USA marijuana seed bank reviews


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JBC Seeds
AKBeanBrains [email protected] ask Dave for a complete seed list
Speakeasy Seeds
Seed Source
Seeds Here Now
Swami Organic Seeds
DC Seed Exchange
Great Lakes Genetics
Heritage Seedbank
Labyrinth Seed Company

OP made 1 post on April 12th, and hasnt been back


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I know it’s wasted effort likely, half my effort to respond this late was because I was disheartened someone came here with a simple question without anyone giving them 2 seconds. But maybe someone else next time uses the search function or this OP wasn’t in a rush…

I’m just trying to do something constructive while lazily procasting on some stuff I need to do be doing instead. Nothing to see here folks, sorry, move along.
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Could be wrong but I took OP's one and only post to be lightly disguised spam for "weedseedsusa".

That said I agree with both of your lists to the extent I've done business with them, and I'm sure there are other really solid US banks. I'd add Headie Gardens to those lists, and CSI Humboldt is always a pleasure to do business with.


Well-Known Member My boy Brother Randall out there in Cali is working on some nice crosses. Don't know that it'll get you anything extra but tell him Joheim sent you. Nothing but love for Swarley Seeds.


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I can cross ILGM off the list. I just got my 3rd package of bad seeds in two years.

If I can get some pics uploaded I show you wat they sent me this year for Critical Mass. The ones with the white spoons are the first 10 seeds and the icecream sticks are the replacements. The replacements have the same batch number.

We have two gardens out now doing well.

The ones with the spoons were all planted the first week of March. Two of them are lopesided.
Zoom in on the ones with the icecream sticks. Deformed little cruds.

Iv'e been using ILGM for xx years. Absolutly, no more.

In Oklahoma MMJ patients cannot share their grow, even with family members with a card. That means I have to maintain 4 gardens.