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    matth82003 New Member

    If you haven't posted yet, this is a place to introduce yourself and let us know your here. Don't be shy, and if you have any questions, start a thread, and ask away, we'll do our best to help you out.
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    Hoog Active Member

    I recieved a mj plant from a friend, I transplanted it in a field next to the house for security reasons. This is my first plant, I need to know how much water and fertalizer to give it! First I planted it in good soil from my garden, then I've been giving it 1 Gallon of water/day and 1x a week I've been giving it multipurpose mericle grow. It seems to be doing ok! What do you think?
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    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    What stage of the plant are you at, how big is the marijuana plant. It is best to let it go dry and then water, not every day this will increase the root size as the roots will go searching and eventually get bigger. To make it easier you can collect rain water in a bucked. Work around your weather if it rains one day dont water if you have a dry spell go up there every couple of days and feed them.
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    smokincrazy Active Member

    I have some superskunk outside, I usually water them every 3 days wether it rains or not, I use 1 5 gallon bucket for each plant. Every second watering which is every 6 days I will add some all purpose fertilizer to it.

    Hope this helps you. Happy growing bongsmilie

    Hoog Active Member

    The mj plant is about 1.5 feet tall. I don't know what stage it is in! How can I tell what stage it is in? Thanks for the help on watering it! I will slow down on water. Will it grow fast this way? Thanks alot on the help!
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    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    hoog If you are in canada or the us and are growing outside so you will still be in vegetative stage.

    Hoog Active Member

    I'm in U.S.A How long will it stay in veg state? It does not look like it is getting any bigger! I'm giving it 1 gallon of water every 3 days now and Miracle Grow every 6 days. Do I need to trim off anything or just leave it? Thanks for all the Help! Hoog.

    delta9thc Active Member

    Hello everyone. I'm currently trying my hand at growing some mj. I've been reading up on guides and stuff. Problem is, these guides are for colder climates.

    I am currently residing in M'sia (south east asia - near equator). I also know that plants grown on the equator are sometimes bigger compared to those grown away from the equator. Is this true?

    My plant is about 3 months old getting about 3 to 4 hours of direct sunlight from a window. My setup is very very basic.

    I'm actually quite concerned about the climate over here for mj cultivation. Temperature : ~29 - 30 Celcius
    Humidity : 94%

    Any advice ?

    delta9thc Active Member

    My window and my plant



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    matth82003 New Member

    An equitorial sativa is a lot taller than an indica. These plants also need more darkness than plants grown where I live. 11/13 if I recall. Thats 13 hours of darkness and 11 hours of light.

    Thats the best advice for beginners- Keep it simple....

    If it is a strain you got from around your area, then it should grow fine how it is now. The leaves look a nice and green, and the nodes aren't stretched, so I think it should be fine.

    As long as the temperature's stay close during day and night it should be fine too....
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    delta9thc Active Member

    Thanks dude !!!

    deaded Active Member

    Schweet! Nice to meet you all! Cool board :) I'm happy to have found this place. It's 2:30am and I have not smoked for days! BUT today begins my 4 daze off in a row and I'm here to raise a toke to you all :)

    ... roll away,
    ... the dew

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    harvester Active Member

    Happy to see so many with the urge to grow,

    I've been reading alot of the posts and wanted to reply to some of them but am always paranoid of registering and what not (unfortunate about the guest posting being disabled, damn spammers) but I liked the cut of the jib on this site.

    I look forward to the knowledge that I have to gain from this site as well as being part of the community as I'm sure it will flourish and bloom much like the fruits I hope to soon spawn.

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    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    welcome aboard harvester, It is a pain in the ass that guest posting was disabled as I know a lot of users like being anon, however you are still anonymouse in which I have disabled all IP logging throughout the site. As well of all access logs being deleted every 6 hrs.

    Later on once I am able to setup a donations page or an affialte program I will be able to hire rollitup it's own security expert to come in and make sure all surfing is anon.

    I also suggest when surfing cannabis culture or any other hemp related sites to use a proxy server.
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    delta9thc Active Member

    Hi guys. This is an update of my grow. My plant is growing pretty well. Took a cutting and re-potted but it doesn't look too good.

    Pic #1

    Pic #2

    Pic #3 (Clone close up)

    Pic #4 (Clone)

    delta9thc Active Member

    I haven't fed the clone any nutrients yet. Cloning solutions are pretty difficult to find over on this side of the world. Any advice?

    delta9thc Active Member

    I'm such an idiot. I forgot a few details about my clone.

    After taking cutting, I quickly put it into water in a jar / vase.

    Cutting was left in jar for about 2 weeks with roots visible.

    After 2 weeks, clone re-potted.

    Today : it's dying ... slowly =(
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    rollitup Forum Admin Staff Member

    did you cut on an angle underwater to ensure no bubbles worked their way up the stem ? Your main plant looks a little underwatered.

    delta9thc Active Member

    I think I didn't cut stem in water. I think that might be the problem. I water mother plant 1000 ml of water every 2 to 3 days.
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    are you sure that is a female DELTA?


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