Vertical cage match, 32K watts, 32 plants

Discussion in 'Vertical Growing' started by legallyflying, Feb 12, 2015.


    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    @legallyflying any updates? It's been awhile since you've mentioned anything here, or did you start another thread?
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    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Just been too busy to play the RIU game.

    We have 40k watts in each room now. US 10 more tons of AC in each. Two rooms total. Will be four rooms in about 6 weeks.

    Getting another 600 amp service feeder dropped next week. Building permits to the city submitted yesterday. Researching camera systems. Waiting to hear on my rec permit application. Driving around to dispensories every day. Cramming ATM's full of 20's.

    Bleaching shit, scolding employees, paying 7k dollar electric bills.

    Pretty much your basic day in the life of a commercial grower shit..
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    m4s73r Well-Known Member

    well Dwamn, when you put it like that.... lol

    SupaM Well-Known Member

    Glad all is still well. ATB!
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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    Never has abiding the law been so gangster.

    Alienwidow Well-Known Member

    Im glad you ponied up for some more a/c. Did you have to run more dehus or get more for those thinmints and..bluedream? I did. Whens the rain gonna stop :lol:

    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    More AC = more dehumidification .

    Flowki Well-Known Member

    Last I read fracking was banned in some modern EU country's because of it's impact on the environment. The uk government/s were also pushing to use fracking but the people of those country's were also against it on account of the environmental damage reports that were available at that time. Unless ofc those reports were deliberately misleading for the gain of some other capitalist interest.

    I personally use a bit logic and assume that pumping the ground full of chemicals is not going to be high in the list of clean fuel. On top of that the planet has some use known or un-known for the oil, coal and various other gasses we have plundered for decades. Do you suppose that hot place near the core burns all by itself and it's just a coincidence every thing we drill for is flammable.

    Solar power is only a marginal improvement to the above due to it's process elements so I guess wind farms are the closest thing we currently have to ''ok'' energy. Reports on that suggest they do not out put more energy than it takes to build maintain and collect though.

    Sorry for ranting but I like people to understand what we do to this planet and at-least willfully admit we are ok to continue fking it over. As in, filling a room full of 600 or 1000W lights is certainly not helping in any way no matter how you are powering it.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    It turns out that you don't need to pump a noxious slurry into the ground to get gas. Having worked in and around the industry, I'm convinced that organic solvents, water and sand are all that's necessary for the job, no nasty chemicals required.

    Every other raw petrochemical is even worse to recover, right up to and including coal. It would be far more fair and accurate to start comparing the relative costs to the environment of recovering ALL fossil fuels, so people don't get the idea that pumping crude is any better- or frankly, any different. They frack oil wells too, you know! Have for decades! Where do you think the idea for natural gas fracking came from?

    Finally, what about when it's burned at its destination? Natural gas really shines here, because no other hydrocarbon produces less co2. Hydrogen itself doesn't count, because it's not a hydrocarbon! Add the fewest possible carbon atoms to that hydrogen and what do you get? Natural gas! Aka methane.

    Fuel cells and natural gas; it's a natural combination, and it's coming to suburban America soon.
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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    ''You are convinced''. That implies it is not being done yet but even if it is tried, it may not work because you may be wrong. ''Organic'' in almost any walk is typically a more lengthy process and/or less effective or more costly. Basically if the company's are given a choice they will stick with the cheapest chemical option. If the country blocks that option they will find a country that does not. Who cares if some little mud hut village in a country we have never heard of has children running around with 3 eyes and an arm for a leg

    ''Every other raw petro''. It MAY be the lesser of two evils but I would still not invite it around for dinner.

    ''no other hydrocarbon produces less co2''. We currently use more energy than we can cater for with ANY current natural process or limited impact (like wind farms). The real problem is that we genuinely use too much energy that can only be sustained by methods that result in massive environmental damage.

