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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Welcome along to my second grow diary here on Rollitup. and second run using Quantum Boards from HLG.

    Light provided by 2 x 250w Quantum kits, same as last run.

    Grow space is now smaller, and a first time attempt at a DIY Flower Cab.

    Internal cab size is 30 inches wide X 57.5 inches long x 71 inches high.

    All walls, floor, ceiling and doors are made from 18mm treated mdf inside and out, the cavity walls have a 2 inch cavity filled with expanding foam.

    Internal passive ducting channels in the cavities. sucks fresh air in from the roof and down the channels in the walls and out about 2ft from the floor and exits via the carbon filter and fan, ducting goes out of the ceiling and across the loft down into another room. All wood sealed with white mould resistant primer.

    Extraction also down graded from 8inch turbine and now using a 6inch Hyper Fan, just a mini turbine now lol.
    Temps during testing are 20c lights off and 26.5c lights on with fan running at 1/4 speed.

    System is silent when running at full belt with doors closed (just under 600watts at the wall) and totally light tight.
    This should provide me with a very efficient grow space for personal use for years to come.

    I'm starting off with 4 x Dinafem Og Kush Feminised clones and 7 x G13 Labs Blue Cindy Clones.

    The OG Kush will be topped once, I want to keep these compact and should be a quick finishing grow.

    The G13 Labs Blue Cindy are going to be run as a small sog with new clones added every few weeks and harvested as and when ready.

    Over time different strains will be added and if I stay to plans will be more sog plants. Failing that small scrogs.
    Rinse and Repeat. So a perpetual grow of sorts, short of fuck ups by me.

    The plan is to run at 400 watts max in flower.
    Clones and vegging plants in diy veg cab.

    Pictures, Medium, Nutrients, Ph and EC and all that will be uploaded in the next 2 days.

    Feel free to take a seat and hopefully a trouble free grow.

    ThatSpudGuy Well-Known Member

    Im subbed :)
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    key4 Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a tidy space you've built .been looking forward to another round.

    All the best with the grow I'm sure it will go smoothly :)

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @key4, @ThatSpudGuy , welcome aboard, key4 the build has wife approval, nice to have a silent nights sleep now and some free floor space in the bedroom.
    Will keep this diary as the last, with honest info and jar dry proper manicured bud weights only. No hype no shit.

    coreywebster Well-Known Member

    Looking forward to the journey man. I grew that OG kush for at least 2 years perpetual so be good to see how it comes on under your professional guidance and using the QBs..

    As they say, Pulling up a chair.

    medicman69 Well-Known Member

    Subbed in.
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    JDMase Well-Known Member

    Im subbed too, loved the last grow. Lookin forward to this!
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    zep_lover Well-Known Member

    grabbed a seat!
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Welcome folks to my next diary in the new diy flower cabinet.

    All plants are clones taken from my Dinafem Og Mum and G13 Labs - Blue Cindy Mum.
    The clones where rooted in my diy bubble bucket cloner. I run it at Ph5.5 and straight tap water, water temps sit at 24c. Once they have good healthy root system I then transfer them to 1 Litre square pots.
    I'm using Canna Pro Coco with some perlite mixed in, on pot up I give the roots a good coating of rooting powder (pound shop), seems to give me quicker results than using expensive root tonics, so the Rhizotonic is no longer in my collection.

    No idea how old the clones are atm as they where just being neglected for a few weeks while building new cab and now starting to get them back to health.

    At present all clones are in 1 Litre Pots of Coco/Perlite and being fed Ionic Coco Grow, Cal-Mag.

    Lights are running at 200 watts for now.

    Lets on temps are steady at 26.5c and lights off 20-21c

    I set the Ph @ 5.8 and EC 1.3 (background ec is 0.2)

    The plants need potted up but waiting on new pots to turn up.
    The Dinafem OG will go into final 5 Litre Pots and the G13 Labs - Blue Cindy will be going into 2 Litre pots till harvest.
    The Blue Cindys will be kept small for a little sog grow and will have additional clones added every 3 weeks until cab is full or I bottle out or a mod slaps a plant count on me, (personal grow and small cab).
    The Dinafem OG's are going to be kept as compact as possible with multiple tops and some supercropping etc.

    Once potted up they will get a few days to get going and then switching to 12/12.
    Will leave it at that till the pots arrive.


