What is the most delicious dish you've ever eaten?

Discussion in 'Roll It Up Cafe' started by Padawanbater2, Dec 31, 2014.


    Ceepea Well-Known Member

    Foie gras torchon.

    Nothing better than meat butter!

    mouse1818 Well-Known Member

    For me nothing beats a thanksgiving feast. Golden fried turkey cooked to perfection slathered with gravy, mashed sweet potatoes covered with a blanket of melted marshmallow on top, fresh out of the oven garlic bread and of course you cant forget the Hawaiian sweet rolls with cranberry jam and stuffing and apple cider to wash it all down. My family always cooks and over abundance of food so we can make turkey sandwiches from the leftovers for the whole next week. I could eat a turkey sandwich every damn day and never get tired of it.

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