Wet Trim, Dry Trim, When to Trim?

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    Thecouchlock Well-Known Member

    I have been thinking about this all day, as I may have actually swung a whole unit from my 4 300w advanced led lights. If I did indeed obtain enough weight to take it to the collective that is what I am required to do because I signed an agreement. :D it also helps foot the bill for everything.

    I know this has a lot of controversy surrounding it and that is why I am so troubled. I have been drying on racks because space has not allowed me to dry hanging up. I have been reading that leaving the sugar leaf on and not trimming at all will get you the best smell possible.

    But on the other hand dry trimming you damage the trichome heads and it may test at a lower thc... who knows.

    If you know please let me know.
    a mongo frog

    a mongo frog Well-Known Member

    im not sure how dry trimming damages anything, its definitely the best way to go. so is hang drying. screens or drying racks are for when u fuck up and snip a bud. these r just my opinionated facts.

    budfarmer420 Active Member

    Its all about personal preferance. 50% will say wet 50% will say dry. I perfer to trim wet. but it only takes me about 5 hours to do 2 large plants. If you have a much bigger harvest you dont have a choice, but to trim dry.
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    Thecouchlock Well-Known Member

    When the leaves around the buds are all dry and crispy it is easier to knock the heads off of them. I only realized this because the purchaser for our collective uses a digital microscope to zoom in and I took him a wet trim run and he was amazed at how all the heads were still on.

    ^--- the above is speculation, but he insists I have more heads on the wet trim. He also can't believe I grow with LEDS lol.

    RollaP Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to weigh in here. I work with the largest operations in the country, and hang drying after removing the fan leaves is the appropriate way to cure. When the plant is dry the crystals have hardened and flavor profiles are developed. If you have a large harvest check out this...

    I'm RollaP (Patrick) and a longtime member here at Rollitup.org. I've been blessed with a new career. I am now one of the GreenBroz, Inc Brothers. I wanted to introduce the worlds first bud groomer. The most delicate machine to ever trim bud. Our newest version has a UV germicidal lamp (making it compliant with the coming regulations in Colorado), it can hold over a pound and process 16 pounds a day (30 minutes a Pound). This machine only weighs 35lbs and only uses 25 watts. This machine is available to every state and comes in two models. The standard (minus UV lamp) and the medical (with UV Lamp). Visit our site http://www.greenbroz.com/ to see how this or our other products can help you meet your goals without damaging purity or potency.

    Thecouchlock Well-Known Member

    I appreciate your product, but I definitely don't have an operation to support such a machine. Nor could I afford it without my collective backing it.

    RollaP Well-Known Member

    Hit our website and give me a buzz or shoot me an email. We have lease/rental deals for smaller operations so they can escape the time and money spent on a trimming crew.
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    BDOGKush Well-Known Member

    Dry trim, remove fan leaves at harvest, hang to dry and manicure trim before going in jars to cure.

    Wet trim is just wrong but that is my "opinionated fact" lol

    Thecouchlock Well-Known Member

    now were talking! thank you

    ayr0n Well-Known Member

    Spam is kind of an acquired taste. At first it tastes like shit - later on it becomes humorous.

    Sounds like a great product - not sure you're supposed 2 be soliciting people here tho ;)

    whitey78 Well-Known Member

    Wet trim, hang dry preferably but sometimes I just can't so I use racks once in a while, hang dry is definitely better...

    I don't know if there is any actual proof that dry triming is a better method for any reason, but I refuse to do it ever again... It's much more labor intensive IMO... I got a bad back and can't get comfortable sitting or standing in any one position for more than 15-20 minutes, most times I trim standing up.. It's sad and painful but the reward part of all the hard work makes me push through it...

    I will mention that if you have the same problem; back/ posture probs... Camping chairs or the "zero gravity" /camping recliners basically are worth investing in... I out a tray across the handles, lay back and trim till my hands go numb, lol....

    A lot of this stuff is preference if you have a choice, I suggest trying some both ways and seeing what you think creates a better product as it's definitely a 50/50 issue...
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    Squidbilly Well-Known Member

    Wet trim- buds dry faster and IMO are way easier and less time consuming in the long run. Dry trim-buds takes longer to dry, are way harder to trim(especially after a hang dry when longer trim leaves are almost stuck to the buds-and sometimes everywhere depending on the strain) and more time consuming, but IMO tastes way way way better. A longer drying time is beneficial for taste and potency-IMO of course :)
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    Squidbilly Well-Known Member

    I hate triming wet- I feel like all that fresh chlyrophll produces a strong vegatative smell that hangs around during the dry and can sometimes linger around until the bud has started to cure. When I wet trim my buds go from smelling awesome to smellling like grass, I then have to wait a few days into drying to start really smelling the dankness again. Anyone else experience this?
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    ghb Well-Known Member

    trim wet
    hang on the stem in a dark dry room
    when stems can snap jar the bud.

    that is ideally how i like to do things, i recently hung two whole plants to dry without removing anything, i won't be doing it again unless i have no other choice. i think bud that has been trimmed wet is far superior to dry trimmed and it requires a lot less input overall.
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    tip top toker

    tip top toker Well-Known Member

    I've also founditalot harder to do as thouroug a trim job if trimmed when dry. Tends to be much harder to trim to the stem when dry, it has a tendency just to snap off.

    Its all personal preference. Try one way, use the same environmental conditions, then try another way. See what you prefer.
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    Candybeast Active Member

    I've experienced the chlorophyll like taste in wet trimmed buds too. I have had to resort to drying in my room due to a hostile roommate and in order in to keep it clean I rigged up a big card board box and hung strings linearly in it. Space in there dictates that I wet trim . I can fit up to 6 oz in there and I have two actually. But yeah the taste is a little grassy from the bleeding of chlorophyll out of the fresh cuts. But it goes away after a few days in the jar. The cardboard makes it dry a day or two quicker though. Not ideal but it works.
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    Roger A. Shrubber

    Roger A. Shrubber Well-Known Member

    i cut off all the fan leaves and do a rough trim of the sugar leaves wet, then i touch them up when i'm trimming off of the stems. i haven't really noticed a lot of difference in taste once things are dried and cured, its just a lot easier to do most of it when its standing up instead of wrapping around the buds and stems
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    Airwalker16 Well-Known Member

    I agree 100% with this. If you could see at a super slow frame rate and up close to your scissor blades, you'd see huge plumes of chlorophyll saturated mist spraying all over your buds when you cut those small packed full of water leaves off, and that's what makes it smell like shit. I dry trim no matter what now. Pull the big fans, use the scissors to chop any big fingers that are medium sized and half in the nug, then leave the little ones and the Half leaves to dry and curl up.
    Then after they dry, use really really pointy scissors to get underneath the curl of the leaf and snip. I honestly sometimes just wear gloves and peel them off with my fingers manually. Its almost like removing a piece of small egg shell off a ftreshly cracked hard boiled egg. They just crack off. Those leaves keep the buds safe while drying and the water has all left so now that you're finally removing them, that "mist" is no more.

    Dry trim for life.
    Worth the extra effort.
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    researching Well-Known Member

    We trim exactly the same. I used to trim wet. Now It's dry. I do a rough wet trim so that my final dry trim is all sugar. Flowers seem to have a better terp profile sooner. I do that exact thing by peeling. Almost makes it easier to trim in a way.
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    916Grower420 Member

    Wet trim is way easier plus more Trichomes stay on

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