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Hi everyone, I already started talking on threads and didn't introduce myself here. I live in the Netherlands and starting my first grow ever in DWC. I'm excited to join this place to expand my knowledge from experienced growers and get to meet new ppl :peace:

Doug Dawson

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Hello everyone. I never realized this section was here, joined a couple months ago and have gotten some great advise from some fantastic people. I live in Ontario Canada, just cut down my first plant a couple days ago and my second is just starting to flower. Very greatful to find a place with so many helpful people willing to give advise.

Critical Canuck

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Hello everyone.

I'm a new grower with one harvest under my belt. I'm having a great time on my quest to produce some quality chronic. This place has already been a big help.
I am a new grower as well, working on my first grow right now, sprouted seeds in late April and will be flipping to flower in the next week or two.
For the record, I don't know CunningCanuck, the similarities are a strange coincidence


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First and foremost welcome to RIU! :) We hope you have a pleasant time here !

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Thanka for invite


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Awesome ive smoked many strains but here in new york buffalo there is a huge market black market here to make money.


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New to the forum! I am a long time user, but new medical cardholder. My card should be here in a couple of weeks, however, our dispensaries in MO aren't open yet, so not sure where I can get a supply until they open. I am so excited about being able to "shop" for cannabis. My whole life, you got what was available, so this will be a new experience for me. I would eventually like to grow my own, however, I do not have a good space for it right now. I look forward to learning a lot on here.


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What’s Growin on everyone......started growing again after a long 8/9 year hiatus. Born and raised in Los Angeles California I am currently on the hunt for an old friend called Orange Crush, there is a specific phenotype I’m looking for in this strain any help to locate some seed would be gratefully appreciated and also rewarded with seed from the results of the pheno hunt!