Type II Diabetes ... what now ?

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    On youtube there is a Penn Gillette interview from Penn & Teller. Those guys make mega bucks in Vegas. He is about 6'5" or taller and was up to over 340 lbs. He had young kids and probably a young wife and is now age 61. He had major blood pressure problems and worse.

    He lost 100 lbs but did semi-weird fasting to mentally change his mind about food. I think the first 2 weeks he had a boiled potato each day.

    He said get the weight off then exercise.
    His idea is to mentally break yourself from being a slave to food.

    I disagree. Do both. Find an exercise you like - walking, jogging, elipitical or a bike. I can tell you if you have hills like in parts of Colorado. You can walk it off. Probably the easiest and most likeable is biking. Wear a helmet and get a decent bike. If you have decent weather and decent roads you can do about 20 miles in 90 minutes.

    See if there is a Planet Fitness around. They have a special I think until the 25th of this month $10 to start and $10 a month. Watch videos on youtube about hitt training also know as intervals. 2 minutes slow, 30 seconds full out for about 10 intervals. If you are way overweight, start walking first cause HITT or interval training gets your heart going.

    Add some apple cider vinegar to your water. Other things you can get in capsules like ACV are Cinnamon, bitter melon, alpha liphoic acid, chromium piccolate, magnesium and postassium. All good for lowering blood sugar.

    This looks pretty good. 1 per day so for $19 you are covered for half a year.

    Lots of good stuff on youtube. One of the weight training guys said mentally get the idea of 3 meals a day. He said the one to surely lose is breakfast. His idea is to fast during the day.

    Look at the labels on salad dressing and everything else and stay away from sugars. Oil and vinegar are the safest. ACV is good. The saying is stay on the edges of the supermarket. The middle has all the boxed crap filled with garbage.
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    My father was diagnosed when he was 38 years old.

    He's near the end now. His kidneys are pretty much completely gone. The good folks at Vanderbilt University Hospital hooked him up with some plumbing so he can do his dialysis at home while he sleeps. He plugs up and goes to bed around 9, wakes up about 7.

    He still gets around decently for a guy as far gone as he is...especially at age 79.

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