What is your favorite strain?

Discussion in 'General Marijuana Growing' started by The_Dude, Sep 26, 2017.

    Budley Doright

    Budley Doright Well-Known Member

    I have two WW growing outside, not sure which is which though, girlfriend threw away the name tags transplanting them into solo cups :(.

    sharptater Well-Known Member

    I'll have to put them on my seed list.
    Seen a few people recommend the ecsd from dr.greenthumb In other threads.
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    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    They do have other great strains but this can be enough to use another bank in your case, i cant stop liking the original strains (which is a total bummer about norther lights) so love these older banks for their genetics

    Norther lights is one of a kind, where is the next best strain from then if sensi is not good for them? :-)
    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    cookie master

    cookie master Well-Known Member

    I havent had real c99 in forever but had a ton of good crosses from dman and fet aka- spice bros. Fet grew his c99 like 20 feet tall in AUS but it was still great in a tiny cabinet. My mint cookies are great, and mr nice ssh is the shit. Oh yeah. i dunno what was up but the supposed short flowering mikado was a 80 day haze and I think it was nl5/haze dom- the shit, it was like oil.

    CriticalCheeze Well-Known Member

    Panama Red or the real deal Skunk, which i have not seen for years.
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    CriticalCheeze Well-Known Member

    Yeah i have. It's pretty good. Not a very high yielder but potent and tasteful.
    Got a little tall, 5-6 feet indoors, didn't have that typical indica 'bushiness'
    Bud structure was good top colas but minor dinking, more sativa like structure of baseball to golfball sized nugs, dense though.
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    Lucky Luke

    Lucky Luke Well-Known Member

    interesting I have 3 down and ones very Indica and bushy and the other two less so. Buds are stacking nicely atm esp on the more indica one. Thanks for the reply.

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    British Columbia Seeds

    This is The Same NL5 Bodhi used, and Bodhi uses only great genes. This IS the Real NL5. You can get them at Attitude, Midweek Song.

    British Columbia Seeds Northern Lights #5

    Introducing Northern Lights #5 from BCSC Seed Bank. She is the result of 25 years of selective breeding of cannabis seeds. BCSC has bred for vigorous growth and outstanding high. These marijuana seeds produce short, bushy plants and extremely frosted buds. Potential for high yields with lots of resin.
    The odor is very low, but the buds are fruity and full flavored.

    Flowering Time: Indoors - 55-60 days Outdoors - Oct. 10
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    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    P Red! I'm with you there!

    What choice of the zillion skunk pheno's? I liked Dog Shit.... A certain breeder of good things, just spent over 10 years trying to find the real deal RoadKill pheno. He did it a year or 2 ago. Along the way he rediscovered the Skunkspray pheno..
    I like the Exodus cheese - just another pheno of skunk.

    The original Shorts Blue Berry - the real potent pheno. That's a keeper. I got it still, and I know of it in several other places around me. 31 years old and still knocking socks off....

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    The 1976 Highland Blue Thai that Clackamas Coot used to make the Blue Orca/The ONE.... has the Original Highland Blue that DJ Short used to make the Original Juicy Fruit, and Blueberry, Flo.

    DJs extensive research led him to the discovery of two very special sativas. According to the master breeder himself, the first plant was a highly potent all-around champion, “Juicy Fruit” Highland Thai female. It packed a very sweet tropical punch and an intense high that lasted for many hours. The second plant was a Purple Thai out of Oregon, Ohio. This plant was a cross between an outstanding Highland Oaxaca Gold and a very freaky Chocolate Thai. The hybrid was very dark colored and would express a deep royal purple color at the slightest exposure to cold. The finished product was equally tasty and strong as the Juicy Fruit female. Although both plants were equally matched when it came to potency, the Purple Thai became DJ Short’s personal favorite. It was emotionally kinder than the Juicy Fruit Thai, which was so strong that it could in large doses evoke terror in the smoker. These two old school “Thai Stick” sativas make up the female pedigree of all the DJ Short strains.

    These Thai Sticks were supplied from BOEL members, of which Swami, and Coot have the Original genetics


    The male that DJ Short used was an Afghani indica that was brought to his attention in 1979 ( BOEL Pre Soviet 1971 Kandahar ) by some growers from California. Although the indica plant was something of a novelty at that time when sativas ruled the grow rooms, it soon became apparent that the plant was here to stay. Growers could grow more herb that finished faster than before by combining the indica genes with old school sativas. In a way this also meant the end of the sativa dominant era that eventually lead to the disappearance of many pure sativa lines that either became hybridized or lost all together.
    The indica plants were very uniform, short and symmetrical, with thick hairy stems and wide leaf. They were dark green in color with tight, compact nodes and very dense floral clusters that packed an earthy and skunky aroma. The novelty soon wore off as the indica by itself was powerful but lacked the sophistication and complexity of the pure sativas. The indica plant did however contribute to the genetic diversity of modern cannabis plants, which allowed growers more control

    Kingrow1 Well-Known Member

    Dont i know but that just leads me back to the first originals,
    Thanks dude, nice to know where the genetics for northern lights are at, i will look to run this plant soon.
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    Daveindiego Well-Known Member

    Pre-91 Chemdawg.

    Puff_Dragon Well-Known Member

    So many strains i have yet to grow :) I'd do like older strains though (like Skunk number one).
    One would be growing (was easy) and smoking Sensi seeds early skunk (got some nice phenos out of that strain). It's advertised as outdoor but it works fine in an indoor grow.

    Also, Big Buddha super sativa (SAS) was a loverly old school tasting sativa and easy to grow (auto) as well. Would love to see this in standard (or standard feminized - for cloning) seed form.
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    Fan O'Rosin

    Fan O'Rosin New Member

    Will ask my Hood River Clan on ye behalf Dr. Who!

    CanadianDank Well-Known Member

    Super Lemon Haze
    Potent as fuck with flavor to match.

    MNS SSH is next on my buy list.
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    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    If you want the Real Road Kill Skunk, if youre in USA Swami Organic Seeds with have the IBL in the Spring.

    This is from 1985 Clone Only RKS that's been Hybridized/Stabilized in Guadalajara for over 30 years. This is pure RKS. No Sweet in these.

    If you want a Cross, its available at Swami in the form of Blue Orca x RKS Guadalajara. These should also reek, amd have a high percentage of RKS phenos.

    I'm getting to start around 50 of them in about a week.

    Blue Orca is a cross of 1971 Pre Soviet Kandahar x 1976 Thai, and along with her sister.. The ONE, are the oldest known clones. Been around since 1984.

    Chef420 Well-Known Member

    @CriticalCheeze I have you in week 6 of flower at the moment. You’re a hot mess!
    Are you a fan of the strain?

    jimihendrix1 Well-Known Member

    I haven't tried that particular strain. I know Clone Only UK Cheese is a particularly good pheno of Old School SK#1.

    Is it, Real Deal UK Cheese Clone Only x Mr Nice Critical Mass ?????? If it is I don't see how it could be bad.

    I would expect it to be a good producing, pretty potent strain.

    Mr Nice CM is Mr Nice Shit.... Which IS SK#1, x Afghani, so they Shit/Cheese are related. I would also expect the plants to be very uniform, and consistent.
    Dr. Who

    Dr. Who Well-Known Member

    Oh please do! I want that sooo bad!
    Thank you sir!
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