What are you favorite strains?

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    1kemosabe Well-Known Member

    Livers/Blues. Old school skunks, some hazes and always some NL..

    ismann Well-Known Member

    No particular order: Zombie Kush, OG Kush, Jack Herer, White Widow, Northern Lights, Sour Diesel.

    danbridge Well-Known Member

    Gorrilla glue #4 and GSC
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    TokerJayG Member

    I feel you all the way. When I first started getting from my guy he also never knew the strain, but would always say it smells dank. So If it smells dank I take it, it smells fruity I take it, if it smells like grass or hay or I open it up and then smell before taking it. Guess what I'm saying is smell is a deciding factor for me than always knowing the gentics. Speaking of which I recently scored some White Lavender and that stuff had a stench that made me sneeze! For real! Skunky, musky, herbal with that lavender tickle and a dash of peppery spicyness. Smoke on!
    Giddy up

    Giddy up Well-Known Member

    Love the Goat! My favorite indeed.
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    jane621 Member


    Bombattak Member

    Lemon skunk, low producer but dayummmmm hit like an hammer. More high than couch lock

    MrTHCCBD Member

    Tangerine Dream

    I’ve been waiting impatiently for this strain to arrive. It has earned a loyal following on both sides of the Atlantic and has decimated competition at Cannabis Cups in both Michigan and Los Angeles and also won the Jamaican World Cup.

    Gorrilla glue is the proud product of Colorado based GG Strains and owes its impressive genes to Chocolate Diesal and Sour Diels. It is a nicely balanced hybrid that has some of the highest TCH of any strain; reportedly up to 28% *OMG*.

    Gorrilla Glue has one of the strongest smells of any strain I have handled. It holds a strong, pungent diesel smell that will overwhelm any competing fragrance and take over any medium sized room.

    You will definitely need a grinder as the yellow-green bud is as sticky as its namesake and is almost more trichome than plant matter - YUM!

    Uncle Dank
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    tstick Well-Known Member

    gorilla glue #4
    Cheesy Bo' Greesy

    Cheesy Bo' Greesy Well-Known Member

    Im a big fan of the sub cool TGA genetics. When grown properly the flavors and highs are just amazing!

    Believe it or not a few Nirvana strains were also very good over the years. Ive heard the quality has changed a bit though.

    On a side note had some god awful luck with greenhouse feminized a few years ago. Yikes!

    Have really enjoyed some brothers grimm over the years as well. Wish I could remember the names of all the strains but do not.

    Currently growing some local seed stock that aint so bad at all. Tahoe OG and Rose Kush crosses. Thumbs up. Some of the other favorites were from companies that dont even exist anymore.

    Will always be a fan of some good Durban Poison. Call me old school but thats one strain I will always love when grown and cured properly.


    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    I had some Golden Goat (my avatar)that was right up there with some of the best I have ever had. I am growing out some new strains that should enter my top five. Very much looking forward to Second Generations Short Bread (east coast sour lambsbread x f4 Blueberry)and Clown Royal (GG#4 x f4BB) and In House Genetics Silky Johnson,Tahoe Sap,MOAC, Black Cherry Pie. I am going to cross a Second generation Blueland (candyland x f4 blueberry) to a DVG Foulmouth to run outdoor next year too. Love my meds.
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    cannetix Inc

    cannetix Inc Well-Known Member

    Texada Timewarp (BC Bud Depot) (Image attached) is my #1 Strain, effect wise
    Erdpurt by Ace Genetics is one of the most beautiful plants I've ever grown (No Pics atm but I am planning another Erdpurt grow sometime in the near future)

    Chocolate Thai is a close runner up but I've only ever grown it once - which is also the only time I've ever smoked it.

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    SdMEDgrower Active Member

    Forbidden fruit
    Obama og

    bro54209 Active Member

    Captain crunch had my eyes beaming light, Green crack, purple haze, gsc, ogk, lsd

    Guacamoeely New Member

    Sativas (Sativa-Dominant Hybrids) are my favorite, hence the profile picture, so Trainwreck, Sour Diesel and Blue Dream are my favorites.
    One of my Indica favorites is Primus.

    free420info Member

    in no particular order

    Freisland (m33)
    Island Sweet Skunk
    Barb Tangie
    Barbara Bud
    Anything with a strong God Bud Pheno.
    Sanitas Vibrationum

    Sanitas Vibrationum Active Member

    GG4, Strawberry Banana by Dark Heart and Tahoe Platinum OG from Santa Cruz breeder.

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