Washing Machine Do It Yourself Resin Separator Everything you need to know

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    Washing Machine Hash Part 1

    Here are some photos and instructions to help transform any Household Washing Machine into a Large Resin Separation Water Hash Machine.

    Clothes Washer to Resin Separator

    This guide will help you take any unused household washing machine and transform it into a resin separation machine.

    Difficulty Level:
    Novice - Stoner

    1- 3.2 cu. Ft. Super Capacity Washer


    10 ft of 1- inch clear vinyl tube
    1- ¾ x 1 ½ stainless steel hose clamp
    1- ¾ inch x 6 inch threaded SCH80 Nipple
    1- ¾ inch PVC ball valve threaded
    1- Roll thread seal tape ½ inch

    2- Large 220 µm Zipcro Pyramid filter bags
    1- Set of 5 gal ice water filtration bags (Bubble Bags)
    2- 32 gal trash cans with wheels
    1- 32 gal trash can lid
    1- 5 gal paint bucket with bottom cut out
    1- Hose and spray gun
    Ice - 40 lbs
    Plant Material 750 gr to 1500 gr
    Drying screens 23 µmicron
    Shami, paper towels & plastic card

    2 persons

    $300.00 Total / $100 parts + $200 washing machine

    Ever since the introduction of the water Hash market, many people have been searching for ways to improve the process of ice water Hash separation. In the beginning, simple tools were used, such as spoons and handheld kitchen mixers, even drills with mortar bits, to separate the trichomes from the plant material. All of this was fun and productive, but a lot of time consuming work.

    Before long, the initiation of the common washing machine established a highly productive progression to the practice of ice water Hash separation. While you sit back and smoke bongs of resin, the washing machine agitates the plant material for you. Along with the Aqua Lab Technologies innovative filter bags and a few minor modifications, you can transform any household washing machine into an ice water Hash separation device making super quality water Hash.

    When converting a washing machine into an ice water Hash separation device, your best option is to start with a brand new washing machine. Dedicate this machine to ice water Hash separation only. The most productive machine is a Super Capacity 3.2 cu. Ft. Top-loading machine.

    The reason for the top-loading machine is because of the wash motion. The wash motion is the way in which a washer moves the 220 µ zipper filter bags through the wash drum. A top-loading machine uses a center post as the conventional agitator by agitating the ZLS Filter bags to the bottom of the drum where the best agitation takes place. The ZLS filter bags are completely submerged in water. This style machine has a pump, to pump out the water during the spin cycle.

    Once you have the machine, it is time to make a couple of quick changes.

    First, remove the stock black corrugated drain hose and its hose clip. Replace both parts with 10 ft piece of 1- inch clear vinyl tube and a ¾ - 1 ½ inch stainless steel hose clamp. The clear vinyl tube helps you see the trichome-laced water while it is being drained from the machine. Squeeze one end of the ¾ inch x 6 inch threaded SCH80 Nipple into the end of the clear 1-inch vinyl hose. Apply your ½ inch thread seal tape to the opposite threaded end of the ¾ inch x 6 inch threaded SCH80 Nipple. Finally, tightly screw on the ¾ inch PVC ball valve to the end of the ¾ inch x 6 inch threaded SCH80 Nipple. The ball valve helps prevent accidents and adds weight to the clear tube for control purposes.

    The modifications are complete.

    Add two filter bags and let the water Hash making begin. These bags contain the plant material in the washing machine while filtering resin heads 220 µ and smaller through the mesh sides and collecting in the water. These bags come in two sizes, large and small. The small size has a capacity from 10 gr to 150 gr. The large bag capacity is 300 gr to 750 gr.

    It is strongly discouraged to place the plant material directly inside the machine, not using any filter bags: this will cause more contamination to your resin, and makes it very difficult to clean out the machine.

    When conducting your first run, start by filling the machine half full with clean cold water (RO preferred). Remember it is always easier to add more water then to remove water. Start by adding 10 lbs of ice to the water in the machine. Next, take two large filter bags and add 300 gr to 750 gr of plant material and 5 lbs of ice to each bag. Securely close the Zipcro Locking Strap.

    Submerge both ZLS zipper filter bags into the icy cold water. Close the lid and turn the dial to the heavy-duty cycle and run. Cycle times depend on quality. The less time your resin is sitting in the water, the more flavor there will be in the end. Quantity will lower with less agitation time, but quality will make up for the difference.

    When draining the machine, set the dial on spin cycle. Make sure to open the shutoff valve and hold the hose tightly down inside your set of multiple ice water filtration bags.

    One person is working the machine and drain tube while one person is shaking the set of multiple ice water filtration bags up and down. Making sure not to set the stack of multiple ice water filtration bags back into the water, only allowing the water to be filtered down through the bags. When the machine is done draining and all of the water has drained from your set of multiple ice water filtration bags, place the set of bags into an empty container, and rinse with clean water. Collect your wet resin and properly dry it before pressing or smoking it.

