :(

    The old "skunk" -only way we used to know it....looooonnnng gone, too :(

    Modern-day-wise....probably a well-grown Gorilla Glue #4
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    InfiniteDreams Active Member

    What's the terpene profile of the SBR?

    Also, where is the Christmas Tree..extinct like RKS? HAZEMAN had some going last year but I mised the release and believe all the seeds have all been bought out.

    Hard to understand how the best strains imo Christmas Tree Sensimillia (Pine) and RKS (Skunk) are not readily available.

    twistedvinesofbud Well-Known Member

    Mangolicious, AK-47 extreme is amazing. I got mine from Amsterdam Seed Bank. They are amazing

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    WIN_20180118_17_54_07_Pro.jpg RKS is available from

    The Nature Farm Genetics.

    This is the real deal shit, and was originally created by Hells Angel Uncle Fester in the 60s.

    And NOT the same Uncle Fester the Bomb Make from the early 80s. This guy was a college psyc professor in the early 60, and joined the Hells Angel in the early mid 60s.

    This is the original genes that were taken/stolen by skunkman Watson, and were then taken to Holland, and had the RKS pheno bred out of it.

    RKS in a Misnomer as the RKS pheno shows up in about 20% of the plants. The strain also produces Cheese phenos, and others.

    Uncle Fester died and left the genes to several people, 1 being his Nephew Master Thai who is also well known in the Nor Cal community.

    But he did some shady stuff, went back on his word, rupped people off, and is also retiring, as he is in his 70s so U Mello, of The Nature Farm Genetics is releasing the genetics.

    I believe he puts small amounts of the seeds for sale 1-3 packs at a time, and I believe 3 are available right now. $80 USD a pack.

    1969 Skunk#18 IBL Open Pollination- Original Skunk#1

    2/3 Sativa 1/3 Indica

    These are Original Skunk#1 line derived from 1969 stock via Inbred line, passed to Thai after his uncles passing In Eureka, CA. Pre Skunkman Skunk#1. And also go by a few other handles, Such as Uncle Festers Skunk#18 IBL(from the keeper), Professor Beatnik Skunk#18 IBL, Hells Angels Skunk, Cali Skunk, we choose one truer to form being 69′ Skunk#18 IBL which is when these Skunk seeds were said to be derived from.

    Number 5 and number 7 female are the RKS leaners from our open pollination run and will be hunted down further, they are included in this open pollination release. Id say the RKS pops up in 20% of the expression. The number 20 male was dead on Match to the 5 female so something to keep in mind very animal musk scented with good acrid chemical touches. Number 5 female was tops in the true bouquet and super musky acrid chemical eye and nose burning skunk musk funk, dead on, and then theres the other great males were present. Extremely pungent onion chemical fuel male Number 20, and the frostiest sativa dominant number 8 had the Cheese musk heavy as well on a totally different build highly on 7 female but more animal musk on the aged cheese funk.

    Number 2 is raw white onion chemical and the dankest rich soil humus as rich as any ground coffee but not coffee. Stout hybrid 50/50 look. Has was i call “Onion” tail leaf. Early on she is pure raw white onion chemical. Very acrid and then it evens out by finish into a wonderful bouquet. Heavily double serrated individual. Very quality plant with extremely thick cola formations. A good 10-11 week flower. Yield is high. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. Node spacing is tight.

    Number 5 Female Afghani Dominant heavy “stretch” monocola look. Old Musky acrid chemical eye and nose burning skunk musk funk. Elongated Claw reaching leaf, golf ball ghani stature and very Acrid. Purple leaf and darker Skunk look. Half Double Serrated type individual. Yield is high. Calyx to leaf ratio was average compared to the other phenos. Node spacing is average.

    Number 7 female. Purer mexi sativa expression. “Chemical Spray” dominant. She is pure burning acrid chemical strong as Trinity in her chemical burn and it doesnt let up. Stomach churn, nose and eyes burn. They have true linger and permeating quality and its inside the plants grease, not just the flower scent. Full plant double serrations. A good 12 week plus flower with early Mexi scents heavy. Elmers glue trichome, extreme calyx and very tight dense build. Yield is above average. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. Node spacing is average.

    Number 9 female is colgate trash juice, damn near rotten scope mouthwash. Stout hybrid 50/50 look. Green Acrid Chemical astringent with a touch of rotten rubber. Not pleasant stomach churn quality. A good 12 week flower. Yield is above average. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. Node spacing is average.

    Number 10 female is brand new vinyl, clear bouncie ball rubber and pure chemical terpenes. Sativa, Colombian dominant Mexi extreme Calyx stack Pheno. Extreme dense and caked with pure goop. Fully double serrated individual. Yield is above average. Calyx to leaf ratio is low. Node spacing is tight for her 12 week flower.

    Number 11 Female, and Number 14, are on the cheese path and each is highly acrid chemical on top of that funk.

    11 being that yellow auto interior foam insulation, dead on and super tasty, if you like those sweet chemical noses. Also huge football buds. The plant was extreme thin leaf double serrated sativa. Of all the females she was the biggest throw down, least tight nug structure but still absolutely dripping and a huge kief producer. Extreme coloration. By finish she was that same profile auto interior foam, with an added black hash burn finish extremely reminiscent of the 89′ Uk Cheese just more chemical oriented. Calyx to leaf ratio extremely low. Node spacing average.

    Number 14 being the truly gamey animal chemical cheese funk. Stout hybrid look and one of the frostiest of the group And thats saying something. Good classic noses to this gal at points where astringent bleaches, to onion chem spray, and finishing on the final profile once dry. A good 12 week plus flower. Calyx to leaf ratio is quite low. Node spacing is average.

    These are pre release. Keepers selected from a 4 pack seed run and repopulated. Felt this is something needed doing with the current focus on Skunk1 genetics, but also the Fact of the originator of these seeds is ripping folks off, and not keeping his word to many members in our community, for no reason whatsoever, especially when his genetic selection is solid.

    He is Master Thai Organic Seed garden, and our open pollination recreation was never to harm, but rather to preserve the experience for everyone. This is his uncles line, preserved via seed stock and kept mother for us to enjoy and thats what i intend for all, not to rip anyone off like where these originate. Like i always say, we let the genetic speak.

    So there is a few underlying circumstances that have lead me to give you the same shot that I have for Magic. The Main thing is because it is what the genetics, and the plant deserves, and so do you.

    So Please, ENJOY!

    The Nature Farmer

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