    Little shot of the new diy cab designed around the led setup.
    4 Plants at the front left to right are Dinafem OG Clones. Last plant on the front right is the just defoliated to hell G13 Labs - Blue Cindy Mother.
    Rear 7 plants are G13 Labs - Blue Cindy clones.

    ChefKimbo Well-Known Member

    Subbed man, I'm very interested in seeing how your 1 top/sog system does under the QBs. I'm doing a similar grow, good luck!
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @ChefKimbo, Welcome aboard. I had a good look at the Blue Cindy clones this morning and to be honest they seem a little to branchy for single cola production. Will wait and make a decision once they are are potted up and put on 12/12. If not they will get lollipoped and let go like Christmas trees.
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    key4 Well-Known Member

    Really tidy groom you've built there . :clap:

    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    @key4 cheers glad you like it. Was a fun little project and to be honest nice to be out of the tent, no noise and no negative pressure sucking the sides in and damaging buds. Still a few little things to sort out, a extra fully insulated floor to be made,(this week if pull my finger out) this will house nutrient tanks ie 50l really usefull box, and double up as a drying room with its own temp controlled fan etc. Dripper system for when growing in coco, a flood and drain tray to make, nice to have the choice, air lines need connected. Should be fit to grow hydro during winter months. Scrogging will be a gift now as I can reach the back without falling in. The the lights well they are basically the full length of the grow space. Sometimes smaller can work I hope.
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Couple of pictures and captions of the two different strains being grown.

    Dinafem Og Clone Just potted up in fresh coco to 5.5litre final pot.

    G13 Labs - Blue Cindy Clone some large fan leaves nipped off.
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    JustMeds Active Member

    Pulling up a seat, notepad in hand.

    You got a link to your first grow, be nice to go look through it.
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    whytewidow Well-Known Member

    Very nice room man. Def jealous.... subbed. Along for ride. Hope you have a trouble free grow man. Good luck....

    Stay green n stay hi
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    GardenGuy Well-Known Member

    subbed mate!
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    zypheruk Well-Known Member


    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    An image of the above Dinafem Og Kush with the centre pinched out and remaining limbs tied down to the pot to keep all tops level.

    I will defoliate the plant again in a few days then it will bush out a lot and produce more bud sites, then it's 12/12.

    All the Dinafem Og Kush plants will get the same treatment.

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    zypheruk Well-Known Member

    Day 04 12/12

    Temps Lights Out: 23c
    Temps Lights On: 26.7c

    Lights @ 400watts

    Plants fed Ionic Coco Grow
    Cannazym for the roots
    Cal-Mag @ 10ml per 20 litres of feed
    EC1.4 - PH 5.8

    Preventative Pest Control: Plants sprayed with Provado and again in 2 weeks.

    Well a little update on the progress in the white house for this week.

    I have turned the lights up to 400 watts at the wall and will be leaving it at that power until harvest time. I want to see what can be done with 400watts in the new cab, trying to run everything as efficient as possible.
    Daytime temps even in this heat wave atm are well under control and it seems my passive intake vents are doing a perfect job, wasn't sure if I had installed enough of them during the build of the cabinet.

    All plants are being fed the same nutrients at EC1.4 and PH 5.8, I will keep it at this strength until it's time to start feeding Bloom nutrients.
    The plants all got potted up to their final pot sizes on the 17th of June . The G13 Labs-Blue Cindy are in 2 litre tall pots and the Dinafem-OG Kush are in 5.5 litre pots.
    On the 19th of June the cab got switched to 12/12.

    Growth on the Dinafem OG Kush is coming along fine after getting tied down and producing new tops and bud sites, nice pale colour of green.
    The growth on the G13 Labs Blue Cindy are also coming along fine, nice dark leaves. The smaller ones are newer clones than the taller ones about 2 weeks difference. The structure of these seem to be fairly uniform. Lower down side branches in particular are doing really well as can be seen in the images.
    I wanted to grow the G13 Labs Blue Cindy plants out as single cola sog plants, but with the branching that's going on I'm thinking of just letting them go and see how they are at the end of week 3 12/12 .

    Well that's the update for this week.
    Some images below, thanks for taking the time to take a look.

    G13 Labs-Blue Cindy-Group Shot

    G13 Labs-Blue Cindy you can clearly see how the lower growth is coming along.

    Close-up of new growth at the top of the G13 Labs-Blue Cindy.

    Dinafem OG Kush - Coming along nice after the tie down.

    Dinafem OG Kush - New growth and pistils showing.

    Dinafem OG Kush- Macro image showing new growth and pistils showing.

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