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    Yes research research research..
    At the risk of coming across as some sort of sales guy, those lights are all old tech and not very efficient, fluence been the best of them and mars been the worst. Just take a look at what all the LED guys are using these days, theres a reason its none of those lights. Try to avoid amazon if possible, reviews don't count for much and 90% of the lights all use the same old diodes and come from the same factories.
    Also be wary of youtube, since most folk on there make a living from giving positive review videos. Although there are plenty of legit growers on there, defo check out growmau5 and his early HPS vs COB grow comparison and have a look for greengenes on there too.

    Anyhow, good luck with what ever you decide. :bigjoint:

    starboy420 Member

    Vivaspec are suppose to be ok heard a few good stories like lol

    Nachtmare Member

    How's it going everyone. New to growing. Just picked up five packs of seeds from Green Point Seeds.

    I picked up the following:
    Chinook Haze
    Butch Cassidy
    Pioneer Kush
    and Bodega Bubblegum.

    I am gonna have two grow spaces. One for males and one for females. I'm gonna have two boxes 3'x3'x4'
    Gonna have a veg light and a flower light. I plan on using just water and no other additives. For my soil medium I am still deciding on which route I want to go with so I am open to suggestions.
    I plan on having two holes in each box. One for a fan to have air flowing in and then an exit hole for the air.

    Cannot wait to see how they turn out.

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    welcome to RIU

    InigoMontoya Well-Known Member

    I've heard the same. About to start my next grow with SYGAV LED's 600 watts. Haven't been able to find much info on those but we'll see soon enough.
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    420taco New Member

    Hello everyone. I'm new here but I've grown in the past. Nothing serious just a small tent but that was many years ago. I ordered a Cloudponics Grobox to give this a try again so hopefully I'll post some stuff when it comes in. Hope I can contribute some to the community since it's helped me out so much in the past.

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    blake9999 Well-Known Member

    Mars is Garbage... go somewhere else to peddle your warez

    Cannabis.Queen Well-Known Member

    Sounds like a plan man!
    Glad to have you here at RIU :)
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    Hi everyone. Thanks for adding me. I'm in Western Australia.
    I'm here to learn more about mainlining or scrogging. Several ppl from a grow site I'm a member of recommended this site for ML or SCROG (maybe i'm not spelling tjat right.

    Any way. My question is related to this post.... how do I use a proxy server and what is it anyway? It's not legal where I live and always a bit paranoid about posting. Is there a IT guru amongst you lot that can help.
    Very much appreciated.
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    Smellbud-King Member

    Sure buddy, i will let you no :grin:

    nxsov180db Well-Known Member

    ...no we don't get very good results with led, we get PHENOMENAL results!

    see4 Well-Known Member


    If you plan on just watering and not feeding or providing additives, I'd suggest making a "ready-to-go" super soil mixture. Meaning a soil mix that doesn't require you to wait 6 weeks to "burn in". Something like a Fox Farms Ocean Forest with worm castings and some sort of planting mix like BX with myco... or whatever else.. you've got options.

    Oh, and watch out for the purple bulbous.
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    PhriendlyPharmer Member

    Hello all!

    It’s great to be a part of such an awesome resource such as this one. I can’t wait to start digging through some grow journals and put one of my own up.

    Can’t wait to meet some of the other helping phriendly phishers out here. Cheers!
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    Javadog Well-Known Member


    Just pick the Forum that meets your needs (outdoor, indoor, hydro, vertical, etc)
    and start a thread. Good luck!
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    welcome to RIU!

    Smellbud-King Member

    Just received my pro ii 120 and eco 47 today, they are look cool, only the carrier left at the door such as last time received my other stuffs (since the temperature is now -20 to -30*C), am worry about the light would not work, but luckily they work normally after check:hump::hump: thanks sean. And I will plan my grow at the end of this month, will let you know how it processing then. Thanks again for coupon: SEAN520:weed::weed::leaf: and next time i hope to test your biggest one 320led.:fire::fire:

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    Smellbud-King Member

    Thx man you great, I will keep you updated of my growing processing then, and I also interestd to do the testing works if you need my help, let me know more. :fire::weed:
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    MotherOfFups Member

    Hello everyone!

    This is me signing up to my very first forum, ever!
    This community has come up time and again when researching my ladies, and always seems very chilled.

    I am in the UK, where it is cold.

    I grow inside, and attempting a R-DWC for the first time. I first grew/killed some NL plants which were a wedding gift in 2002, and since then have been from failure to failure to low-yield succe..failure.

    I will be seeking advice in the appropriate area of the forum, but for now, Hi!

    James xoxo
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    welcome to RIU!

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