Vermont's Medical Marijuana Law!

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    I'm shocked on how hard it is to find a doctor which is open to the idea that Medical Marijuana is great for treating people with a disease, medical condition, or its treatment that is chronic, debilitating and produces severe, persistent, and one or more of the following intractable symptoms: cachexia or wasting syndrome, severe pain or nausea or seizures..

    What really shocks me is how the doctors refuse to fill out the state form in fear that the state will come down on their practice.. Great example, I have MS and it took me almost a year to find a doctor which would fill out the form. But there is the kicker, I know a lady with HIV which I give my overages to when I crop over my allowable limit.

    She fully qualifies for the MMJ card, but her doctor at the CDC (Center for Disease Control) refuses to fill out the form. So I referred her to the doctor which signed my form for the MMJ card. She said he that he will not fill out the MMJ form because the government crawled up his ass and harassed his practice claiming that he was issuing the MMJ card to anyone which walked in the door.. No charges were filled because he was within the law on every patient, but the fact is they scarred him so bad he no longer wishes to fill out the MMJ form for the patients which are truly in need..

    Who the fuck are the police when they no longer “protect and serve” the public??
    Another great example, I was pulled over one day (for speeding), when the cop (fucking PIG) was talking to me, he said he smelled marijuana, so I told him I have a MMJ card and showed it to him. Well he pulled me out of the car, gave me a sobriety which I passed with flying colors despite my MS. Then this fucking PIG said he wanted to search my car.. WTF??

    Knowing I was legal and only had an ounce on me in my lock-box which is bolted down in the center console, I said sure, go ahead.. This fucking PIG asks what is in the locked box, (like duh, if you knew the law), so I told him, he asked me to open it, so I did and showed him… He then confiscated my medicine!!! Really, WTF?? When I got home (with a speeding ticket) I was COMPLETELY PISSED OFF, so I was going to file a complaint, after researching the (amended) law, he had every right to confiscate my medicine, even though I followed the law and he could not arrest me!!

    Come on, really???
    Why can't they just buy or grow their own??? :roll:

    The Vermont Medical Marijuana Law is completely fucked up!!

    Like no having no dispensaries..
    So let me get this straight, I need this type of medicine, but I have to go to an illegal source to get it?? I have to put my life in danger to get my medicine??

    They need to get their head out of their ass, if they consider it medicine, then they need to have dispensaries so I do not have to go to a drug dealer to get my medicine.. What does a fucking drug dealer look like?? Then I cannot be arrested for the marijuana, but I can be arrested for loitering in a known drug area…

    Again WTF??
    Are you fucking kidding me??

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    Card or not...a lock is a lock and they need your permission or a warrant to see inside anything w/lock! my 2 cents

    JakesterJammin Member

    Well ya, I fucking opened it for the pig, because I was legal..
    The law says I can transport up to 2 oz as long as it is in a locked box...

    Not only was it in a locked box, the box is bolted down inside my center console!!
    So I thought what the hell, I'm legal, and showed the pig, and he took my medicine!!!

    I don't understand the law in Vermont!!
    It says that I can have it for medical reasons, but then says a pig can take my medicine...
    WTF is that all about???

    They need to get their own!!
    I know dam well that pig did not turn it in and write a report!!

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    Sounds like you know Vt law better than he does!!

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    wow!! that is really fucked up!! I would have opened it to like you JakesterJammin thinking the same thing, that I'm in compliance with the law...damn, definitely a wtf moment! He didn't have to take your f'n medicine, he was just being an asshole. I don't know that he was legal in confiscating it from you....Vt laws are ambiguous and worded pretty sneakily. Bet you paid a pretty price for that med too being as we have to buy from the f'n "drug cartels" that they keep bitching about!

