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    I will be posting this in a few states med section so if you happen to see it more then once the reason is I am looking to move and looking for info.

    Within the next 12-18months I will be moving myself and my family to a MMJ friendly state. I currently live in N.Y. and with the new election of Gov. this past Nov the state will be screwed out of any MMJ till he is gone.

    I am currently in a pain management program and have all teh medical doc to back up my issues. I am not just some pot head looking to get high. I am currently on handfull of meds ranging from Opana and Daludid Skelaxin and Zipsor as well as celabrex for a short time. I have been in PM now for a year and am rly getting worried about these druggs as I have already had to up the amount and now the dose to stay pain free. I know MMJ works for me as I have tried it.

    That being said what can I expect if I move to this state and look for a Dr. to get myself a card. In all states I am posting this in I have checked the DoH reqs for the card and I meet them to my understanding.

    Any info from any sites or personal info would be awsome. I dont need names or stuff liek that other then truested Dr. to see for getting a card. I would also like any info on MMj friendly areas in the state I am low key and wana stay that way but I also dont wana move to an area were I wont be welcome.

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    I'd imagine as long as you lived in that state long enough to become a citizen, there wouldn't be any problems.
    But maybe if you have a doctors recommendation and a legitimate reason to get meds you might be able to get it right away.
    I live in Nevada (an I know they do it in Cali too) and some of the dispensaries here take the doctors rec. alone.
    You don't have to pay the extra cost ($500 in Vegas) or go through the whole state issued id process, but you'll want to do it
    anyways if you wanna grow legally. Hope this helps some.
    Good luck.

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    I'm a Vt resident and am involved in the mmj movement. Not a patient but an informed adviser lending my assistance to new patients and caregivers. Vt is one of the more difficult states to acquire a mmj card in, as the list of applicable ailments is short at best. It would be difficult for a pain management patient to get accepted and given a license, though Vt does recognize out of state Drs prescriptions, it may not be as difficult as i would think. If you moved to Vt without a Dr recommendation it could be more difficult. I would suggest states like CO and CA as they're accepted ailments list is considerably longer, Vt is still implementing dispensaries so even a patient that moved here and was able to get residency quickly, they would still need to wait another 3+ months to get a plant to maturity and harvest. For a complete list of state laws and requirements visit http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=4516 the NORML state directory has a lot of information, most of it current within a couple months of legislation. If you have any questions about growing msg me, 15 yrs experience and many built grow rooms under my belt. legal patient questions only pls.

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    hey profgrow....your up here too!! awesome!! good to see you here!...been sending people your way so hopefully you'll have a full site soon!! Good Morning everyone!!

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