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    Sorry bro,

    Maybe she could benefit from the medicinal effects of marihuana.
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    Ohhhhhh ohhhhhh! I got it! Give @mr sunshine your mom's email and he can woo her to fall in love with him and she can send him all her savings and he can start a savings account for you! Goddamn that's a good plan. Mr Sunshine brush up on your Nigerian. Maybe watch The Gods Must Be Crazy for research.

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    Spark plugs just came in. Ordered from RockAuto.com . Only set me back $74. which is still $38 cheaper than if i had bought them at AutoZone.

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    Jesus thats not going to help you with Nigerians.

    Rustenburg on lockdown as protesters demand Nigerians to leave

    Rustenburg - Rustenburg was on a knife edge on Friday when protesters shut down Rustenburg, demanding that Nigerian nationals should leave.

    The police used rubber bullets and smoke grenades to disperse a crowd chanting outside the magistrate's court, this was after they threatened to burn down the court building.

    The court was hearing the bail application of 14 Nigerian men accused of public violence, when the threats to torch the court was made. The crowd wanted the court not to grant the men bail but to send them back to Nigeria.

    Chief magistrate Ronnie Rampe walked into the courtroom, scribbled a message on a piece of paper and handed it over to magistrate Ziphora Phage, who is presiding over the matter. Phage briefly adjourned the proceedings, and when she returned, announced that the hearing would be adjourned as there was a threat to burnt down the court building.

    The case was postponed to February 13.

    Meanwhile, a bottle store was looted and roads were blocked with burning tyres.

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    This time they are from Guiana, Nigerians get a pass.

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    You might be on to something. ...

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    Just made a porchetta sandwich, left over roasted potatoes, cornbread and a picked egg. Once I'm done I'm gonna roll a fatty of Durban Poison, crank up some Run the Jewels and clean this shit hole.

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    Damn. Sorry to hear that. Call the fbi.

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    I rum ngk lifetime plugs in my Mazda. 20 bucks a pop. Won't run on the cheap ones.
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    Really sounds like your mom would benefit from a guardianship or conservatorship. If you have all this documented, you might seek out an Elder Law attorney and buy an hour of his time and explain what's going on. He can advise you how easy/difficult it would be to help your Mom. It's a tough situation. Good Luck

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    End result will be the same, she needs to be shocked out of this or she'll never change. He goes down the conservator route, the relationship is over. Does nothing, everything collapses around him.

    Best is to say "enough" and tell her he's not bailing her out any more and walk away. The hardest thing to do, but it's a choice between things getting worse and his life being destroyed by mum's actions or trying to salvage what he has left.

    Its a situation none of us would want to be in, the hardest choice to make, but if not then I can't see anything improving. You have to look after number 1, ultimately, and sometimes that means some very hard choices have to be made
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    I've already talked to one. Not much I can do, she's not out of touch with reality enough to be deemed mentally incompetent. It's completely legal to make stupid financial decisions. That's why I had to get social services involved when she wouldn't voluntarily get help. She's broke and getting kicked out of where she lives. She told the social worker she's going to California, where this guy supposedly lives. They think I can get the guardian/ conservatorship, they just need to build the case. I don't really want it, as horrible as it sounds, at this point I don't want to have to take care of her any more. I have Crohns and the constant stress worrying about her is literally killing me. I didn't eat for 3 days after finding all this shit out, I just can't take it any more. I want the family property to be put into a trust, managed by a 3rd party so theres no conflict of interest and I want her to get counseling. After that, I don't really care what she does with her money. If she want to start being honest with me and stop stabbing me in the back, then we can work on having a relationship again.

    Edit: I hope she doesn't move to Cali. That's at the top of my list of places to bounce to.

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    There's enough there if you get a good attorney.
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    Stop paying for the fucking Internet....pay the bills yourself, Don't hand anything but pocket change to her. Oh yes, FUCK THAT..seriously, take the Internet away from her gullible ass.
    mr sunshine

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    He is, have you ever seen me work my magic?

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    I have no control over her getting internet. I tried locking her out of intentional calls/ text on the family cell phone plan we shared, but because it's in her name I couldn't do shit, I even informed our cell carrier that they were possibly facilitating international money laundering, they didn't care, so I split off and got my own plan. I'd gladly pay all the bills if I knew I was going to get something out of it. I've offered everything from taking over all the house related financials to buying the house outright at market value. At this point I'm just considering the house a loss and trying to plan around that. If I manage to save it, all the better.
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    That sucks bro, I'd move out.
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