Vertical cage match, 32K watts, 32 plants

Discussion in 'Vertical Growing' started by legallyflying, Feb 12, 2015.

    Captain Plank-Eye

    Captain Plank-Eye Active Member

    Frack all that fracking frack. I believe this page is for a successful guy to post what he is being successful at. Why do people come to where there is thunder and try to grab some to put in their solar or fracking balloons? This guy here has shit you could never keep up, just look at it and say "cool grow dude"

    who cares who fracks the ground? You guys frack eachother with all of the stupid information you make into a big deal in this man's thread about his grow room, and you dont even complain about yourself also, which shows you have no concern for things that are negatively inpacting.

    Just certain ones that you can whoop about without needing to know much about it, cuz this guy obviously knows more about growing than you, and you, wanting something to frack people's ears with, have to pick something you can talk about because you need to be seen doing something to get attention.

    If fracking is a big deal to you start a vigilante group and go blow up the frack mines. o.0
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    theexpress Well-Known Member

    fuck the atms go to the casino trade money for chips play a game or two cash your chips out. Washed over 100k in less then a week like this. 100k in 20$ is a shitload of money now its in 100 and 50s u can only put soo much in atm machine
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    bigmanc Well-Known Member

    Its more likely that he owns ATMs and puts cash in them so it returns as a deposit in his bank account.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    @legallyflying haven't heard from you on awhile, how's things going?

    Did you get any results from your COB LED project?

    What's the biggest plant you've pulled, in terms of finished weight?
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    Greenthumbskunk Well-Known Member

    My grandad when he was alive told me during the great depression that many had trucks that ran on wood.
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    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    Yes chemical ferts and gmo plants are killing people or making them sick all over
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    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    MICHIGAN here also

    Michiganjesse Well-Known Member

    Yes my friend was watched for 3 years before they knocked on his door and gave him a 15 year sentence he got out on Obama's release a few years early but only 4 years did 11 years, to long for me for any money. If the Fed's want you your done. Their conviction rate is over 90%. My friend spent a few hundred grand on lawyer just to get a 15 year sentence there is no going to trial with them unless you want to risk 25+ before they ever arest you, they put the time in to guarantee a conviction.

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Sorry man.. been busy. we got our recreational license.. got a new 800 amp 3 phase power line and I am about a week away from finishing the construction on our 4th 40k watt flower room.

    Had to ditch the DWC set up. running tables..6 plants per light. 800 some plants total. Jesus fuck it's a LOT of work. but at the same time, sooo much less work than the cage match. that was a productive yet brutal way to go.

    The CIB experiement... was a failure. you want to but my chips and drivers?
    Hope all is well.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    I might be interested in your spare parts.
    Glad to hear everything is going so well.
    What do ya know- I ditched RDWC too!
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    full of purple

    full of purple Well-Known Member

    What's your take on 1000w double ended?
    I see you have all hps like me
    I've been seriously considering de latley

    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    What made the COB experiment a failure? I'd like to know what configuration you chose for your COB setup. I'll be running a COB experiment myself in the near future.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Something about not getting the right voltage to his fixtures. They weren't as bright as he expected.

    Nice to see you back!
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    CCCmints Well-Known Member

    Everyone who's seen the single COB I powered up commented on how overly bright it was relative to their expectations. I'm excited to put together a full fixture in the next couple weeks now that things have smoothed out over here on my end.
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    ilovetoskiatalta Well-Known Member

    are they pre emission detroit? DD13 DD15?

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Wow. I need to look into this.

    dongle69 Well-Known Member

    Where did you find a casino that does that without tax info and paying by check or showing I.D.??

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Stay under minimums.

    dongle69 Well-Known Member

    Yes but 100k in one week?
    The casinos around me require players card or id with every exchange, even under limit.
    Then they file a W-2G if it adds up.
    It just seemed like an untrue statement, but if it is true, I need to go to that casino.

    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Every state regulates its casinos differently. Which state are you in?

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