    Another option when purchasing a washer is a gravity drain washing machine. These are more commonly sold as portable or mini washing machines.

    They range in sizes from small (capacity 300 gr) to large (capacity 1000 gr). They’re easily transportable with no modifications necessary. Just include a set of filter bags to assist in your ice water Hash separation.

    Drain the washer by placing the machine above the set of multiple ice water filtration bags and putting the drain hose into your set of multiple ice water filtration bags.

    Routine maintenance of your water Hash separation machine is very important. Make sure to always rinse out your machine with clean water before putting it away. When using a machine with a pump, it’s always best to pump clean water through your machine before and after using the machine. This is to make sure there is no dirty water in your machine. If you have to clean the machine with something other than water, only use 70 % alcohol. This will clean your machine and not be harmful later when making your water Hash.

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    Washing Machine Hash - Part 2

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    Washing Machine Hash - Part 3

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    Washing Machine Hash - Part 4

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    Peace and Happy Growing

    HowzerMD Well-Known Member

    Excellent I was wondering when someone would post this tutorial. :D

    marijuananation Well-Known Member


    Peace and Happy Growing..

    JayTrinity Active Member

    thanks + rep

    marijuananation Well-Known Member

    Your more than welcome. Thank you.
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    ghb Well-Known Member

    i have bubble bags and do it the traditional way. if i had more trim i would look into doing this. very good tutorial +rep

    marijuananation Well-Known Member

    Lots of guys prefer to do it the traditional way.. thanks..

    isthislegal Well-Known Member

    This is sick M.Nation....I probably will never ever do it, but I appreciate the skill +Rep

    JayTrinity Active Member

    Hay the roper machine is over $300 at lowes. Where is it $200?

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member


    HippySmoke Active Member

    the heck!? I thought this was something they just came up with in the one show weeds... holy crap plus rep for your nice tech.

    JayTrinity Active Member

    Im getting an ammonia smell from my trim (While its drying) Its a mountain if trim.
    Will it be ok? Have a ton of fans over it right now.

    There no mold what so ever but the ammonia is a decomposition smell, all looks ok but still dangit!

    marijuananation Well-Known Member

    it might make your hash taste a little funny, I'm not saying that it will, but as long as you can dry it out quick you will not have any problems.

    wiseguy316 Well-Known Member


    JayTrinity Active Member

    I just did the washing machine method.

    two questions.
    Mine was all black on every bag! (6 of them)

    Question two:
    We ran it twice on day two and thought, what the hell lets dump a shit load of ice and noticed day two ONE bag did more then all of day one!

    What should I do with all the old mash? I thought I should dry it out and experiment with ISO alcohol? I KNOW there is some hash oil to be found.
    I have a food dehydrator and thought to dry it out and process when I have down time?


    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i run mine 3 times.

    the mash goes into the compost bin.

    there is nothing wrong with black hash. it means your plants were ripe.

    the color of the hash is a direct relation to the ripeness of your trichs. clear trichs give more of a blond color. amber trichs will give a darker colored hash.

    JayTrinity Active Member

    fdd2blk, I was reading this, what is your take?

    "The less time spent in the machine, the higher quality the powder – this is the golden rule. The first sample taken at 2 minutes is very pure, as only the heaviest glands have fallen through; very little vegetative matter has made it through the screen. The longer the machine spins, the more vegetative matter falls through, thus lowering the quality of the resin powder."

    I still have that wet lump of mulch as still might put it back in and run the 3rd time.
    So much work but when its gone its gone, I just dont know as Im a grow noob.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    i use a full sized washer the has a very gentle agitation. i use zipper bags that hold 1000 grams. i use two. i dry my trim just until the moisture is out of it. it is dry but not crispy dry. there is NO break up of plant matter in my process. at all. i have actually washed it until the water comes out clear. the water gets clearer for me each washing, not leafier. if you handle your trim properly, and use GENTLY agitation, you should have no vegetative matter to worry about.

    i do an 18 min cycle, drain and screen it all, then immediately do another. adding more ice and water as needed. i do three cycles in one day. one right after the other.

    got 200 grams today, only 10 more loads to go.... 002.jpg 007.jpg 015.jpg 023.jpg 025.jpg

    JayTrinity Active Member

    Thanks for info plus Rep+

    Can you tell me why my bags take Forever to drain?
    Do you scrape your bags every wash? For me thats the time consuming part.
    First time it drains but second it just wont drain, like its clogged.

    Perhapse my bags are sitting on top of each other after the water "Poofs" them up?

    I use an apartment washer with great results, just time consuming to keep the bags draining.

    fdd2blk Well-Known Member

    the trichs get trapped in the holes and clog them as they drain. they are kinda self clogging. you have swirl the water inside the bag to help it drain faster. i have a sit down lifting method i use.

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