*URGENT* My baby is dyin' and shes dying fast


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(*Paste blue into home depot to find products)

Hello. so a little background.

> I found a seed in my pineapple express

>Planted said seed in a red solo cup

> Soil Used - Amend Garden Soil for Flowers and Vegetables
(Kellogg Garden Organics 2
cu. ft. Amend Garden Soil for Flowers and Vegetables)

> Lil' Carlos (yes thats his name) grew quite nicely but after about 2.5 months it still looks like a 2 week old plant

> waited way too long and the soil basically morphed into a hard rock-like clump in the shape of the cup

> I assumed it was root bound so i just transplanted it and hoped for the best.

> after 2 more weeks growth was minimal and was still the same size (although continued to grow more alternating leaves)

> I took the cup shaped soil clump out very carefully, there was basically no roots that grew out into the new pot.

> Grabbed a large bowl of water and basically just soaked off all the dirt. All that remained were the roots, and
YES i was very careful during this. There might be slight trauma to the roots but nothing they can recover
from and no roots broke off in the process.

> after examining the roots, they appeared to be healthy, not slimy normal coloration, strong.

> Re planted

Now here is my dilema! In an effort to save this plant, i figured it is time for some nutrients. I know many people frown upon Miracle Gro, but many of you might not know that modified their formula to be used in cannabis. I was in a crunch for time so i went out and bought Miracle Gro Liquid All Purpose Plant Food
Liquid All Purpose 32 oz. Plant Food Concentrate)

It instructs me to mix 4tsp in 2 gallons of water in order to feed a garden of 20sq ft
I only have one plant in a 1 gallon bucket...
soo..... how tf?!

Anyways, sorry you had to read the whole story for that one question, but i wanted to give you a bit of background so i can get advice in all aspects.of this situation. THanks!


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Here are some images. I mainly began to get worried when i saw the bottom leaves die,


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also the leaves are normally very vibrant and standing up, however it is near midnight and cold tonight


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UPDATE: Just mixed in 1tsp to a half gallon of water and watered my plant, i guess well see how its looking tomorrow