What do you do when you have no more weed?

Discussion in 'What Are You Smoking?' started by learning05, May 19, 2013.

    Showme stoner

    Showme stoner Member

    I hear ya bro. 20 yrs of lifting weights/boxing/mma, and 8 1/2 yrs in a box, I'm a little dif. W/o my sweet Mary Jane I completely flip out and lose it over the dumbest sh#!. Don't let me stub a toe or something after 2-3 days no smokie...
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    moving_shadow Active Member

    I haven't smoked for 4 weeks now, since I started my grow, I plan on smoking again on my first successful harvest.

    In the meantime I've kept busy
    * playing chess, my rating has improved significantly from around 1900 to 2000
    * playing Quakelive, my rating has improved from 1300 to 1600
    * revising my high school maths with intention of doing online university mathematics and mathematical stats courses
    * practising my turntablism stuff, learnt a few new scratches
    * did quite a bit as a trustee of the building I live in

    Overall I've been quite productive, I expect to only smoke again in 3-4 months but then my system will be nice and clean and the first hit will certainly be worth the wait.
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    Mr. Bongwater

    Mr. Bongwater Well-Known Member

    become an alcoholic
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    Smokebomb420 Well-Known Member

    Smoke Resin, srape resin, look through old weed jars, look for the burnt weed I ashed early hoping the wind didn't blow it away... Think about buying a pipe with no design flaws for easy resin access. And count hours before my next paycheck...
    Regret buying 20$ in tacos that day I had weed.

    Man... I wish Taco Bell had a taco Tuesday but instead they came out with a retarded waffle taco.

    You know what's worse then running out of weed? Getting regs... Man I hate regs...
    Douchebag clinics that sell weed don't always have high grade... Sometimes that shit is regs at best...

    It always bursts my bubble when my homie sells me better weed then i got from my last med run.
    And fuck the police, they are arresting and raiding all the medical marijuana patients growers bartenders that actually give a fuck about our conditions and grow some medical grade medicine. I don't wanna get all political and shit but fuck you and fuck your life.

    Which reminds me... God damn all the despensarys in la county suburbs are closing down... Those fuckers should not have jobs... Getting paid 50 bucks an hour to steal medicine... Bust drug dealers you pussies! Bunch of fags!
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    smokadapotta Well-Known Member

    Ill clean out my ashtrays and start scraping my car rug, don't judge me.

    malicifice Well-Known Member

    What the fuck kind of wedding needs security?
  7. i work in cali for the county of riverside so court house weddings do haha!, trust me man yesterday i had to deal with a tweaker and her man she was so out of it she wouldn't stop crying / running around for no apparent reason! spamming to her man BEAT HIS ASS JESSI im not lying balling her eyes out!

    and trust me it was not because that bitch was getting married!
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    malicifice Well-Known Member

    Lol, nuff said. Im in San Bern area. Damn there are a lot of us in this area.

    meroe Member

    try smoking resin, its chatty as fuck but it'll get u baked

    GroErr Well-Known Member

    Terrible dilema, never had to deal with it myself but I go off it from time to time to maintain my tolerance levels and make sure I'm not depending on it. If I have trouble sleeping and don't want to vape, a strong camomile tea does it for me, better than anything for sleeping, other than camomile tea with a bud in it ;)

    IndicaAngel Well-Known Member

    just ran across this thread, I haven't ran out since I got my mmj cert and started growing my own over 5 yrs ago. UNTIL now, I had to stop growing awhile, I actually just bought
    my first meds in ages from a local dispensary. stinky alien strawberry and some grape ape for sleep.
    I'm not a big scraper, or roach keeper. I had butter so I made cookies. but I just like smoking it.

    grEEn.Butter New Member

    I can help u...

    bullwinkle60 Well-Known Member

    Simple I don't let that happen.
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    Happygirl Well-Known Member

    One hitters I am a newb but that's what I will do.

    Matterdd Member

    either buy more weed or smoke some crack although I would prefer to not mess up my coke.

    jerryvedder New Member

    I haven't run out in years. I grow/collect bud like people that are collectors of fine wine. I've been toking for 38 years...it is not about the quantity I smoke...it's the quality. I wasted a lot of bud in the 1st 20 years...smoking all day everyday.
    mike lanza

    mike lanza Active Member

    yea keep meeting new people every day it seems like, i have a least 4 connects but sometime all them could be out sometime..hasnt happened yet hopefully it wont...lol
    mike lanza

    mike lanza Active Member

    u know what i dont like waiting on a good strain to smoke but gotta wait 2 days to get it suck but tomro fri is the day cant wait till after work so i can blaze on some blue dream n a oz. of master kush maybe some fruity pebbles myt boy just got..lol

    Dexster Active Member

    I go onto a website and place a order for more weed
    mike lanza

    mike lanza Active Member

    yea it would be nice if we pennsylvanians can do that but its still illegal here lol

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