Vert(600+400) 5 plant, from Ukraine with love

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    You are a truly fortunate man. Never let her forget that.
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    I just hope so. After all, not to sit with an outstretched hand, you need to be something useful to your country. To my country, I do not want to be useful !! What the government of my state is doing is a crime against humanity, they need the Nürnberg process !!! And in Canada, I can grow marijuana for medical purposes, develop technology. And I'll know for sure !!! I will not bring harm to my actions to any person, only benefit! And this, I believe, is something worth living for and dying for. And here, I gradually turn into a soulless beast, and all my talent, I waste on aggression, so as not to eat me !! They are the same government, and its lackeys, who are trying to take away the last from me all the time !!


    Now I will show the process of caring for the plant. For one plant, my wife spent 2.5 hours. It is not an easy task, and only a hardworking one can do.))

    7.JPG 8.JPG
    1.JPG 4.JPG

    Now another 2.5 hours))

    2.JPG 3.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG
    to be continued....

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    Now a little about the work that we did with my wife for the weekend. I counted approximately: on caring for the plants, we spent about seven hours in total for two days !!

    Now, what has been done:

    The leaves are finally cut off on all plants.

    It's only from Bermuda foliage:

    6 листья.JPG 11 эльза листья.JPG

    In order to fill the entire grid space, today we had to do the following manipulations:

    Bermuda and Lara, were bent counter-clockwise.

    5 лара.JPG 1.JPG 3.JPG 2.JPG

    Thus, we have formed a void here:

    7 пусто.JPG

    And a bit of free space here:

    8 пусто1.JPG

    Now we wait until these voids are filled almost, and can safely be translated into bloom

    this is my ............. MONSTRA)))

    9 робот.JPG

    I managed to get close to the ideal, due to the correct ventilation setting:

    10 темр.JPG

    To be continued.........
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    Sedan Well-Known Member

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    Sedan Well-Known Member

    America, I congratulate you on the holiday! Wish you all the best!!

    Do not offend anyone just, please !!)))
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    Crazy Kush auto fem SedanSeeds

    1.JPG 3.JPG 6.JPG 4э.JPG
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    Vladimir Vysotsky 197...

    Alongside of night prayers by flickering candles,
    Among trophies of war and among peaceful camps,
    There lived bookish kids, unaware of battles,
    Giving way to despair out of trifling mishaps.

    Flocked in gangs, always vexed with the status in life,
    Up to scrapes, up to deadly insults did we fight.
    Nonetheless, mothers patched up our garments on time,
    Whereas we swallowed books, getting drunk on the line.
    Sweaty forelocks adhered to perspiring brows,
    Guts enjoyed sinking feeling from beautiful words,
    Our heads would wheel round from the smell of a row,
    Emanating from pages of old, yellowed scrolls.

    And, unversed in warfare, to conceive did we try,
    Still mistaking a howl for a bellicose cry,
    The conundrum of order, the use of confines,
    Fighting chariots clank and the gist of a fight.
    And in cauldrons of slaughters and riots of yore,
    There’s a great deal of food for our hungry young brains.
    Roles of Judases, cowards, pretenders, informers
    We intended for foes in our childish war games,

    Whereas, quick in a chase on a villain’s hot trail,
    Pledging ardor in love for most beautiful dames,
    Showing care for our kin and appeasing our friends,
    Roles of positive heroes we meant for ourselves.
    In a dreamland for keeps, you cannot hide away.
    Age of pranks is so short, there’s pain all around.
    Do your best to unclench lifeless palms of the dead,
    Taking over their steel from fight-weary arms.

    Now assay, having wielded an as yet heated sword,
    Having put armors on, what's for what, what's for what;
    Put to test, if you’re a coward or a minion of fate,
    And aspire to make out how a proper fight tastes.
    And as soon as a brother-in-arms, struck, falls by,
    And as soon as, deploring your first loss, you wail,
    And as soon as you feel as if skinned, by surprise,
    ‘Cause a friend of yours rather than you has been slain,

    You will know you have learnt, comprehended and sensed
    By the sneer of a visor, a fierce grin of death,
    Fraud and villainy – note how their faces are coarse,
    And as usual, coffins and crows afterwards.
    If you haven’t picked meat off a blade, not a bite,
    If you’ve been watching haughtily, twiddling your thumbs,
    If you haven’t engaged a vile boor in a fight,
    Then you’ve been neither here nor there in this life.

    But if, cutting your way with an ancestor’s sword,
    You have taken good note of your tears’ bitter taste,
    If you’ve learnt, in a vehement fight, what is what,
    Then essential books, in your childhood, you read...

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.JPG 9.JPG 10.JPG 11.JPG

    To be continued...
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    6 days ago:




    As we can see, emptiness grows, and in the next week or two, I plan to translate for flowering.


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    Crazy Kush fem Sedan Seeds

    The work of my friend from Ukraine.


    There are four plants. And it looks as if it's one. Is not it?

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    ....we can not see the pictures, why?
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    because I became a fox, Bro[​IMG])))

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    Now it's time that nothing is happening in the garden. The grid is almost overgrown, a week later I will translate for flowering.

    1.JPG 2.JPG 3.JPG 4.JPG 5.JPG 6.JPG 7.JPG 8.JPG

    To be continued...


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    In this place of installation, there will be a humidifier.


    He will work like this:

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    Does your wife help trimming the bud?
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    Cropping leaves, training plants, watering, manicure and trimming buds, after harvest, my wife is haiming exclusively. I am engaged in plant monitoring, fertilizer preparation, follow the microclimate in the installation, and the technical side-lighting, fans, humidifiers .... useful advice to the wife)))
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    My wife doesn't use cannabis, so I feel a bit guilty roping her in.
    We have like a little growers collective, so I didn't have to trim any buds except my outdoor plants
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