Water: The Most Essential Compound

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    Didn't know that, but lower than 7.5 is bad for my iron filter. Good to know its good for me too though

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    Great information guys!

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    This is my first grow and I still read and learn.
    I bought a biotabs fertilizer that says you do not need to correct the ph and ec value.
    Biotabs did not plead hard water so I'm still trying to get that information
    They say only tap water.
    But I still wonder how to go with water. The water in my house is blurry if it is not in the coolest option but it's crystal clear then
    Is it recommended that such a cold water is going right away or waiting for a few hours

    Please help me how to deal with water and biotabs

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    charface Well-Known Member

    I made a tank in my room with a float valve and bubbler so the water refills the tank as I use it.
    My well water is freezing cold.

    However I got away with just using it for years. In fact outdoors I use the cold hose water.

    I just feel better with the slightly warmer water.

    pollen205 Active Member

    thx you @charface
    one more question.
    if I boil water for 20-30 min will chloramin and chlorine evaporate...and if I do that does it kill something beneficial in the water ?
    Started small

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    I use this and it's always 6.1 pH and just add nutrients water is the key

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    It takes a long time to destroy chloramines by boiling depending on volume hours with chloramine present there shouldn’t be organisms in the water the presence of chlorine usually indicates the absence of microorganisms because the chloramines kill them.

    Steela New Member

    Do you know anything about using bore water?

    Mustangmike Well-Known Member

    Have it tested bore water can be easily infiltrated by surface contamination
    Blue back

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    You don't need to boil. City water here in GR Mich. Is perfect to work with. Just leave the water open to air for 24. Always check PH it's crucial and easy to fix. Don't use boiled water.
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    pollen205 Active Member

    I am organic grower from Europe so I dont ph...
    I dont use boiled water I just put air pump for couple of hours to get chlorine out
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    Reading this awesome thread made me realize, once again, how blessed I am to have Lake Michigan water at my disposal. Seeing all the issues many, many folks have with water makes me feel very lucky to have such clean water that I have taken for granted my entire life.
    My alma mater is heavily involved in maintaining the water quality both in the lake, and the mass wetland ecosystem that surrounds my area. My city makes water quality a huge priority, and has even provided water purifiers for older homes here to peotect against lead. Between Lake Superior (Northern Wisconsin) and Lake Michigan (Eastern coastline) we have two water sources that make agriculture almost effortless. Some of the best earth in the world is a 50 miles eastern slice of the state that runs from Green Bay south to the Illinois border. It is truly amazing.
    Water is life, and we see it every single day in Wisconsin, no doubt.
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    BrewersToker Well-Known Member

    Not to mention the lake ecosystems, which sustain an incredible variety of life, which keep the delicate balance between land and water in place.
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