What are you favorite strains?

Discussion in 'What Are You Smoking?' started by JuicyyFruit, Jul 20, 2015.


    MouseE Well-Known Member

    Sour D
    Gorilla glue #4
    Ghost train haze
    Super lemon haze
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    GreenStick85 Well-Known Member

    I have grabbed a bunch of these new strains and haven't smoked them yet. They smell unreal. Every time I open up the jar it fills up my shop space in the garage. Probably bought about 12 different strains in the last month and some are from recreational stores here in WA. I'm not even counting the delicious shatters and oils I've been purchasing as well. Now I've had some favorites in the last few years : blue dream, purple kush and marionberry. It's kinda outrageous when I think about it but I used to be like buy one strain and smoke it now it's multiple strains that I'm looking forward to tasting soon. Back in college I remember two strains: blueberry and purple kush. Blueberry was one that stuck out because of its buds and color, they were gold with blue tinge on the buds. You could have put buds on a thin gold stick and it looked like a jewel.
    Purple kush was this dark dark and DENSE nug group. Great smoke, would cherry for a long time in a bong getting at least two go arounds

    TokerJayG Member

    I've had em all and they were all good!!! Are you from Colorado pork belly? I really dig on feh alpha blue.

    But right now I smoking
    Bruce Banner, Mob Boss, Durban Poison, Headband, Grape Ape, Pineapple Express, Mammoth, Flo n lastly some Moonshine Haze.
    So far I'm liking the moonshine, poison n flo. Found three seeds in my banner buds. See how they grow next year outdoors. It'll be my first grow ever. Happy smoking everyone!
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    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    DJS Blueberry,SLH, Lambsbread, Mango Haze, Raspberry Kush,Cinnex,Gorilla Glue and G6 Jet fuel. Growing out some Tangie and also looking fwd to try Moonshine Ghost Train.
    Ordering some DJS Shortbread and a few Bohdi crosses, so am sure there will be some flavour-bombs in there
    Collect THC

    Collect THC Member

    I love Super Lemon Haze, Grape OG, Kannabia Citrus, and the Birmingham favourite Big Buddah Cheese...
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    Giggsy70 Well-Known Member

    True that

    OnezDreadz Member

    Haze, Diesel, White Widowl & Soma ... but there are a lot of strains out there ... Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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    TokerJayG Member

    Gosh just gotta post again, almost a year later too! My favorites sure did change now! Lately I'm taking a liking to Platinum Delights, SinMint Cookies, Sour Kosher, Cupcake, !!!Lucky Charms!!!!, BTOG, HGK, Grand OG and Raspberry Diesel(DnA Genetics). So many more like everyone says....
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    PCXV Well-Known Member

    Think I just posted these in another thread but around OR a few fire strains:

    Cobra Kai
    Obama Kush
    Sunset sherbert
    Gummy bears
    Blue magoo

    My dad and i are growing a handful of strains ive never smoker before, hopefully some will make it to my favs.
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    Dr Gonzz

    Dr Gonzz Member

    ALL OF EM bongsmilie
    Dr Gonzz

    Dr Gonzz Member


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    thenotsoesoteric Well-Known Member

    How did that sour kosher do? Smell taste yield? I got that and a 5th element I just started so curious to know what's good.

    TokerJayG Member

    Sorry thenotsoesoteric, I am not a grower just yet, living situation limits my ability to do exactly that! But I can tell you that the taste is definitely worth the yield(hi or lo). The medicating effect is always up to the job n never fails. The meds I had tested out at 23% and I honestly think you couldn't go wrong with this strain. It has the taste, smell and high, and hopefully what your looking for! Hope it turns out great for YOU!! Keep the peace and spread smoke!

    farmerfischer Well-Known Member

    Sounds good

    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    Michigan here it's good

    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    Alaskan thunder fuck strong ass strain but made me paranoid I'm an indica guy. Nine pound hammer here is my favorite golden goat if it's sativa
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    Dr Gonzz

    Dr Gonzz Member

    an ounce I picked up. Amazing weed.

    totinospizzarolls Member

    Dang, I wish I had access to as many good strains as you guys do!! Whenever I ask dealers what strain it is, they just kinda look at me with a confused look before admitting that they're actually not sure. However, I have tried and loved Silver Haze. I also really liked this one purp I had... it was super citrus-y smelling and had such a smooth taste

    TokerJayG Member

    Sorry everyone, the raspberry diesel is a strain created by Humboldt Seed Organisation, not DNA Genetics. I must advise all to try it at least once. The terps are nice indeed! A surely odd but welcomed scent and superb taste. Uplifting but calming, yet functional.
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    Tkm953 Well-Known Member

    Anything that starts with C and ends in S

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