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Mar 17, 2017
    1. AIDEN02202011
      Hey Marijuananation,
      I am new to the forum and growing but not new to mari...or strains...I have limited to no knowledge in proper growing....I have been following your posts and you seem to know your shit. :) I plan to grow indoor, using a main level, climate controlled room, made for a "wine room/cellar". 8ft L x 6ft W x 9ft H. I am trying to grow hydro up to 8 plants. I am knowledgeable somewhat about strains but NOT growing and DO NOT want to "guess". I am following your posts learning but if time...any info on...what equipment to use and setup advice....such as 400 Watt Ceramic metal halide bulb or 600 Watt for quality? Should I use Ebb & Flow? Should I buy something like a "kit" with a "nursery" all inclusive? or set up room with individually purchased equipment? What type non soil mix? I am looking to try and grow Strains: Blue Grape #1, Purple Kush, White Rhino, Purple Cali Kush, Nothern Lights, Mikush type strains....? Any advice would be much appreciated and valued...
    2. dopeyG
      Always cool to meet other growers from the same area and follow their progress.
    3. Mozaique
    4. Devildog93
      Thanks 4 the add, sorry if I double replied to your message. Still trying to figure out the subtlties of this forum.

      Take care my friend.
    5. gus738
      hey you tried AN for a while didnt you? how much was it costing you? did you get 1 gallon or a quart ?
    6. GibbsIt89
    7. ievolution
    8. DjAeroFluxxx
      hey marijuananation, i was looking at your post and i came across that you use advanced nutes iguana juice grow and bloom, i jsut started my first grow early feb. and my girls seem to be doing well i just had a few questions about those nutes...can you only use iguana grow during veg? im using iguana grow, voodoo, piranha, tarantula, sensizym, and organic b from advanced, and im also using this cal mag stuff and liquid karma..also did you follow the AN calculator on their website or did you just read the bottle, becsue the bottle says 3.5ml/liter and the AN calculator for me told me to use about 50ml/week with it slightly increasing each week i have a 40L rez. Im a little confused on how much to add each week cuz i think i might be getting a little nute burn could be the other nutes though thats y im asking. any info you can give would help me out so much thanx
    9. dingbang
      Great setup man! Dual 150's!?!? I think your yields should be equal to, if not greater than, people running 400's. I would to see you level those lights out an run a SCROG. Great job.
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