Type II Diabetes ... what now ?

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    So I recently got out of the hospital with a diagnosis of type II diabetes. My blood sugar was in the 500+ range 3 times on my second day, I was hooked up to potassium chloride IV to normalize my K levels which were low. My whole body was being affected, including my ph levels, which were too acidic. I have to take 90 units of insulin daily now days, but I plan on treating this imbalance with a plant-based, whole grain diet. I started a past-paced, brisk walking schedule twice a day, and have eaten only fresh / frozen veggies for about 8 days now. Already, I have been able to cut back on the insulin, due to the positive effects on my sugar levels. Ordered a shit-ton of old fashioned whole -grain barley for my high blood pressure & cholesterol, which is through the damn roof :shock:. After watching "Forks over Knives" on Netflix, I was ready to completely change my diet. Mind you, I am a "gril-a-holic" and LOVE meat, but I have given this up, and it is easier than I expected it would be. The key for me, has been replacing the meats with other (healthy) things I love, like pan-seared giant portabella mushrooms with heart-healthy roasted garlic and whole grain barley. I've purchased coenzyme q 10 softjels (heart/cardiovascular health), as well as high potency vitamin D tabs to help invogorate and energize my system. I'm 40, and have been in good shape as a teen/ early 20's, but then I pretty much drank myself out of shape. Quit smoking cigs 2 yrs ago, quit drinking around same time. I lost 70+ lbs due to my diabetes - I'm about 180 now, and figure I will use this to my advantage. I've always LOVED the sport of boxing, and trained a bit in my teens, and it seems I still have some natural talent (to ko a mofo :lol:). I'd like to get in better shape now, then i've ever been, and i'm Kicking -off everything with some cardio. Check out my favorite boxer, Roy Jones Jr. "in action" 8):
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    Sounds like your ready to tackle the problem. Right on , so many dont ! I found a bunch of stuff on diabetes so not to take shots and good info at Naturalnews.com. The guys a diabetic that runs it . I changed my diet too .. Had no choice ! Some great stuff to use for diabetis and your other problems. Can help nerve pain in extremities saverly too bigtime. Heres what i did. take serapeptaze to cleam viens and it stopped the finger and toe pain bigtime ! I broke all my guitars because i couldnt touch them and started buying them again as an example. Broke 2 lol. I see you use high dose vitamine d . Good deal. I use D drops . 5000iu daily .After a month of 10,000 i.u. daily treatment. was paying 40 dollars for the drops from dr. . Now i buy from vitacost.com and cost me 9 bucks. Saverly good place to save money on supplements. BIGTIME ! stay away for supplements with titanium dioxcide. Definately use some fish oil for the viens too. d and fish oil gave me my color back. Was greyish green .I used mms from jim humble to help fix my pancrease and break wasting and reverse nerve damage for m.s.a. .I will never take shots ever ! I used to pass out from low blood sugar in my teens. Now 54 . Use selenium and cromium too . I did thjis same deal to my mom and shes 75. The serapeptaze kept he from getting surgery on he leg viens for foot nerve pain. she got off insulin . The dr. said. just keep on doign whta your doing. She lost a kidney too from almost anuerism . Had 4 level kidney failier and back down to 3 now and gettin better. They were about to give her that 3 times a week treatment before i stepped in to help. .No more blood thinners and deadly statins. Good way to get alzheimers. lol. I use spirulina too. Really good stuff. Chelates metals out of your body. Its making my a.d.d. better actually. Man , i cant stand drs who practice allopathic medicen for shit you can fix on your own . Splinting a bone is one thing but thier not train for healing . There trained by big pharma to chase systems and keep you in pain and suffering and a life long patient. I'm not that guy ! I tell ya man , eating right can help os much as your finding out ! I eat flax seed bread myself. All others make me fat it seams. sTay away for gmos and eat healthy and keep that ph in the zone and bammo. Hopefully youll be able to stop poking yourself. My mom was around 500 went to 95 average . blood pressure drop hella too ! 160+ to 100 or so on the top number. I wish you well !!!!

    heres a good mms link. Theres alot of testimonials on youtube. Stuff saved my life !!!!!!!!
    http://www.worldglobetrotters.com/Links/Health/MMS notes.htm
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    TubePot Well-Known Member

    You can do it, I did. After a year I was off the pills and on my own. Just stay the course, it's easy to start up with the old habits.

