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Discussion in 'Advanced Marijuana Cultivation' started by Uncle Ben, Jan 17, 2009.

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    I contemplated and even bought some Jack's nutrients along with some Grow more 20# bags as I have read awesome things about them. My buddy who is fairly experienced and does grow quality told me that those where geared more for outdoors/ large crops and that I should get something more specific for indoors. (I have 6 Gavitas for flower and separate Veg area with 1k Blue MH, t5, and 315's (experimenting any input on this would be great too))Anyway, the bulk nutes are just sitting on my shelf sealed air tight. Now I am really into making my own nutrients and have tried my best to study plants/mj feeding habits. I'm confident that there are many many inexpensive nutrient products that can perform side by side if not Out perform these high dollar Nute lines. What is your alls opinion? On a smaller indoor grow like mine with 6 1K should I splurge or can I get similar results from Bulk or raw nutes. I am somewhat new to growing, just 2 years so I still have many many more tough breaks to endure.

    What is your Nute feeding routine and experience? Do you feel that AN or CANNA are worth the money/results in a smaller scale grow or can I do the same with Jacks and some proper additives? Sorry to hijack this thread, I just saw where you were looking at purchasing Jack's and saw UB respond. was stoked to see UB still active as he is an OG and I have a lot of respect for his opinions, knowledge, and input.

    I know I haven't been a member long and don't have shit for post history, but I've always just been able to find my answers on these boards for the past 5/6 years. Now as my issues are becoming more complex, unique to my particular situations, I feel as though I can maybe actually ask some questions that aren't answered 100 times and can contribute to the community.

    Thanks for your time guys!
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    I want to to formulate my own to. I am leaning towards a super soil approach. But I use liquid fertilizer in organic soil most of my nutes can go in hydro. I use gh or advanced But in sourcing my own I figure
    N p k
    Catalysts or hormones three kinds
    Soil conditioner such as compost or humic acid

    Here's what I am looking into
    Potassium gluconate (one by; now) a human supplement
    Popcorn tea for cytokinins

    If I could find a way to get the salt out of braggs liquid aminos or get the salt out of brewers yeast or find the yeast or method the nutrient companys use..

    I am interested in sources that are natural and come without the mark up of the big nutrient companys.
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