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    sunni Administrator Staff Member


    First and foremost welcome to RIU! :) We hope you have a pleasant time here !

    Here are a few answers to some questions you might have with the forum:

    https://www.rollitup.org/t/basic-riu-site-functions-faq.890488/ is a thread on basic forum functions like how to upload an avatar, or get a signature! And how to upload photos!

    Here are a few forum areas you might be interested in as a new member
    https://www.rollitup.org/marijuana-plant-problems/ - for help with your plants
    https://www.rollitup.org/toke-n-talk/ - random discussion not having to do with marijuana growing
    https://www.rollitup.org/newbie-central/ - and finally newbie central to ask questions, read up or start a thread

    Welcome to RIU! if you have any other questions don't hesitate to post in this thread!
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    tracyking New Member

    Hey all I'm from the state were the bomb Hemp be California.... I resided in Northern California, so to all my 420 lovers and patients, smoke up an be merry!! Thank ​You
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    Greenys New Member

    Glad to be here ! Just posted thread about growing but afraid of smell. Seems like a great site & a great place 2 start !
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    Weedburger Active Member

    Hey people! Glad to be here with you all. I'm a guy from West Europe who is learning to grow big BUDS. Peace!
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    Riverbuzzrat New Member

    hi just joined yesterday , live in so cal , 4th year growing , getting better at it each year , have cancer , feeding tube , time to spend on them , loving life !
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    Y0da Active Member

    Hi there
    Recently joined, glad to be here already. Friendly crowd.
    go gently :)

    P.s Love the upbeat, Riverbuzzrat, roll on!
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    DJsmokz310 New Member

    What up everybody I'm learning a lot of good new stuff.. couldn't be happier this is one of the best sites ever glad theres a lot of cool peps on here i will be posting a lot more from now :D
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    bigbuelah New Member

    joined a few weeks ago and am soaking up tons of knowledge, my wife and I are growing for her medicinal needs and for my toking pleasure. I am 66 and first started smoking in vietnam in 1967, so i have 46 years of pleasure under my belt. our first grow was a male and have cut it down and hanging to dry to make a cannabis oil for her skin. we currently have 2 haze, 2 amenisia haze, and one each of buddha's sister, la diva delicious, silver super haze, fantasy thai and dutch blueberry passion, all from feminized seeds. the first 5 are a month old and looking very nice and the last four are just sprouting. am eagerly awaiting the outcome and will keep all posted. my soil is miracle grow moisture control and we juice everyday do i add left over pulp from pineapple, kale, oranges, apples and grapes and the plants certainly seem to be at home in this mixture.
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    Stickslivin Active Member

    big buelah...I too am a new grower .I am growing amnesisa hase also. it is a nice bushy plant. and the flowering buds are looking nice. week 6'and 4 weeks or so to go. very crystally and nice trichromes :-) happy growing. hope its good one.

    bmiller Active Member

    Here I go, and can't believe it! I just recently got on facebook, also can't believe that. I really appreciate the knowledge, wisdom and experience I receive from this site. THANK YOU GROWERS !! I know you have saved me many of f--k ups!:wall: THANKS AGAIN! I've outside in/on Big Island for years. Without Internet! Last five years been growing inside, and with out a doubt...I'm hooked! Looking at Aero/stickbuds or there are so many ways to grow good bud. I'm just researching and trying to figure which way to go and of course...Money:"root of all evil" Gotta have it, damn it! This will determine which way! I'm new to all this socializing, and how to post/forums/threads. Please have patience! I no most of you do, I've read and read how you good people keep answering the same questions! WELL DONE FOLKS and Thanks again!

    gdubbz New Member

    Heeyy fellow stoners new to the site excited to b here where the normal folks r... lol....

    ProfessorPotSnob New Member

    Hi gdubbz .. Welcome to RIU .. Enjoy it for what it is worth and get ready for some fun ;)
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    OUTDOOR FARMER Well-Known Member

    Joined a couple days ago, great site and helpful people. haven't grown since the 80"s good to be back in the grow. Have to admit some ignorance can't find settings tab in my profile, only find it in FAQ SECTION. SO CAL IN THE OC

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    go to my roll it up on the top right hand corner and on the left hand side youll see my settings
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    bmiller Active Member

    I love reading everybody's post, comments, opinions, thoughts, bitches. I also love learning more ways to grow (good and bad, ha!)! The WISDOM, EXPERIENCE and what not to do (nicely put too!)!
    Everybody is nice and want to share!:clap: How cool is that we have resources so we may be the best we can/are!
    Thanks everybody and RIU ! I salute you'all !bongsmilie
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    dnurse977 New Member

    hi i am dnurse from fl i plat to grow seed in my aerogarden can anybody tell the right seed ,small plant ,will be plant indoor,and where to buy
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    OUTDOOR FARMER Well-Known Member

    thank you Sunni.
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    bmiller Active Member

    DNURSE977 I started with aerogarden everything I put in it it grew. I loved it, I also put a air stone in it WOW! what a difference that made over night. Good memories, thanks!
    You'll like that aero garden. Good luck!
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    SmokieTheGnome New Member

    Hey everybody! I'm Smokie and glad to be a new member of the Rollitup community!
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    Ladysmokesalot New Member

    Hey everyone! Me and my bf just moved we now reside in Mississippi and are trying to make some new friends :) We are both laid back tokers and hoping to find some nice people in the area
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