    I love rice and pasta but, well you know, LOL
    Check out http://www.dreamfieldsfoods.com

    Good luck

    indicat33 Well-Known Member

    Thanks bro, I'm motivated & determined to get my body in check - attain homeostasis. "Let food be thy medicine" - Hippocrates :p
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    indicat33 Well-Known Member

    Thanks a Lot for your informative reply man ! I'm taking control of my own health (fuck pharm D-) and it feels GOOD!!! ~ Wish you well brother :-)

    OGEvilgenius Well-Known Member

    I very very very very very very very strongly recommend you watch this documentary on processed foods and sugar:

    Even salad dressing has shit loads of sugar in it. Avoid all processed foods, excessive sugar and keep active and you be able to reverse this.

    Jamessingh Member

    Hey bro goodluck to u:)

    You can do it, its better to be safe than sorry. And remeber 2 years from now when you are healthy as you were in your teens, you should continue excersizing for the long term, not just short term.

    Also you are on insulin, take advantage. Bodybuilders take insulin to grow. Even when they have no health problems

    Again good luck man!!
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    Agizmo New Member

    I think I might be becoming hypoglycaemic and have insulin resistance. I had to cut weight for sports an skipped meals here an there an after having this a few times my body has no rebounded not to mention I got injured an couldnt train an stacked on weight .. Anyhow pretty much if I almost look at carbs now I gain weight .. I have thought of eating small regular meals but also tend to gain. I've never been a big brekky eater and doing this just end up overeating. I have read that weed helps with metabolism an insulin resistance and was thinking of smoking mornin an night for a while and seeing if it helps my current situation an sort of allows my body to reset?. Any thoughts??

    PsicloneX Active Member

    Your fingertips will end up getting sore.You learn to live with it ( type 2) and it can abate in time. had an AC1 over 15 and a 600 ml glucose . Walking around panting dying of thirst and pissing all night didn't sleep for 3 months.A very strange time indeed .
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    Northern Spark

    Northern Spark Member

    The easiest way to determine if you're hypo or hyper glycemic would be to check your blood glucose levels. If you think that it may actually be a health concern for you, you may want to purchase a blood glucose monitor, then check yourself after eating and then when you haven't eaten for several hours to establish your fasting blood glucose levels.

    I personally know two people who are technically type two diabetics. And if ate processed foods, they would definitely be insulin dependent. I would say get the most sugary drink you can find your hands on, drink it and then measure your blood glucose levels. Given that simple sugars (glucose) is the preferred energy source of our bodies, you should see your levels spike away from your baseline.

    The first thing that a medical professional will ask you is what your diet looks like. If your body is constantly saturated with sugars and simple carbs, then you could be overproducing insulin causing you to fall into hypoglycemic range. Apart from taking artificial glucagon. The first step is to determine if your body simply overproduces insulin independent of your diet, or if your diet is making your body work overtime to avoid hyperglycemia.

    To the OP, Good to hear that you went and got checked out. Ketoacidosis is nothing to fuck with, and walking around with significantly decreased blood ph levels can have serious consequences on your entire system. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel though. It sounds like you're on top of it, keep it up!

    sunni Administrator Staff Member

    its extremely easy to give up meat, if you need help inbox me i have plenty of recipes

    while youre at it give up dairy it gives you 0 benefits at all. pretty sure they go over that as wel in forks over knives
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    butterbites11 New Member

    Try adding Braggs organic apple cider vinegar to your diet. It has been known to help flush out your digestive system and promote health in a variety of ways.

    thatdirtyb New Member

    Diet Diet Diet. You can live for a long time and somewhat healthily but you have got to watch what you eat.
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    bearkat42 Well-Known Member

