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    I requested this space for us Floridians as we embark in the world of Medical Marijuana. I have been praying that we passed MM this year and we won with a landslide victory. I would like to get to know others who will potentially be involved in using, growing, and working in the Medical Marijuana industry here in Florida. I also think this can be a great place for us to discuss things like dispensaries and the best meds and what strains work best for certain ailments. Anyway, welcome to OUR new thread. Please post any questions or just stop by, introduce yourself and say high. lol
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    It's going to be a LONG road ahead with our voices heard we still have to wait till ALL the re pubic cans to get off their knees and stop blowing this orange thing. They think they can move at their own pace. Act like everything is OK just be patient well I'm not and have not waited I refuse to fall in line just to be fucked up the ass with no lube. WE THE PEOPLE not WE THE OVER PAID TO SIT AT A TABLE AND DICTATE OTHER PEOPLE'S LIVES it fucking disgusting how much money goes to selfish pricks who think they have such a hard job getting up everyday putting on that 3000$ suit (oh ya one for everyday) so roughly 35-70 THOUSAND DOLLARS in just fucking suits fuck you. I bust my ass everyday just to get by and I only make 28k a yr. And every time something good comes across the air waves who is there to fuck things up that's right Mr flashy with his 80k Mercedes-Benz 50k Rolex and me sitting saying fuck I wish I could afford some milk, bread, lunch meat, food for my house hold period but that's to much. Me making 12.50 an hr is too much money God forbid these fucks live one month in my shoes to see the struggle of suffering poverty and having injuries that inhibit everyday functions making half a cent per hour. Fuck the system I'll work things out on my own and rise from nothing and smile on my way up thanks re pubic cans in florida for not caring about the less fortunate.
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    Hey, I totally agree. The only way they get my money is to sell cheaper than the dealer. It's the only way to gain control. Makes me wonder where their common sense went. Mother nature and Florida sun is my only hope.

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