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  • Hi mate, my plants yellowing, trichs are cloudy atm with 80% pistils orange, im wondering how long it may take for her to turn amber from cloudy? And will it build more size in calyx if left longer? she been cloudy over a week. soil based grow in pot, organic nutes 400w hps.. Thanks for any opinion ideas you have;)
    Hey man, I finally got sum pics up on my currecnt grow on my album in my profile, so when ya get a chance, go check em out, and lmk whatcha think...
    I'm not entirely sure. She wasn't kept that well of track.
    She probably started flowering around the beginning of feb. The buds are starting to complete. I'd estimate a couple more weeks but not sure.
    I'm hoping I can produce a big yield myself. With the information on proper nutes that I've gathered, I'm sure I will be fine. Not to mention I didn't use any blooming nutes on my current monster of a plant. If only if only. It's not like I started it and had control over her 24/7. I will def keep you updated. When the PE breaks the soil I will start a new thread. Excited excited!
    Yeah, seeing as how I unburied my other seedling unraveled it and planted it. :idea: I'm just befuddled its grown like it has.
    You've been a great deal of help and you technically haven't really done much. Just the feedback and the small notes of advice go a long way. I'm hoping with my simplicity I will get a good enough yield. I have never smoked pineapple express and when I heard my friend had one he got as a sample and was willing to part with it I was ecstatic.
    I have a delicate touch it seems when it comes to this now... I just checked on it.. I know I know I shouldn't have but the little girl had about a quarter to half inch root sticking out of the seed so I positioned it better and covered it and added a shot of water like I did on the plant growing now. I feel much better knowing the root already popped.
    Well, I forgot to look for that little thing this morning when I put her in the soil :/ damn

    I left this in a wet bounty for a day in a long sock in a dark box. That's how I was taught and it's worked. I did the PE a little shorter because I believe it can handle it. Should I just see what happens or since it hasn't been planted long should I uncover the soil and check on her :[
    on the grow we've been discussing I just popped it in the soil and put a light amount of water on it and found it later. I don't know why but I'm so nervous about my pineapple express seed I put in the soil this morning. :?
    hey buddy it's been awhile! glad to hear from ya i'm doing well lots has changed though hope to see you pop by my thread only got my rambles now but working on changing that my hopes start my new grow today take care :)
    long time since i heard from you bro glad to see you pop in again ... hows it hangin bro!
    Yo Gibbs, How's it growin' over there in The UK? ;-) It's growin' just fine and dandy down here in the Southern US, except for our backwards-ass lawmaker's stance on the whole issue of cannabis prohibition... All it does is unite growers world-wide even more, and we r becoming a force to be reckoned with... I am a freedom fighter and sure do hope to see some legislative changes come this way, instead of out west and up north... We all deserve a safer, and legal alternative! Cool to be friends with ya!
    Yo Gibbs.. whats up?I've been hibernating for the winter...I hate this Vancouver looks better and better every winter...

    I just got a shipment from attitude.... all I have to say is WOW... great customer service!

    Check out the thread I started...

    I have decided to start with

    one from Barney's Farm -

    LSD, supposed to be trippy and psychedelic...interesting..

    and two from Green House seeds..

    Great White Shark - supposed to be incredible and a highly sought after medi strain

    Super Lemon Haze - The winner of the Cup back to back in 08 and 09... crazy buzz with a powerful lemon skunk taste.... ~Yummy, Yummy!~
    Thanks for joining us @ Land of the Kushmen i hope you can, offer us some great insight into the world of Kush or if not than i hope we can help you out with some good knowledge as well..Peace and cant wait to hear from you ,dont forget to get in on the 6 topics already started to get your feell of things...
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