    But who is willing to give up on having that second motor, 3 tv's, 3 ipads, 3 phones and a laptop/desktop or two. What of Christmas, Billions of extra lights burning away simply because it makes us ''feel better''. Obviously nobody is changing, we got worse so it's a two horse race, running out of resources or destroying the climate to the point the planet has a shit and wipes everything out.

    Even if we could invent a safe form of energy the side product would be us reproducing on an even larger scale and raping the planet in other ways. History has proven it's what we do. It's all we do ^^.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    So you can bitch about the problems just fine. Yep, the world sucks, it's overcrowded and pumping oil is dirty.

    What do you got for SOLUTIONS? I'm working on those, seems a better use of my time than endless fault finding.
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    2ANONYMOUS Well-Known Member

    Yo legally so i did not see any numbers on finals :) Very curious
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    elektrician Active Member

    cars dont run on trees, so whatever.
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    Flowki Well-Known Member

    I'm not getting at you personally. Currently their is nothing in motion or realistically proposed that can allow a step away from prehistoric methods with no impact on our current way of life. We are already producing enough clean reusable energy (with room to improve) but we are using too much for it to sustain us, that's the problem. The solution is not in a hole filled with none renewable X. That is only fanning a dying ember at the risk of burning the house down, just to cook marsh mellows.

    The solution requires world governments intervention, I personally can't do shit about it (ignored mass scale anti war protests?) because to be frank it's their game we play and only they have the ability to change the rules on such a large meaningful scale, like it or not. Right now you can hook up to any power main and use as much electricity as your wallet allows, or until something explodes o0. The avg person will adapt to ''enforced'' consumption regulations. They need to put house holds on a daily conservative consumption budget for a start. Smarter technology that auto shuts off completely would also offer huge reductions world wide. I've seen smart power here and there and that shit should be mandatory on every shelf for every item. It was estimated at some 20% world wide saving from stand by units alone. That's huge. Theirs also a huge amount that can be saved if not for capitalism holding most country's by the balls. For example, in these times of known climate change why are screens on every device getting bigger and bigger?. It, as one example completely counter acts any advancements in energy efficiency. The only good thing to come from all that bs is the advancements in battery efficiency that has hopefully aided in the storage of renewable energy.

    If they were using fracking as a transitional means to generate the foundations of renewable energy I could potentially warm to the idea. Somehow I get the feeling they will still be sucking the land dry 10 years from now.

    On a side rant what amuses me most in power solutions are those idiots proposing the creation of a star on earth as a possible power source on top of collide/quantum endeavors. We understand so little about our own oceans let alone planet yet they are currently messing with the very building blocks of a universe. Chernobyl was a fire cracker in comparison to that accident when it happens.

    Sorry for the massive derail legal. I have read and looking forward to more updates.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Yes, we can use fracking as a bridge to a renewals based hydrocarbon economy, but we still have to build it. That takes time. Someone has to do it.

    Would it not be a step in the right direction to improve how we produce and distribute power as much as end use? Turns out that much of the natural gas based infrastructure is exactly the same as for methane from natural sources. Yeah, it's the same stuff. Generating your own power on site and thus being able to utilize the cogenerared heat just speeds the return on investment.

    None of these technologies is science fiction anymore. I'm right now very busy tong them together into a system the homeowner can use and depend on. Tougher to have a power outage when you make your own, lol

    oldbikepunk Well-Known Member

    I read two lines of the start to this thread and had to stop and say that is really damn funny.

    oldbikepunk Well-Known Member

    Thank you, you helped me scratch something off of a mental list..a dimmable ballast.
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    ttystikk Well-Known Member

    Always happy to help.
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    legallyflying Well-Known Member

    Yeah, tystck just helped me to design a vertical LED fixture. $900 to build the thing though...everything still sitting in my cart(s) just waiting for me to decide if it is worth it to save a little on cooling and 200 watts worth of power.
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    legallyflying Well-Known Member

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