    Forks over knives is awesome my friend. I haven't eaten meat in over 8 years, and I feel great! I have their app, i visit the website almost daily and they have some really good recipes. Good luck in your journey. It's not nearly as hard as it may seem.
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    bearkat42 Well-Known Member

    No, No, No. Lifestyle change, Lifestyle change, Lifestyle change. Do diets work? of course the do. All diets work, but they all fail to answer one simple question: "Now what?" Now that I've "finished" the diet, now what? You have to be willing to change your lifestyle in a way that is PERMANENT. Something that you're willing to do for the rest of your life. Forks over knives seems to make that decision a lot easier (at least for me).
    The Knave

    The Knave Active Member

    Eliminate the "white foods" in your life. No sugar, rice, potatoes, flour, pasta, etc. Learn to like salads. Oil & vinegar for dressing, but look for a brand of dressings called Ken's. Their dressings are lower in carbs then other brands and taste good. I like the ranch, 1g carbs serving.

    Exercise for the rest of your life.

    Stay away from sodas, even diet. Water and when that won't do, Crystal Light mixes w/water. Splenda (or generic brand sucralose) can be your friend. Gonna need it for sweet tea.

    Fresh veggies.

    Eat small meals, 4-5 times a day to keep blood sugar stabilized.

    The list goes on. Don't be surprised when foods that you once could eat with no glucose spikes all of a sudden for no reason spikes you. It happens, adjust and soldier on.

    Realize that even when strict on all things, shit happens and you'll have to swing with the punches. And then there is living life happy. Eliminate things in your diet to control your diabetes is the goal, but there are times when being happy means loosening that control. Daughter getting married? Enjoy that slice of cake, just go back to control the next day.

    You control your life...don't let this condition control you
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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    Diagnosed with genetic old fat bastard diabetes (that's why I have it, overweight, age and it runs in my family) in August a week after my right foot blew up like a balloon, absolutely no "classic" symptoms whatsoever so no reason for doc to take blood out of me to test. Now I take Metformin 850 twice a day and everything is under control.

    Can't agree with staying away from sodas, especially "zero" ones. Just don't drink them constantly.

    Tea, especially Earl Grey as the bergamot has been proven to work against cholesterol (You have type 2? Your LDL will be sky high thanks to metabolic syndrome. Lowering it will be part of the regime for type 2) and does have an effect on blood sugar according to an Italian medical study, will be better overall than water. I prefer Tagatose to Sucralose, costs more but imo is worth it, have it in the little tablets for tea and loose for baking or puddings. Be aware that many sugar substitutes, in my case stevia, can have an "explosive" effect on the intestines, I lost around a kilo in 30 seconds once thanks to that stuff, never again. Hemp tea is also one to look at, there are proven benefits thanks to the CBD in hemp.

    Fresh veggies, that's a given, especially in this day and age when frozen stuff is as good, if not better, than fresh. Frozen also equals less waste, means cheaper. All depends on what you are cooking.

    Fresh fruit. Eat it. Some things are better than others but there's still the vitamins, minerals and fiber you need. Avoid grapefruit if on statins, they don't agree with each other. DON'T think that juice is the same, it's just a sugar bomb.

    Grains. A good "natural" (no added sugar or anything like that) multigrain muesli with 0% fat yoghurt with a few nuts and grapes is an excellent breakfast. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and pecans are your best bet, avoid brazil nuts like the plague.

    Seeds. Add hemp, chia, whatever seeds to salads and so on. Plenty extra vitamins, minerals, and good fats there.

    Cooking. Low fat cooking butters, not the solid stuff as that is not good for you at all, are good for frying, and grape oil is actually one of the lower fat oils which can handle some extreme heat without issues. Peanut oil is also good. We're back to saturated fats again, these are all better in that respect. Use sparingly, your food doesn't need to be swimming to cook.

    Fries. Get an air fryer, use oven fries or make your own ones. Once every 14 days.

    Cut saturated fats. Full stop. Your liver isn't working so efficiently so it needs a break. Plenty decent low fat meat out there like turkey and chicken, I always aim for <5% fat whenever possible.

