Vermont's Medical Marijuana Law!

Discussion in 'Vermont Patients' started by JakesterJammin, Feb 13, 2011.

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    I'm thinking of setting up a dr office like 11th state in Rhode Island. Their open 1 day a week I think and squeeze a bunch in at a time. I believe I know a dr theat would do weekends, but what I read you have to see the dr a year before they sign u up , be a long time for a pay out as a patient if that is true. I think the law is like one page in Vt too.

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    Things are decent here now. Glad I got away from the internet grab ass festivals and listen to the old heads here who do there thing every year no matter what laws are passed. Id be willing to help any vermonter struggling.

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    I haven't had a run-in with the police yet, but the people working at Vermont Patients Alliance in Montpelier say that the local cops don't give them any trouble.

    The law is definitely flawed, though. For instance, I have a license which designates the dispensary in Montpelier as the place I get my weed. Now that I want to grow for myself, I have to re-apply for another license (which costs $25) and designate that I will be growing at home. The only problem is that now I can't use a dispensary at all to get my medicine, so until the plants are harvested, I have no medication! It's a bullshit loophole with no workaround other than to stockpile weed from the dispensary before switching my license. So now I have like 3-4 months worth of weed sitting around drying out.
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    Get some Boveda packs and keep them in the jar with the herb. Alternatively, you can glue a clean chunk of sea sponge to the lid and moisten it with distilled water. Just be careful, and only add a little at a time because you definitely don't want moldy bud. If the jar is big enough, toss in a digital hydrometer; you want about 55-65% humidity.

    Growing and harvesting a steady supply can be both costly and risky, especially if you have never grown before. It will be at least 3-4 months before you have smokeable herb, and that is assuming everything goes right. I gave it up due to my disability, because it really is a chore, and Vermont's plant limits are ridiculously low for indoor cultivation.

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    I wont support shane lynn or the fucked up program in vermont!
    i too did that pathway and am happier without the state involved honestly. What i had to do was find a similar patient/head (THAT I COULD TRUST) (TOOK 15 PEOPLE BEFORE I FOUND ONE BTW) that i could reciprocate harvests with during each others flowering.......he passed away last year of hogdkins lymphoma. I am youngish still was around to see bernis as mayor of burlington so ya know i aint no spring chicken but i aint grey either lmao! Cant wait to get 100% top quality flowers to my vermont friends ,imho you deserve the best because back in the 60's-70's the best came from vermont!
    dirtygirls.jpg mygurd.jpg more og.jpg vtnativegrow.jpg
    heres a little sample of what i have been working with

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    That cop took your stash and probably blazes it when hes off duty...... no bull


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    Hey I Have a question for you guys, if I grow, and am allowed only 2 mature plants, I grow two monster plants producing 3-4 lbs a piece, the STUPID vt law says I can only possess 2oz per month, question is, where does your remaining crop go?

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