Rob Kauai

Visitors to Hawaii will soon be granted access to medical marijuana dispensaries. This is a key provision in HB2729 and was hard fought for by Hawaii's medical marijuana dispensaries. Dispensaries owners report receiving calls and emails daily from mainland visitors that want to know how they can access their medicine while visiting Hawaii. By July 2018 we should see the new law go into effect allowing visitors to directly access Hawaii dispensaries provided they have an existing medical marijuana card from any state or a letter from their Primary Care Physician (PCP) stating that they have a debilitating medical condition. Note that visitors will not have to get certified by a doctor or APRN in Hawaii and instead will simply go directly to the dispensary and present their mainland medical marijuana card or letter from their PCP. Visitors will then pay a fee and be granted access to Hawaii dispensaries for 6 months and they will be limited to purchasing a maximum of one ounce every 15 days. Certicann is a medical marijuana certification service that applauds the legislature and dispensaries for passing these changes and we hope that many visitors will now enjoy their vacation here more now that they will have access to their medicine.