UK Weed. Smells like Boot Polish, Tastes Like soap.

Discussion in 'What Are You Smoking?' started by Buddy Dankworth, Jan 14, 2015.


    newuserlol Well-Known Member

    there deffo is some amazing weed to be had in the UK but as already said unless you know the right people or growers theres a shitload of shite out there too, and way too many smokers with very little knowledge.

    theres a big list of UK clone only strains on icmag

    i have only smoked i think 4-5 out that list tho, n grown only 3 of them.

    MrGreen23 Active Member

    Dontbthink it's anything to do with the strain rather the way they have dried it *rush job*

    Puff_Dragon Well-Known Member

    in the mid 90's (in london) i remember some great skunks going around the pubs, universities and festivals (big bud, lemon skunk to name a couple) i think they were all derived from skunk #1. I believe i still have a cutting of one of these 90's skunks (a fruity number *my personel fav flavour profile*). I should maybe use the collidal silver trick to make some seeds and freeze them (for the long term). Always worried about genetic degredation ..although when i have flowered a cutting over the years it still seems good (if grow enviroment etc is correct).
    Some of the sativas at that time were great too. Sadly i haven't seen these in ages. Although i have heard a lot of it was apparently durban poison (african) ..oddly my contacts were in the Caribbean community for these sativas (so Jamaica was always referenced as the source :) ..i guess its always hard to say (given the obvious secrecy in the grow industry back then)
    community for these sativas (so Jamaca was always referenced as the source :) .i guess its always hard to say (given the obvious secrecy in the grow industry back then)

    Nowadays the London scene is unrecognisable to me. Gone/or at least heavily reduced (in the cities) are the large hippy (or college kid) grows. Replaced by more shadowy gangs and networks (that will go after other growers). I left the scene as that gang culture grew (i bought more back then) the product seriously suffered at that time too (and never recovered from my perspective).
    It's nice to hear the good stuff is still growing in Cornwall :)

    Fubard Well-Known Member

    I was so happy when I moved to Belgium, at the time it was a quick hop over the border where you could get a choice instead of the UK's "pot luck".

    Now you have to go a bit further, basically north of Dordrecht or take the risk of finding "street" or someone off an internet forum (who'll usually want a minimum order of 25g if you want delivery).

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