Wet Trim, Dry Trim, When to Trim?

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    Personally I do both, trimming wet is a lot easier and makes your buds dry quicker. However, dry trimming makes your buds taste and smell better due to a longer drying time. I'm impatient so i'll wet trim some so I have something to smoke ASAP and i'll just dry trim the rest that i'm willing to hold off on smoking for a while for the perfect product

    Happygirl Well-Known Member

    I lean this way also.

    CriticalCheeze Well-Known Member

    Larf is wet. colas/tops are dry. I do however do like 25% wet trim on everything so it don't have ALL the leaf on it

    Trich_holmes Well-Known Member

    I wet trim, because I like to immediately freeze my trim for blasting. Dry trim looses a lot of those tasty terps that I enjoy in my oil. Also dry trim is a pain in the ass! Shit all stuck everywhere, no thanks. I agree with the chlorophyll comments with wet trimming but after a couple weeks cure, it goes away.
    Bud Farmer

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    I always cut my fan leaves away before I cutmy plant. Then I cut the plant, remove the branches from the trunk and trim anything that doesn't have trichs on it(smaller fan leaves). Hang it and trim the sugar leaves before I start my cure(dry trim)
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    Humanrob Well-Known Member

    Depends on a few things, like the time of year, and whether its an indoor or outdoor. My outdoor is really too big a crop for me to process alone, so I wet trim for the speed. The rest has to do with RH. If I have a decently dry space to dry in (indoors in the winter), I'll just cut the big fan leaves so that it dries a little more slowly and evenly.

    But for instance right now I'm drying my outdoor in a garage where I have a very limited ability to dehumidify, and the native RH is way wetter than I'd like, so I definitely wet trim to let the bud breath as much as possible. Not optimal, just my current reality.

    If someone is in the SW the best answer might be very different than if they are the NW. Different people have different amounts of control over their environments, and different native environments. I suppose that's mostly a note for newbies -- when you read advice its doesn't always come with the background of location and other factors that impact the results.
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    Happygirl Well-Known Member

    Has anyone ever put trim in jar and cured it. Just a thought why not ? :confused: meaning sugar leaves.

    Highpotummyes Member

    Im curing with my sugar leaves cuz itll slow the dry saving terps and cause i cant trim it all in 1 day but jarring after trimming doesnt make sense imo
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    legalcanada Well-Known Member

    i dont really think you can cure trim ... curing is slowly drawing the moisture out and trim dries out fully too fast

    i know people who cure buds with all their sugar leaf for protection then manicure it as they take it out to smoke it
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    GroErr Well-Known Member

    I do both depending on time but never manicure before drying because they typically dry too fast. If I trim it's a rough trim and removing all the fans. I don't think either way matters as much as trying to go at least 5-7 days and curing them while there's still some moisture in them. Too dry and I find I lose terps.

    charface Well-Known Member

    I hang, trim wet then do a touchup
    Prior to jarring.

    I like to trim wet because it's easier to get at the leaf stem. The leafs are protruding for easy access.

    I don't like handling dry bud for fear of
    Knocking off the trichs.

    But I also feels this comes down to a person's preference.

    I use the room to speed or slow drying
    And my weed tastes and smells fine
    So ime that is not an issue.

    I know people leave leaf to protect the buds. I don't like it. It looks lazy to me. Plus I make hash out of that shit.

    I also like trimming wet because I trim on my own. I only remove as much as I want to work with so I'm not staring at a huge pile that I must address RIGHT NOW. Meaning I don't butcher the whole plant I trim in levels.
    This also allows a few of the lower buds time to harden up.

    Again I do not think there is a right or
    Wrong. It has more to do with my personality, and schedule and what I like as a finished look.
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