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    This is a lesson that needs to be remembered - do not ever cooperate with the police, even if you have nothing to hide. You cannot benefit in any way, and innumerable things could go wrong.
  7. Vermont has changed so much in the last 40 years that it feels that you want to barf everytime you hear of a new law taking effect! Law, law, law, corrruption, new law, more corruption then rate hikes on everytthing the state controls. property taxes through the roof. They recently allowed medical weed but as stated in this post " good friigin luck" ! They charged $2500 just to submit an application to open a vermont dispensary. Thats just to submit the application!!! I wouldnt put myself through the bullshit! The law enforcement in this state prettty much is imature, egotistic, and down right rude. Hope that you dont get your home broken into----- the cops are sitting on the sides of the road ticketing people never mind taking care of important situations. Then one of the dirtbag cops tazers a guy that had no weapons, has a light mental understanding issue and walked towards the cop after the cop told him to stop. The cop tazered him in the chest--------- the guy is now dead! The guy was not armed---use mace, billy club or multiple cops to tosss him to the ground. No they had to taze him in the chest and kill him! Vermont is getting to be like the larger cities and politicians ----crooked and they dont give a rats ass! I would meet the guidelines for MMJ and off the record spoke with my doctor. He said change is slowly coming and it will take more time. So --- its back to trying to scrounge what i need here and there . Actually it would be a winfall for Vermont!!! Something more for the bags of human waste (local government) to tax!

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    I grew up in Vermont in the 70's and 80's and left in 96 for Alaska, when I go back to visit all i see are pigs, everywhere. I fucking hate it. And Vt pigs are dirty bitches (from my personal dealings anyway) Big government needs to end, law enforcement reduced, people allowed more freedoms (for protections from police and gov.) I still feel like a human being in Ak but I do miss my home state, or what it used to be.

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    If they lose their license to practice medicine, they have a pretty long road to regain any semblance of a normal life. It's not shocking when you think about it from their point of view.

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    What's the process of getting registered to run a dispensary, I have allot of experience with every part of cultivation and am very passionate about it. any info would help thank you.

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    Fuck the police???
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    TryN Well-Known Member

    How is it now in VT? Is it slowly getting better?

    VTMi'kmaq Well-Known Member

    Of course it is. I would just recomend that if your on a really tight budget you try to focus on growing your own as opposed to 400.00 a zip for decent meds. It's what you make of it at this point. Patients can now have 4 zips!

    Bellas Member

    As a Southern Vermonter any tips on how you went about getting your card? Is this forum active or is there another site we Vermonters can connect?

    RandomJelly New Member

    Wait, he's a "fucking pig" because you were fucking stupid and didn't know the law? You got punked.

    RandomJelly New Member

    My doctor simply recommended that I get on it. Try asking your doctor. I had no issues at all. Good luck!

    Bellas Member

    LOL I asked my Dr he freaked out! Told me a list of things that concerned him and then he landed on "high" people driving and that being unsafe. It just kind of fell apart from there. Worse part is I'm sick as a dog and Obama Care has put me in limbo so I currently have NO insurance. The state says that the DR's are aware and are being very helpful. AH NO! I'm in limbo and searching for an alternative Dr in Southern/Central VT.

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    You would think with the big heroin issue up there, they would be much better with weed. Also u should have called your state police and the locals to get your stuff back, if you were in the right.
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    TryN Well-Known Member

    A lot of peope are slowly begininng to sue police departments across the country for the value of the fully grown and harvested plant, if they cannot get them back.

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    A bolted down box is no different than locking it in the trunk or glove box, and not in line with the rules of the law. You should know that OP. You should also know better than to be stinking up your car with weed smells. If you have to put it in your pocket to get it into the house, you're breaking the law. From the dispensary/caregiver/dealer to your living room, it should not have to be transferred between vessels.

    This reminds me of a guy in Michigan who made a big stink about his outdoor plants being taken by cops, even though he had them locked inside a dog kennel, which he felt was a "locked facility" or whatever. The law said plain and clear that outdoor growing was not permitted. He was clearly at fault. Yes it sucks, but don't get your panties in a twist when you're burning and driving and that cop knew it.

    I wish we could live on both sides of the tracks. But you're either a legitimate medical patient, or you're a stoner; that's the current state of affairs. Maybe one day things will change, but for now, you have to choose.

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