    I avoid fruit after 6pm, keeps things more stable overnight.

    Bread. Get rid of that white shit and get multigrain, wholemeal, sourdough or, ideally, a good "pumpernickel" as it has a lower GI than any other bread.

    Alcohol. The occasional beer or two is fine, every day is not.

    Be aware that having any infection can raise your blood sugar. When sick, be aware that you can spike as any infection will mean things like your cortisol levels will increase which will increase your blood sugar levels. Glucose meters are not expensive, you should always have one no matter what the doc says as then you can figure out what the messages your body is sending out is telling you. Medication can also have an effect, codeine lowers my blood sugar but it seems tra*adol (damned if I know why that word is banned here) does the opposite according to reports as there has seemingly been a rise in admissions to hospital for hyperglycaemia thanks to that drug. Be aware of how some meds can affect blood sugar.

    Exercise. As much as you can, the more the better.

    Potatoes are fine, depending on how they're cooked. You make mash with full fat milk and butter, you do yourself no favours. Bake them in the skin, with nothing added, there's a lot of goodness there.

    Pasta, tortilla wraps, and so on. Wholemeal, multigrain or "spelt" all the way. Beware regarding quantities.

    Flour. Get the buckwheat out. Works great as a replacement for normal white flour when making sauces and is a tad friendlier than white wheat flour.

    Vape CBD. This will reduce arterial inflammation, which has been shown to be a factor in type 2. The effects are so clear that the Israelis are looking at incorporating CBD into diabetes treatment regimes. I use the Sensi Seeds 50mg vaping fluid, others are available.

    Be aware that many "sugar free" stuff such as chocolate and ice cream has the sugar replaced with fats. Check the labels, avoid it like the plague if the fat content hits even 10%. Plenty other options, plenty sugar free candies that use Malitol. Eat in moderation.

    And these last two words are the important ones. "In moderation". You can, honestly, eat or drink anything you want "in moderation". It's easier to stick to just eating what is "good" for your condition, otherwise "one won't harm me" becomes another one, then another, then another and you've gone hyperglycaemic. Personally, it's best to avoid the "bad" things altogether and find something else instead. And you can also have a lot of fun finding recipes for all sorts of low fat/zero sugar recipes for damn near everything out there, and you'll find that what you make will generally taste better and be healthier as you won't have all the other chemicals others add to processed food.

    As The Knave says, YOU have control and in this day and age there is no reason not to enjoy life as much as before, only a few changes need to be made and these are changes you will benefit from.

    jonsnow399 Well-Known Member

    Mostly agree, BUT
    No bread of any kind, eat little or no fruit. NO potatoes, pasta tortilla wraps etc, period. Dietary cholesterol and fats are NOT the bogey men they are made out to be.
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    Fubard Well-Known Member

    We know dietary cholesterol is not the evil it is claimed to be, 95% of the cholesterol in your blood comes from you, from the liver and is a sign of impairment. By cutting back on fats, you stress your liver out less and give it a chance to recover. Once everything is under control, you can be a bit more relaxed. Type 2 is associated with metabolic syndrome which means you have to get the cholesterol under control too as it will generally be sky high.

    As far as the carbs go, my dietician disagrees. As usual, quantity is the critical part and what we're looking at is eating more healthily. I know I'm fine with the food mentioned above, no blood sugar issues, but I don't shovel down huge quantities either, less fuel is going in than I use, the blubber keeps falling off me. It's all about the quantities
    Colo MMJ

    Colo MMJ Well-Known Member

    Some good videos on youtube.

    One guy says - Apple Cider Vinegar, Cinnamon and Potato Starch. The first two you can get in tablets cheap on Swanson, Piping Rock, Puritan and other vitamin web sites. One of those has potato starch too which can be used in smoothies.

    Another old guy has a video where he mixes water, baking soda and a little lemon to improve the taste to alkaline the body.

    I can tell you that red meat is sh*t. It causes high blood pressure. Also you need exercise.

    My doctor had told me to not eat anything white - bread, sugar, pasta (oh!), dairy.
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