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    Good for you man. I' not hear for attitude so like I was saying I usually go elsewhere.

    There are many opinions on grow styles. Just as there are many factors. Without knowing what your options are i would start with soil with a metal halide, high pressure sodium light. Lights are cheap. soil is, well, soil. A large bag of Fox Farm is $15 at the high end. You will need nutrients. The General Hydro trio is a perennial favorite, and cheap.

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    Thanks, Ill be spending some time reading up on these products for a while cuz I dont have the means to grow them yettttt......but are these all Canadian friendly/orderable?

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    I' honest

    Im honestly not sure. I'm kind of new to the fact that Canada cant get all the things the US can. I understand Hydroguard is really hard to find and apparently nose bleed ecpensive for instance.

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    2017-12-11 11.26.33.jpg 2017-12-11 11.26.21.jpg Screenshot 2017-12-12 01.21.18.png This is my first grow and I'm 5 weeks into flowering an unknown strain (bagseed from a friend). I seems to have the characteristics of a indica dominant strain and I think its an autoflower for serveral reasons. However, my question is more about harvesting. I'm having a hard time deciding whether the trichromes are clear or cloudy. I want to start flushing so that I can harvest before they become amber. (not a big fan of couch lock feeling). Any advice would be much appreciated 2017-12-11 11.26.33.jpg 2017-12-11 11.26.21.jpg Screenshot 2017-12-12 01.21.18.png .
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    Start flushing... in my opinion.

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    Looks like they're in soil? If so, between that and the nice foliage, they should be good to start flushing now, imho..
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    Thanks for the advice

    BlackSmoke151 New Member

    Thanks for the quick reply and advice. I was thinking the same thing.

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    Flush and then send me some

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    YescaLove here saying hi to everyone. First grow here. Unknown bag seed. Still not sure wich strain its. Diy all the way. Looks nice so far. Chose this community because it has a nice feel to it. Thanks!

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    YooooOOOo guys, I'm Pygmi, and I'm looking forward to joining this community <3
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    Hey hey ladies and gentlemen, I hail from New Zealand and currently living on the opposite side of the world in Europe somewhere

    We used to throw our plants in the bush and let nature do it's thing but looking to learn the art of indoor.

    Much love
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    :leaf::leaf: Greetings guys & WELCOME TO RIU :eyesmoke::eyesmoke:
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    2 years in the county jail is nothing. A friend of mine got caught trafficking lbs and lbs of marijuana back in the 70’s. He went in with a MBA of marijuana and came out with a PHD in cocaine. Needless to say, he became a big time drug dealer once he got his product from El Patron himself. He ended up getting caught and served close to 20 years for drug smuggling. He’s been out a few years and is doing quite well, although he’s old as fuck now lol.

    May the spirit of Fat Pat keep you safe in those Texas streets. S.U.C for life.
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    I think i saw that movie
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    Hello all,
    Been reading the forums for a few weeks, decided its time to jump in. On my 3rd grow, first time from seed. Right now I’m 13 days into Nirvana White Rhino project. Small stealth grow 2x2x4. Plans to expand, started small to make sure it would be an interest that would hold and damn, now I’m hooked.

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    Welcome. There are some smart folks on this site

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    I just ran a spray and my product came out with a funny texture, does it leave the plant being mechanically trimmed with some kind of oil solution or something? I don't have this problem with any other stuff I'm using just this stuff buddy uses an mechanical trimmer for

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    New here, haven't even started my first yet, but I'm pretty determined to treat my migraines without burning a hole in my stomach, so here I am. I hope to learn much from all of you. *bow*

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    I hope you find what your looking for. There are lots of folks here looking for similar results

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