What is TGA Up Too?

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    subcool Well-Known Member

    Hey Guys
    Big Things Cooking I figured I start posting here.

    So We have re-released Scarlet Queen ( Killer Queen X Space Queen) after like a 6 year break.
    Also Lemon Silton a Cheese Hybrid infused with JTR Lemon

    In Testing currently we have Queen Anne's Revenge ( Bloodwreck X Space Queen)
    Black Dahlia a Black Cherry Soda X Querkle Hybrid,
    AK_47 X LOcomotion By Galactic Gardens
    Black Lime Reserve X Locomotion
    Island Sweet Skunk X Vortex m1000

    Mendo Dope
    Itsmendo Dope
    Locomotion X Querkle

    Heroes of the Farm
    Neal Cassidy ( Hippy Crippler X Space Queen)
    The Heat ( Dog Walker X Space Dude) Pat Says Dog Walker is the Best Cutting he has ever grown and he runs 8000 plants.
    Time Traveler( Mystery Machine #47 X Space Queen)
    Head Space ( Head Dog X Space Queen)
    Orange Cookies X Space Dude

    Jazz Queen ( I have given out 10000 testers so far [​IMG]


    Weed Nerd

    dandyrandy Well-Known Member

    Funny I have a Bit of Sonic Screwdriver now. Thank you.
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    Buyfrommycity Well-Known Member

    Wanna make that 10001? Then you can tell people you've given out over 10k testers ;)
    Love Tga! Keep up the good work.:clap:
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    ThcGuy Well-Known Member

    Hey Subcool,

    What would you say has the best terpene profile from your current seed line up?

    I want to hopefully find something with a stand out taste and smell. Thc is still important but it doesn't have to be a big yielder I just want it to taste amazing.

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    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    9# Hammer, JillyBean and JTR. Winners........
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I got some 6 yo JTR beans I haven't cracked yet. I'm out of time on this PC almost so can't go hunting for info.

    What's the buzz, tell me what's happening . . . (Jesus Christ Super Star) :) Bit of a story about that. ;)

    Tyleb173rd Well-Known Member

    The current JTR I'm running is an incredible pheno I found in a 10 pack. The flavor and scent remind me of the instant lemonade my mother made in the summer. It's a strong, energetic high. My pheno has little very little stretch, maybe 30%.
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    I'll probably be popping mine in the not so distant future. Hoping to pick up at least a couple new strains while in Kelowna but might be tight for cash. Would like something to kick stoner ass and a good CBD strain to go with the ones I have.

    BrewerT Well-Known Member

    imo all the strains that i have grown of tga have been flavor forward or flavor bombs. I will be honest, prior to getting into The Weed Nerd, Ive never had anything with the level of flavor that TGA offers. It turned me into a weed nerd. I wanted more and I am still in the rabbit hole.

    I have no clue how tga goes about deciding what it wants to breed or what traits they consider first. But if I was to guess, I would say flavor profile first and foremost...which I love :)

    I wish I could say I had a favorite but I have found gems in all the packs I have purchased. My first tga strain was Querkle....That lead to both Qrazy Train and Cheese Quake.....That lead to Jillybean and Vortex.

    I currently have 5 moms. My crazy purple urkle pheno of Querkle. A even keel'd Qrazy Train, A Black Cheeeerrry as fuck pheno, A gooberry dom Jesus OG, and my pollen chucking creation....Space Queen Dom Male X BOG's Sour Grapes female that taste similar to querkle grape musk with Jesus OG like potency. .

    Long Live TGA! :)
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    OldMedUser Well-Known Member

    In my case I care very little for taste or other cosmetic attributes. It's all about the medicinal effect that concerns me. I've wasted so much time growing out strains that leave me cold but my stoner friends cry for more.

    I did pick up a few strains in BC. Old standards that I will cross with my almost all CBD girl. She's an Otto#1 that is supposed to be <1% THC and up to 27% CBD. Blueberry x Otto = Blotto. :D Also got Original Skunk and land race Afghani and another strain called Green Spirit that supposed to be really high THC to make my stoner buddies happy. Their donations help pay my ridiculous electrical costs so I can explore more strains to benefit my medpot friends that really appreciate the care I put into growing plants totally free of any nasty pesticides etc.

    To each their own tho. Nothing wrong with that. pass.gif
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    Cheesy Bo' Greesy

    Cheesy Bo' Greesy Well-Known Member

    Sub big fan and advocate of your strains here. Used to frequent Maggies Farm in Colorado Springs. Have also grown many of your strains at home.

    Couple questions ...

    1. Do you plan on selling your strains to those outside of the dispensary business again?

    2. When can we expect this?

    Honestly Sub please consider selling to the masses. We have been without TGA strains for nearly 3 years now simply because no dispensary in our area has them.

    Thank you,
    Canadain Closet Gardener

    Canadain Closet Gardener Well-Known Member

    FYI Subcools house burned to the ground in the wild fires in California. It's really quite sad.
    If you check out his Instagram you can see the devastation.
    You can see what a 15lb plant looks like after a fire hits it.

    I popped some Jack Cleaner 2 beans recently excited to try it.
    Cheesy Bo' Greesy

    Cheesy Bo' Greesy Well-Known Member

    Im sorry to hear this. I have a loved one whose house burned with all the pets inside. All the personal belongings gone, the animals everything gone. She is still traumatized by it to this day and its been nearly 10 years. Its a very sad, life altering experience that I wish upon no one.

    Hang in there Sub. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family.

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